Lord, help us to embark upon this venture with fire in our spirits that we might commit to aggressively pray for this nation faithfully.

THIS IS CRITICAL! This was a solemn warning, no embellishments. I did not have much opportunity for questions when the Lord came to me, nor did I feel as though He was there for me to ask questions. He came to bring a solemn warning to the Church and the Nation. 

America is at a fork in the road.

On Monday 7/23/2020 I was awakened at 3:38 a.m. I knew the Lord was drawing me to be with HIM. I grabbed my Bible and notebook for this DIVINE APPOINTMENT. Many times, I have a quiet time with Him and put on worship music. However, this was different. No music, I knew I needed no distractions. I closed my eyes. My spirit was ignited. The Lord came behind me to instruct, much like a Father would approach a small child. He placed a FROSTED GLASS in front of me. I sought Him for an explanation of why the FROSTED GLASS: The Lord said, “THE FUTURE IS NOT YET CLEAR. IT DEPENDS ON MY PEOPLE AND THE 2020 ELECTION.” (He impressed the importance of our intercession.)

THEN on that Frosted Glass He posted a picture of what a BIDEN VICTORY in the election would look like: If Biden won, it would be in name only. Obama would be the strings, the driving force behind him. The LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer) Agenda would be expanded. What is going on now would be nothing compared to what would take place. MAPS would be legalized—Minor Attracted Persons—to be clear, this is an adult, attracted to a minor, entering into a physical relationship with a child as young as 4 years of age. The adult would no longer be considered a PEDOPHILE providing the child was consenting! The MAPS society has petitioned the LGBTQ community for inclusion (they were rejected as of 2019). MAPS already have their own flag, pastel in color. (To be clear, this is legalizing physical relationships between adults and minors.)

Then the Lord wiped that away and posted a TRUMP VICTORY PICTURE.

The word EXCELLENT in Gold was posted. It meant EXCELLENCE in all you do, in your family, in your education, in your work plan, with your parents, your children, void of all complacency and apathy, not with arrogance or pride, but striving from within to strengthen a community that is very FAMILY ORIENTED, the family unit connected, with the FATHER having an integral role. This was EXCELLENCE OUT OF LOVE, SELF RESPECT, and FROM A PLACE OF STRENGTH.

Then that was wiped away and a BIDEN VICTORY was posted on the frosted glass.

A Biden victory would mean ABORTION ON DEMAND ACROSS THE NATION AT ANY POINT IN YOUR PREGNANCY. The 24-hour waiting period would be abolished, fathers would not need to be consulted, anyone of any age could have an abortion with no need to consult parents. Clinics were everywhere. There was no requirement for a hospital at any stage. The clinics were as common as the corner grocery store. “How can this be?” I asked. He showed me that there would be funding increased to promote abortion. It would be posed or presented as a ”humanitarian effort” and “for the betterment of mankind,” I thought of the countries that imposed a 1-2 child restriction. I learned this week that the UN is withholding funding for food supplies to struggling countries unless funding for abortion is put into place along with the package – this is a prime example of “humanitarian effort.”

Then this was wiped away and the TRUMP PICTURE was posted.

The ABORTION INDUSTRY WAS THOROUGHLY EXPOSED. From doctors to politicians, this multi-billion-dollar industry was exposed. In 1860s a scientist was studying reproduction. In his study he was wanting to find out when life started. He did extensive research. He said he could come to no other conclusion: LIFE BEGAN AT CONCEPTION, there is just too much that transpires after that for it to be any other possibility. For mankind to come from that revelation by a scientist to what we see today, is only the work of the enemy. THE POLITICIANS AND THE LOBBYISTS FOR PLANNED PARENTHOOD (and other abortion providers) WHO TARGET THEM were exposed and brought down. The eugenics side of this operation was exposed. The black population in America is about 13%. And yet, 50% of the abortions in this country are Black American babies. Of the 60,000 abortions reported in this country, 30,000 of them are black babies. An unbelievable amount of money promotes abortion, specifically in these communities. It’s devastating the black race. The profit side of abortion was exposed. The Planned Parenthood clinics were left in a shambles, as though people left in a hurry. The stirrups were broken. The stainless-steel equipment was rusted. The EXPOSURE WAS SO GREAT THAT WOMEN WERE COMPELLED TO FIGHT FOR THEIR BABIES.

Then that was wiped away. A Biden victory was displayed.

HUMAN AND SEX TRAFFICKING were legalized. You may wonder how that could be. In many countries, prostitution has been legalized with police focusing on other things. Under Biden, Human Trafficking would be legalized, and the legal battles against pedophilia would begin to drop (think of MAPS). The authorities would seek to redefine sex with a minor to diminish penalties.

Ricci: I have SIX grandchildren, 2-9, they are not capable of consenting to that kind of adult relationship. How could it be that it would be legalized? This would rip the heart out of every parent, every grandparent. My cry to the Lord was “how is this possible?”

