Acts Book II (Part 2)

You Must Arise

by Nita LaFond Johnson

The Stirrings of God

I always said that I would never wanted to go to Florida because someone once told me that the cockroaches in Florida are so big they don’t sneak into your house – they stand outside your door banging and yelling in a deep voice, “I’m coming in!”  When the rumblings of God begin to happen, the cockroaches scatter from their hiding places where their many plans to do evil are being hatched and those evil plans begin to surface. You can hear the rumblings of God like thunder rolling across the sky. You may not sense it in the natural, but the spirit-realm can hear it loud and clear. God is continuously on the move. He is never passive and when He sends out His rumblings, it is always for a purpose. He wants to bring those bugs out of their hiding places. Sometimes this is because it is time to reveal the things that they have been planning.

Jesus said to Judas, “Do what you must do quickly.” Judas was about to create an uproar in the underworld. He was about to fulfill the most evil and diabolical thing ever heard of. Jesus did not sit there begging him not to do it. He told him to do what he needed to do, because there is a time and a season for every purpose under heaven. Sometimes evil has to be fulfilled because it is time. To pray that it will not happen when it is God’s time is a futile prayer. It is important to know God’s time clock and His seasons. I can remember when He took me into a timeless tunnel and told me that something was about to happen in Europe the likes of which would make all ears tingle. I immediately knew Margaret Thatcher was soon to be dethroned. Within days of this experience, it happened. That was one of those things: do what you must do quickly. There would have been no way to stop it; there was a force moving in the earth that had to move her out of the way for the one-world government. It was necessary for the Illuminati to move forward; it was time for England to be captivated by certain things and she was in the way. There is a time and place for all things under heaven. There is a time and a purpose for evil and a time and a purpose for good.

God has His seasons. When God sends forth His rumblings, He is dealing with the bugs that love to hide in darkness. Sometimes He reveals what must be revealed, but not necessarily for the purpose of stopping it. Sometimes He reveals what must be revealed so that it can be stopped. Sometimes, the evil is so great that you would think that there was no Divine purpose in it at all. How could God ever have a purpose in such great and devastating evil? If you are going to understand the seasons of God, you have got to understand that there is a time for Light and there is a time for darkness. There is a time for good and a time for evil, but through it all, and in the midst of all of it, God is revealing His goodness. Is that not an amazing thought that a very severe crisis could come about and God was allowing it out of His goodness? If you can ever get a grip on that one truth it will change your walk with God. People stumble when they suffer because they believe God has pulled back His goodness, but when we can understand that God’s goodness will often allow the darkness to prevail for a higher purpose, we can find a place in God to hide from the storm.

The darkness that approaches now is growing fast, like black mold. The darkness is growing, but so is the Light. The understanding that evil has of the ways of its father is also growing. What I mean is this: the occult, for instance, has never had the understanding of occultic realities such as they are being allowed to have in this day. God is allowing them to hear from the occultic realm the great evils and ways in which to work with Satan as never before. And when you think of this in light of how prevalent occult practices were in the days of the Roman Empire, that is an incredible statement. When have there ever been darker days than when Rome was ruling the earth? I suppose there have been many dark periods in the history of the world. However, when you compare them to the days of Rome and the occult that was so prevalent then, to think that what they are tapping into today is even greater makes me shiver.

Because I am a prophet and intercessor and because of the types of things that God has us doing as a team, He has revealed to me many things that the occult is accessing in these days and it is phenomenal. Evil is growing in its understanding and anticipation. For instance, the Illuminati who have been working for two-hundred years or more towards world dominion have a higher expectancy than ever before of achieving their goals. Many times over the last one-hundred years they have come very close to overturning all things and bringing in a one world government, but at the last minute the Lord would pull the carpet out from under their feet, spoiling everything, forcing them to await a more perfect time.

In these days, they have everything so meticulously prepared that they feel their plans cannot be broken. David Rockefeller said just a short time ago that they have a small window to accomplish this and if they do not do it within that time-frame they would be set back a long time. Why has God allowed this great cancer to continue growing? I believe part of it is that the Church has not prayed against it, but also there is a time, purpose and season for everything in God’s timetable. So while He has allowed the darkness to prosper to some degree, He is speaking to His Church and calling her to come into deeper spiritual realities so she can overcome the darkness. If darkness grows the Church must correspondingly grow in the knowledge of the light. We must understand how to walk as spirit-beings and walk in the prosperity that is our birthright. I am not speaking of monetary prosperity, but rather living the life of Enoch where you live above the things of this earth and walk and rule in the life of the Spirit, where you accomplish things by that higher life, and not the soul or flesh.

God is calling and conversing with His Church. The Word is going out by His Spirit; whether you hear it verbally or not, your spirit does. There are those responding who have a hunger to go deeper in Him and understand deeper realities of how to work with the Spirit of God. His Spirit is calling and people are hungry. The desire to know, understand and learn is growing; just as it is with the occult, so it is with the Church. God is preparing the world for the confrontation of the ages and praise God that it will undoubtedly happen in our lifetime; that too is an amazing reality that many do not want to believe. They do not want to think about such a great and dark confrontation but when you understand what God is going to do in the midst of this, it is not fearful; it becomes a glorious thing.

Moses is a type of what is coming; he is a type of what must be. God must bring forth men and women who walk in the ways of Moses to accomplish His end-time goals.

Hebrews 11:26-27

He considered the contempt and abuse and shame [borne for] the Christ (the Messiah Who was to come) to be greater wealth than all the treasures of Egypt, for he looked forward and away to the reward (recompense).[Motivated] by faith he left Egypt behind him, being un-awed and undismayed by the wrath of the king; for he never flinched but held staunchly to his purpose and endured steadfastly as one who gazed on Him Who is invisible

It would seem to me that anyone who would want the deeper things of God, and to walk with Him as Moses did, would study the life of Moses – what he did, the decisions he made, what transpired as a result of his decisions, and what God did in the different stages of Moses’ life. It seems you would want to understand how God works with a human being in preparing them for great things. What is about to transpire throughout the world in the body of Christ is indescribable. Moses was raised in Pharaoh’s court. Moses was the only one his age of the Hebrew children; the rest of them did not survive. You have to wonder how Pharaoh could have been so blind; Moses did not look like an Egyptian. I have been taken up into the Spirit and met Moses and he did not look Egyptian; neither did he look very Jewish. He had very fair skin and blue eyes. God made Him that way because He knew the fair skin and blue eyes would appeal to Pharaoh’s daughter; the Bible says that he had favor because He was fair.

So here you are in Egypt with the deliverer being raised in Pharaoh’s house, trained by Pharaoh and taught by him how to rule. A deliverer had been born and God determined that he would be raised in the house of Pharaoh. By analogy, that would be as if you were born to deliver the world from the Illuminati and you were raised in the courts of Prince Charles. This is big. Then a crisis comes about where Moses is ushered out into the desert by the Holy Spirit. For forty years he had been trained as a Prince and now he must learn a new way of humility and meekness for the next forty years. He has learned how to walk before men and princes, and now he would learn to walk before God and these lessons would take forty years. Once, the most eloquent man in all of Egypt; now, he is going to be taken to the desert and so broken by the dealings of God that he stutters. In this brokenness, Divine strength and authority is going to be imparted.

God has a way of breaking a man, stripping him from identities that do not fit into His plans. He has a way of rewiring your brain so that you begin to see things through God’s eyes rather than the eyes of man. Through suffering and affliction, He has a way of dispelling darkness in the soul despite its lack of ability to comprehend Light. When a man feels he is being totally broken, his spirit is being built up in God; the soul is being broken down, the spirit is being raised up. With the ascent of the spirit is the impartation of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding of the ways and purposes of God; God is preparing the soul.

Now, Moses was not aware of all that he understood even before his encounter with God at the burning bush, but God had taken the man through years of preparation so when the commission was put upon him, that understanding would explode within him and he could fulfill his purpose. It took a lot of breaking of the flesh and building up of the spirit, mind, heart and the wisdom of God – forty years to be exact. Why do I mention this? Because God has His men and women who will come forth in the last days, as Moses did from the hidden place in the desert, where they have been trained in the ways of God. All they thought they understood, knew or hoped is stripped away, because that is part of the breaking God must engineer. You must go through the stripping of your human hopes. You have got to go through the seasons and times when your perceptions fall, broken at your feet, so God’s will and plan can come forth, just as Moses did. His dreams, hopes, fashions—how many times did Moses hear from the lips of his Hebrew mother who was paid to nurse him, “You were born to be the deliverer.”? How many times had that been instilled in his heart? He knew only one way to make that happen and that was to be a man of war. He did not understand that the deliverance had to come by way of the Spirit and all of the ‘man of war’ in him had to be stripped away so that the ‘man of the spirit’ could arise and subdue kingdoms.

What an amazing thought – subduing kingdoms by the power of the Word; what a novel idea. Men understood only one thing – you subdue by human force. Moses was created and raised up to reveal to the world that the greatest authority to be made known to man is the word spoken in the Name of a holy God by a man who is commissioned by Him.

It is very important that you understand this and how your life plays into it, because when the Spirit calls and the stream you were created to fill is opened, you must understand this, so that you can fill your place. If God has called you to be a Moses, you have got to understand what you are being trained for so you can walk in it.

You might be called to be a Joseph. Here we have another man, one of the Hebrew children and a very handsome prince. Many people of his time would have known about Joseph because of his beauty and because he was one of Jacobs’s sons. But Joseph, like Moses, was created for a purpose. He was raised as royalty just like Moses and sold into slavery where all the refinement of man could be broken at the foot of the cross and God could develop in Joseph Divine nobility, Divine wisdom, Divine understanding and Divine strength.

I can remember once when the Lord told me that the years in prison for Joseph was God’s way of imparting steel into his bones so that when He made him second to the throne, he would do what was right and not even his brothers or father could steer him in a direction God did not want him to go; he was putting steel in his bones through great suffering.

Psalm 105:17-22

He sent a man before them, even Joseph, who was sold as a servant. His feet they hurt with fetters; he was laid in chains of iron and his soul entered into the irons. Until his word [to his cruel brothers] came true, until the word of the Lord tried and tested him. The king sent and loosed him, even the ruler of the peoples, and let him go free. He made Joseph lord of his house and ruler of all his substance, To bind his princes at his pleasure and teach his elders wisdom.

Notice the Scripture, “his soul entered into the irons.” The Lord spoke to me right out of His Word concerning why this had to happen in this manner. He spoke from the book of Daniel, “Because iron subdues all things.” (Dan 2:40) It was the same thing with Moses who was sent out into the desert for the iron of God to be put in his spirit and soul. I have seen this iron for myself. Once, Jesus appeared to me and showed me this iron that, when imparted in authority, subdues all things.

We know the ways of the Church but we do not know the ways of the Spirit; the ways of the Spirit are much higher than the ways of the Church. There is a time and season for evil and good, darkness and light. If darkness has its kings ready but the Light does not have its kings ready, what happens? God must prepare His kings and He has been, the same way he prepared Moses, Joseph and David: through affliction. The way to the throne is down, the way to authority is humility and the way to the high things in God is eating the dust. If you are going to be great you must be small; this is the dichotomy of the kingdom. God is preparing His kings through the prison. His kings are being prepared, supplied, endowed, and taught the wisdom of God and how to move in the ways of the Spirit; they are being taught things worth many times their weight in gold. So when He brings them out to rule, they will rule quite effectively. While darkness is preparing its kings, God is preparing His, and as these people come forth, they will begin to cause a churning in the world. They will be the stirrings of God in the earth. What they will do to the body is to bring the life and glory of the kingdom such as man has never seen before.

Imagine you are standing at the foot of the mountain while God in His burning fire is at the top and Moses is up there with Him. The Bible says that His glory filled the heavens everywhere; His praise filled every place on the earth. He came down and rested on a mount, yet throughout the world His praise sprang up. The giving of the law was something incredibly strategic and critically important to all the earth. God caused an incredible event—the glory filling the heavens and the praises filling the earth. If no human cried out His praises, the rocks did; the streams were praising and the trees were clapping. The giving of the Law – the most glorious event that had ever happened to man and there was Moses, right in the middle of it.

I saw Moses’ condition just after he came down from the mountain. So great and glorious was this event that from his face shone literal light flashes like from a firecracker. Light flashed like great beams of light from his face; it covered his being for the rest of his life. Further, thousands upon ten-thousands of angels attended? We know that heaven was fully involved: the Father, Moses shining in splendor, and Israel at the bottom of the mountain. The sages say that when God spoke the words of the Ten Commandments, every word He spoke came down the mountain and enfolded every human being present, estimated to be between two and six million. The Word enfolded them, entered their soul and raised them up to see the kingdom of glory. Paul said that in this dispensation the glory must be greater. It has not been greater yet, so I am asking the Lord what on earth could happen for the glory to be greater than in those days. Whatever it is, it’s going to have to be catastrophic to the kingdom of darkness; it will have to be something so great that the whole world will know that something gloriously terrifying and holy, so great and worthy of God alone, has occurred. The world has never seen this and never will again until the Kingdom comes and Jesus rules and reigns in person upon the earth.

“Lord,” I asked Him, “what will it be for it to be greater than what has come before?” Finally, He spoke to me and said, “It will be the coming of the sons of God.” You must arise; this is the day and hour you must come out of your Christian stupor. Quit looking for Christian entertainment; your spirit-man must arise and rule over your soul. Your soul must be endowed with Light so that you can comprehend the Kingdom that is going to spill forth from you. You cannot play with it anymore, you have got to press into God or you will miss it; you will get to see it, you just will not get to enjoy being a part of it. There is a hunger in your soul for something more. You do not want to live the Christian life as you have always lived it; deep down inside, you know there is something greater. You may not have known what it is but now I am telling you. Do not stay at the bottom of the well when you can float to the top like cream; you must arise, pray and spend time in the Word; ask the Lord to make the Word one with you. That is what I am asking; I want to be one with truth. Ask Him for the impossible until your faith grows and you begin to understand it really is not impossible. Not only is it not impossible but it is that to which you are called. Stop the excuses; it does not matter if you never went to Bible school or seminary because what does that have to do with God? There are many honest men and women who have gone into seminary and come out as unbelievers. What does it have to do with God—can you read the Bible? John said you have the “unction,” you do not need people to teach you; the Word will teach you. The unction will teach you the truth; you just have to dig for it. Be disciplined, love the Word and plead with the Spirit of God to transform you through it.

I have shared about Charles Finney from the pulpit before, a great man of God. Did you know that every night for hours he and his prayer partner would get together on their knees, weeping and travailing that God would open the Word to Finney, and before he went home to be with the Lord he achieved union with Christ? He gave truth to the Church in his day that no one else was giving, but how did he come to possess it himself? Through prayer, pleading, travailing, weeping, and fasting. He asked the Lord to teach him His truth. Pray to Him that you want to be one with His truth, to have the Light of truth fill your soul so that you have prepared a proper place for God to live permanently. Where does He dwell? He dwells in the Light. For Him to live in your soul as He has created you to carry Him, it must be filled with Light. Go get a bushel of God; it is going to be an incredible extravaganza. It is time you find out what your part is in it.

Why was I created, Lord?  This is the greatest hour of the Church. Why am I here now; what have you created me to fulfill? This is what you need to know. Do not pass from this life without knowing why you were created and without fulfilling it.

This is the day, Lord, the time and season, that You are going to bring forth a Church without spot or wrinkle, adorned with Glory and power, filled with faith and Light. Lord, You are going to give us a new brain, the mind of Christ. This is the time when all the fears, anxieties, and impossibilities are going to fade from our understanding and we are going to be filled with Light, demonstrating the virtues of Christ, showing forth the glory of the Son; this is the hour. The Church today is going to know what the Church has never known in any age. Awaken our hearts and souls, Lord, awaken them to faith and the light. Awaken us to the things we have never known to believe before. So great and wonderful are the glories of God; we give You praise, Lord, in Your precious name, Amen.

There are two books that can help you a bit. One is called Prepare for the Winds of Change II. If you do not have this book, in it is recorded several angelic visitations and visits from the Lord telling me of things to come and giving me wisdom to overcome. The other book to help you understand more of what is to come in the days ahead is titled Melchizedek. Get those two books and read them, they will help you understand. There is going to be such a transformation of the Church and you will want to know what is going to happen so you can be ready.

In Him,

Nita Johnson