The Bow and Arrow of our Lord

This is the generation the Lord is after today…

I saw the Lord with a bow and arrow in His hands. He pulled back the bow and shot the arrow and it pierced right through the minds of our youth. With it came the antidote to the deception they are in today. This antidote spread through their minds and penetrated every part of their thoughts and emotions with the power of God. Clarity and understanding began to wash over them as the cleansing agent within this antidote flooded their bodies. Relief set in as their thoughts began to connect with what they know in their hearts to be true. The conflict, the rage, the frustration all dissipated as His Shalom and Truth began to wash over them. Anxiety melted away, fears, and insecurities lifted as they finally embraced their Heavenly Father as the One true God.

With the orphan spirit broken from our youth, these young adults were restored and became the vessels of His Justice they were created to be! The vision ended and I just wept before Him in gratitude for what He’s about to do for our children!

Friends, God is nowhere near done with our youth and as His intercessors, as those tasked with raising up a godly generation after us that they might inherit the Kingdom of Heaven! It is the destiny of this country to release the Gospel, it’s the destiny of our youth to carry that Gospel message forth. I believe the heart of the Lord today is to encourage us, the mothers and the fathers, the grandparents, the aunts, and uncles, to press in on behalf of our children with great fervency. The move of God that is coming in the days ahead will impact them more than any other group of people. After all, the promise of the Lord is that in the last days, He “will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.” (Joel 2:28)

Blessings & love,