Buckle Up! 2024 is the Year of Reclamation!

Ricci Johnson-Wilson

From our message on January 19, 2024

February 1, 2024


Tonight, I want to briefly share what the Lord showed me back in July of 2020 “Two Presidents and America’s Fork in the Road” wherein the Lord detailed what would occur should Biden become president (legally or illegally the results are the same).

Then I want to touch on a word He gave me in August 2023 “America’s Red Sea Moment Approaches.”

Finally, two weeks ago I said the Lord’s instruction for 2024 was to “Buckle up!” So, I’d like to close with some immediate steps the Church can take in preparation for this Year of Reclamation.


The Two Presidents and America’s Fork in the Road – experience July 2020

Ricci Wilson

Biden               v          Trump

  • Chaos              v          Rule of law
  • Corruption      v          Justice
  • Abortion         v          Life at Conception and the Exposure of the Abortion Industry
  • HT Legalized    v          Human Trafficking Exposed & Hammer of Justice released
  • Financial Collapse       v          Excellence restored to the nation
  • Troops on our soil*     v          Cleansing and purifying of military operations
  • Media*                           v          Media corruption exposed and brought down
  • Christian Persecution    v          Revival/Support and protection of missionaries world-wide

*HT=Child Trafficking Legalized (NIH -National Institute of health Currently lists MAPS as Preferred terms when Dealing with Pedophiles b/c it’s less demeaning)         

*Troops are on our soil – consider the border crisis. Large numbers of migrants crossing our border are single, military-aged men. Many of whom align with Islam.

*Media pursues and persecutes Christians – when President Trump won the Iowa Caucus, Joy Reid (leftist activist – liberal) said she “spoke with the Robert Jones with the Public Religion Research Institute and he said Iowa is about 61% Christian.” Joy Reid added “hyper evangelical, white evangelical Christian.”

She asked Jones why Iowa would support Trump. He responded with, “Christian’s see themselves as the rightful inheritors of the country.”

Joy Reid then added that they support Trump because “he has promised to give it back to them.”

She continues in her analysis of the Iowa upset, using the terms “white Christian Nationalist, extremists, hyper evangelical, White conservative Christian” multiple times and even accuses those who voted for President Trump of “believing that everyone who is not a white conservative Christian is a ‘fraudulent American’.”

This is simply not true. Media outlets frequently convey their “deep concerns” and a “call to action before it’s too late” in reference to what they are calling “the greatest threat to our country to date” the “white Christian Nationalist”.  This extreme language directed at anyone who falls into this category, demonstrates the uptick in verbal assaults, persecution, and often lends itself to the silencing of Christians by the media.


“America’s Red Sea Moment Approaches” August 4, 2023

Ten plagues in the church – the Nation that the Lord is working to remove and/or purify:

  • BLM – Black Lives matter
  • DEI – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (one of the most racially divisive and financially crippling deceptions to date)
  • CRT – Critical Race Theory – promotes reverse racism and provokes hatred for Caucasians
  • Climate activism – another financially devastating lie designed to round up and control the population
  • Media
  • Academia
  • Bloodletting – abortion – human trafficking
  • AI – is writing sermons used by pastors behind the pulpit today. AI is rewriting a “gender sensitive” Bible, etc.


I wanted to touch on those two words from the Lord specifically because God is going to expose and deal with them in greater measure this year and we, the intercessors, better buckle up and be prepared to carry this nation through. As He brings His Hammer of Justice down on these issues we will see quite the shaking occur and it’s the intercession of the saints that keeps the nation stable in the midst of that shaking.


God’s plans for the Church and the Conservative base as we navigate 2024 – The Year of Reclamation.

What is Reclamation?

In short, it’s embracing our Heritage.

What is our Heritage?

America is the American Church’s heritage, a gift of love from above. As such, we must watch over it in righteousness. The media is spinning this as negative – claiming we believe it’s a “white only” thing and that we don’t consider non-Christians as part of America. None of which is true. America is the heritage of the American Church.  It’s an interracial heritage, calling us to keep our nation bathed in prayer while maintaining a Christ-centered influence in every aspect of our government and culture.

How do we do this?

Like a parent to a child, train them up in the ways of the Lord. Not only through teaching, but by our words and deeds.

Deut 6:4-9

And these words which I am commanding you this day shall be [first] in your [own] minds and hearts; [then] You shall whet and sharpen them so as to make them penetrate, and teach and impress them diligently upon the [minds and] hearts of your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down and when you rise up.  And you shall bind them as a sign upon your hand, and they shall be as frontlets (forehead bands) between your eyes.  And you shall write them upon the doorposts of your house and on your gates.


Deuteronomy speaks of the building up of a nation based on Biblical Principles. We need to speak God’s Word over His chosen leaders, the Church, and the land. Mom spoke on the hinderances to Presidents in the past because of the church, it’s time we change that in 2024. 


Practically speaking, how do we Buckle up and prepare for Reclamation?

This calls for a life of Prayer, Perseverance, and Purpose.

As individuals and as the Church, we must live a life of:

  • Prayer and a Pursuit of God (Deut 6:4-5, John 17)
  • Perseverance (Rev 2:17) We were not called to live a life without struggles. In fact, in the book of Revelations we are promised a crown of life if we overcome. The Greek word for “overcome” is “nikao” means “victory” which in, and of itself, implies a battle. Which should also tell us that there will be obstacles we will need to overcome, but if we press through them, God will have His way in our lives and ultimately, our nation.
  • Purpose – this is a completely different call than that of an idolatrous world system which tells us to pursue our own carnal desires. When we live a life that reflects God-directed purpose, our life is not lived for us at all. Instead, this involves a path of eternal purpose and intentional living.

Like the Israelites, the Church is called to embrace the Covenant. This involves the Seed (Messiah/Word), the land of our covenantal heritage and the commission to pour out Godly precepts upon that land. If we do, He will bless the land and in turn, America can bless other nations. We have to see Destiny not only in our lives, but in the Church and the Nation as a whole.

The Church today is tasked with protecting and nurturing that Covenant.




God is Reclaiming the land. Four Points from the revelation the Lord gave Mom years ago about Reclamation:

  • The Lord spoke to her (Nita) very powerfully and told her that the land of America is the American Church’s heritage, a gift of love from We need to see it as our heritage and seek to protect it as such. He wants us to have the same love for America that He does.
  • The reason America is in the trouble she is in now is because the Church has not kept the land in their hearts as a heritage from the Lord thus watching over it in
  • When the Church returns to the nurture of this nation in righteousness America will return to the proper Fatherhood role it has been called to among the nations of the
  • It is not in the Father’s heart to dispossess the First Nations people but to bring the Kingdom to their needy hearts, give the nation as a whole to His Church, which would include the born again First Nations


Finally, let us remember, the Covenantal Heritage must be nurtured and protected.

The Covenant God made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel) would bring forth the Seed – our Messiah — that would bless the nations of the earth with the gift of salvation and eternal life with God through Christ. The Israelites were tasked with protecting and nurturing that Covenantal promise.

The Covenant made with America is like unto it, the Gospel is to go forth from our shores to the nations of the earth. This was birthed through the Reformation of Martin Luther, we entered into Covenant as a Christian Nation as the land was dedicated to the spread of the Gospel by Reverend Hunt, then, Black Robe Regiment (1700s Revivalists) purposed to raise the nation up as a Christian nation and insure a godly heritage. All of this was bathed in prayer by the intercessions of the Moravian Church. We my friends, are the inheritors of this Covenant and we are called to faithfully nurture and protect that which God has given us with prayer, perseverance, and purpose.

Blessings & love,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson