“Blood and Ballots”

Ricci Johnson-Wilson

Wednesday, November 2, 2022, I was in an extended time of intercession over the elections. The Lord brought back a dream He’d given me two years ago regarding the elections. I saw an individual in a voting booth begin to fill out their ballot. I watched as they weighed the republican, the democrat, and the independents from Presidency to City Council Members. Representatives to Senators. Justices to School Boards. I saw the person fill out the bubble next to a person who deemed themselves as “pro-choice” or “woman’s rights advocate” candidate, aka pro-abortion. The minute they did, blood began to creep up from the bubble on the ballot to their fingers and across their hands completely coating their hands in blood. As they left, the blood continued to drip from their hands.

I asked the Lord what this meant, He said any person who votes for a democrat in this day and age, has not only the blood of the pre-born upon their hands, but they have the blood of every child who survives an abortion and is left to die. Every child who is born and then killed that their body parts may be harvested–that blood is also upon their hands. And, in the case where states are establishing legislation that will allow a child to be born and then murdered without investigation, that blood will be upon their hands as well.

I believe this extends to those who refuse to vote due to personal opinions regarding a candidate. Our abstinence on this issue is a vote for the opposing candidate. We must vote, and we must vote according to Biblical Principles. It’s our responsibility, we must occupy until He returns.