The Lord answered, “it will be financially motivated.” I inquired further, He showed me that under Biden, they will crash our economy so severely, slavery (human trafficking) would come back to the forefront in our nation. This act, would allow people to eat, have a roof over their heads and so on. Imagine poverty so severe, you’d be willing to sell yourself and even your children just to have food on the table. This seems an impossible thought, but in Africa, India, South America and several middle eastern countries, this occurs.

That image was removed. Then He brought in the TRUMP PICTURE regarding HUMAN TRAFFICKING

I saw big dark vats of oil with webs stringing across the nation. Then I saw a dash of DAWN dish detergent hit the center and they were completely dissolved. These vats of oil reminded me of the Human Trafficking Nests in Atlanta, Louisiana, and other southern states. I saw the NESTS exposed and perpetrators convicted. (Human Trafficking nests include sheriffs, child protective services, & doctors covering up this crime.) They were all exposed! You know how a dash of DAWN DETERGENT can dissipate oil? It will be like that! THE use of the INTERNET in this horrific crime will be exposed. THERE WILL BE AN OUTCRY. It will become mainstream and the fight against it unprecedented. When this occurred and the breakthrough came, I literally saw our skies become bluer and clearer as a result of this cleansing. The principalities impact the nation in greater capacity than we realize. With this spiritual cleansing, it effected the color of the skies-they were bluer, pure!

NOTE: Mom (Nita Johnson, head of the Ministry) had a vision of being in a vortex (like a tornado). This vortex which can represent mind control, was broken! Things opened up!

Ricci: People don’t know how many of these sins have PRINCIPALITIES and POWERS behind them. They get their strength from blood-letting such as abortion, and human and sex trafficking, satanic ritual abuse! All of this was broken!

Then a picture of Biden Victory came up again.

TROOPS WERE ON OUR SOIL and there was a FINANCIAL COLLAPSE. He dismantled our military and as he did, foreign troops came upon our soil. The economy began to collapse with the dismantling of the military. America looked like a war-torn, third-world country.

That was removed and I saw the Trump Victory:

I saw what seemed like military operations taking Christian missionaries to evangelize other heavily persecuted countries. They were taken to places of safety and extracting from dangerous areas, but the Gospel was going forth in massive outreaches across the world.

CHRISTIANITY WILL BECOME AN IMPENETRABLE FORCE IN THE EARTH! I saw the flow of the SPIRIT moving so powerfully, so full of FIRE, and IMPACTING the earth in unprecedented ways. REVIVAL WILL BREAK OUT IN FREEDOM going beyond the Azusa Street Revival with an unrestricted flow.

That was removed and I saw a Biden victory:

The MEDIA that had continually gone after Trump was now going against ALL CHRISTIANS! I recently shared about an 80-year-old veteran who was wearing a Trump hat and waving a sign supporting MAGA on a public street. A man pulled up in a car, grabbed and ripped up his Trump sign, knocked him down, and proceeded to kicked him repeatedly with his boots! His attack left the elderly man in need of serious medical care! (NOTE-Don Trump Jr. surprised this gentleman while he was interviewed on a talk show by phoning him and airing his support of his stand for the country) Friends, this is the kind of violent rage the media provokes. This is how the media controls people and under Biden, they will have the freedom and encouragement to turn all their efforts toward vilifying Christians in an unprecedented way.

That was removed and He brought forth the TRUMP PICTURE.

The MEDIA WAS EXPOSED AND BROUGHT DOWN! It was so thorough, so quick, the chairs of the reporters were spinning around as they fled! I saw fresh new reporters taking their places. They were investigative journalists like we saw in the 30’s, 40’s, even 60’s. Fresh-face journalists hungry for the truth and determined to get that TRUTH OUT!

FRIENDS, WE HAVE 104 (as of the release of this word) days until the election. Whether or not we will have a Trump victory is dependent upon the intercessors. In him is our future, to receive his will for the future of our nation requires us to press in through prayer. THERE ARE 470 seats in Congress that are up for election. 470 opportunities to fill our nation with God-fearing men and women. If we can do this, there will be LIGHT in our nation instead of darkness.

A Biden victory would mean that a socialist/communistic government would take over. The DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAS GIVEN THEMSELVES OVER TO COMMUNISM, ABORTION, STATE-CONTROLLED MEDIA, and DICTATORIAL LEADERSHIP. We need a massive change in 2020!


The Lord said we did not pray in 2018. The Democrats gained several seats in the house. It has affected the outcome in our nation, the impeachment hearings took place because of this. I was up all night during the night of the 2018 election experiencing the Lord’s heart on this issue. He bathed me in a baptism of anguish. Why was this outcome possible? 60 Million evangelical Christians did not vote. The church did not influence the election. We must get out and take action, we must be influencers in this Nation. The NATION WAS CREATED TO BE “UNDER GOD”. We are called to release missionaries. Bob Jones saw the end time harvest that will come from this nation and it was a billion-soul harvest. How can that happen if this nation falls to communism?

