Early on the morning of February 8, 2023, I had a dream that transitioned into an experience.

I was in the process of waking from a dream and stepped into an experience. I saw the awakening, I saw souls saved, bodies healed, remarkable revelations about God coming forth. Young people were on their faces crying out for more of Him!

The Lord said: “The baptism of fire, it is coming!”  I knew the time to prepare was now! Even now He is doing a purifying work in the hearts and minds of men. I saw Him move across the people, as He did, the fear and love of God settled like a blanket upon the people. His Presence was unlike anything I’d experienced before. He was heavy upon the people, the air was thick, and they began to cry out, “take it all Lord, have it all! Take this heart of stone and give me a heart of flesh!” People began to shake on the ground, crying out before Him! I saw eyes opened, deaf ears opened, that which blinds the eyes to God -like scales-having fallen away! Sin was confessed, lives were transformed, and the light, HIS LIGHT shone through the people like I’ve never seen before. (Except, perhaps, in that dream I had of people consuming the Word)

Anything that closed the heart to Truth, turned to dust in the fire of God. I saw it with my natural eyes, all of it burned away under the Baptism of Fire!

The sweetness of His Spirit began to enter the room after what seemed like days, refreshing, healing, strengthening. There was a true transformation…

The “Baptism of Fire” is released in Revival, it’s what makes revival, revival and it will flow across the land, and it will draw people in from even remote locations to experience Him in ways no one can comprehend. Revelation flows freely, profoundly in this environment. Holy Spirit penetrates the heart and mind of men in unprecedented ways. It’s like nothing we’ve encountered before.

This reminded me of the word the Lord gave me just a few days ago, January 30th “an open heaven is coming to the nation. It will begin in certain cities across the land and expand outward from there. My light will pour out on My children as they avail themselves to My Spirit. They will press in, they will be lightning rods through which My Spirit can pour out across their cities and states until they have all connected, and an open heaven will rest over My nation once again.”

Friends, I encourage you, prepare yourselves in greater measure for the outpouring. Not only to experience it, but be ready to carry it, to be His light in the earth.

I pray this blesses you and lifts up your faith, God is moving in our midst!

Blessings & love,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson