Dear Friends and Intercessors,

We have moved into a time wherein America is soon going to cross over a line as are many nations upon the earth. Judgments are going to seem to be hurled down at the nations of the earth. The judgments are meant for the healing of the Nations. However, like a mother caring for her sick son through and after surgery, we must care for "sick America" amidst her discipline. We must not look at this time as a time in which we can do nothing. Quite the contrary. We must do more now than we have ever done. We must pray more now than we have ever prayed before. We must join together to seek the throne of Grace and not relent in our seeking until we see the interventions of God, both large and small. The next few years are going to be more serious than America has ever seen. In the end, most Nations will know the wounding of the hand of God as He prepares the Nations for the revelation of the Kingdom. The wounding will come followed by the balm to heal all who desire.

We are going to open our doors to morning prayer at 10 AM New Orleans time (CST). We will pray together for one hour Monday through Thursday. (We will continue our Friday and Saturday prayer time as well from 10 to 11:30AM).  We will pray concerning the coming judgments and revival. We will open our Live Streaming to enable you to join us from a distance as well.

Our goal is to have no less than 1000 Christians join us as we pray for America and the Nations every day.

It is a serious time, but God will be with His people if we trust and obey, and do not forget to pray.

Please join us.  For now, we will begin with the morning sessions. We may consider opening an evening service as well if we see that people desire it.

In His Love,

Nita Johnson