I told you 2020 would be the year of shaking. In this hour, we are like Nehemiah rebuilding the wall. The wall is not yet restored yet we are called to build an IMPENETRABLE WALL against the plans of the enemy in this hour. Are we?

In 1983, the Lord spoke to a man of prayer that Donald J Trump would bring America back to God. When Trump was elected, he GAVE THE CHURCH BACK THEIR VOICE. He stripped 501©3 restrictions that kept the Church from speaking up when something ungodly occurs—such as removing prayer from schools or legalizing abortion. We now have our voice to speak up and influence the nation. What are we doing with that voice?

President Trump signed an executive order for prayer to be allowed back into schools at sporting events (this was done on the same day Nancy Pelosi signed the impeachment papers), and now, another has been signed paving the way for Bible to return to the schools. This man is not a pastor but as a leader, he has paved a path for the Church to rise up and take her place as the righteous influencer in our Nation. What are we doing with this privilege today?

In addition, he has been exposing and draining the swamp of gators and serpents since he took office.

Please join us as we fight this war on the spiritual side. Trump is fighting to end abortion and human trafficking; when will the Church join this effort!?! Trump has signed several executive orders to protect our children. Since President Trump took office, states began preparing for abortion to be overturned. How? Heartbeat bills. Why? Because President Trump has been very vocal about his stance on this issue “Life begins at conception.” The moment Roe V Wade is overturned, these decisions will fall back to the state level and those heartbeat bills will be critical.

With the sin of abortion lifted, THE GLORY OF THE LORD WILL BE RELEASED. So, we must win this battle.

Remember, Nehemiah was a most trusted cupbearer. He prayed for days for Israel to rise up to her calling. When opportunity came, he paved a path for that to take place. He went to Jerusalem and saw that the wall was not built to protect her from another invasion. Jerusalem was exposed and vulnerable. The King gave Nehemiah everything he needed to fulfill his God-given destiny. He was a man on fire. He took a survey of the wall. It was in disarray. Why was it in ruins? People had returned to the city and much of it had been rebuilt. However, the reality was that they only did the bare minimum. The job was half done. People began to rebel, and God was lifting His covering.  It was not until Nehemiah came and provoked the people to rise up and complete God’s plan for Jerusalem that they began to fight! Every priest, every person in Jerusalem was involved in building the wall. Nehemiah provoked them and they responded. Infrastructure was in place; it was time to fortify the land!

This is where we are today. God wants America to return to greatness so she can continue to be a Light unto all the earth. He will fortify our Nation. He will restore us to the rule of law and overturn lawlessness. He will fortify our families and secure our children into a place of safety if we will engage with Him and be the influencers we’ve been called to be! God will use this Nation to spread the Gospel and release revival!

WE ARE SET TO LAUNCH. THE PICTURE IS A MOVE OF GOD IN THE EARTH. WE have 104 days to get this victory. Nehemiah would not stop even when the enemy plotted against them all, he put trumpeters and swordsmen in place to guard the wall. The Bible tells us they had a sword in one hand and a trowel in the other!  They were engaged!

WE NEED TO BUILD A WALL OF FORTITUDE AROUND THIS COUNTRY. We cannot remain idle. We have to fight through intercession. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT 104 days in our history. 470 seats need to be filled up with righteous men and women! Just like with the Israelites (Nehemiah 4) Trump supporters will be persecuted. Naysayers will abound. The Deep State and the Media will persecute us (Sanballot and Tobias – see Nehemiah 4) BUT WE CAN’T GROW WEARY. GET YOUR SWORD (the WORD OF GOD) in hand. If the enemy wins, our cities and our nation will be under assault. Let us press on! Nehemiah 4:9- 14 teaches us: BE NOT AFRAID! BE REFRESHED, BE IGNITED By the WORD OF THE LORD, BE ENCOURAGED!

WHAT WE BIRTH THE NEXT 104 days WILL BE RECORDED IN THE ANNALS OF HEAVEN. May the Lord clear the cloudiness. May we come to attention. May we wage war against the enemy. May we join in the fight! MAY WE BUILD THE WALL and bring SECURITY TO THE PEOPLE OF GOD.

2 Chronicles 7:14 If My people which are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

That is the decree. Healing our land. 104 days! Be part of it. 470 seats. Every seat that needs to be flipped, let’s get them flipped to people who will vote for life!! Come weeping! Come to stand in the gap! Rely on the promises of God! Declare the promises of God! Bring in the intercessors. And do not grow weary in your efforts! God will pull us through to His victory!

Blessings & love,

Ricci Wilson