Please pray for Iran. Pray that the Lord will bring about an overthrow of this tyrannical government and bring Prince Reza Pahlavi, the rightful prince of Iran who is now in exile, back to his place on the throne. Also, pray fervently that the Lord will neutralize the very heated situation with Iran . If we enter into war, it will be at the cost of our sons in a devastating carnage of American soldiers, says Dan Bohler.  But, God will intervene if we will pray! Further consider this, in the Arab nations you find two categories of people; the first category is the impassioned vehement Muslim-Jihadist, the second category is clearly revealed in the letter below. You find in the heart of these people, a tender, responsive passion for freedom, righteous behavior and the pursuit of happiness. As we pray for the Arab nations, my strong encouragement is to remember the heart of the people represented in this letter, and with heart-felt ardor, intercede for the safety of this group of people and the overthrow of the Jihadist movement now captivating the nations.  Blessings, Nita

One brave Iranian student, who is in prison for the crime of wishing to have democracy in his nation, courageously wrote a heart-rending letter, describing the plight of all freedom-loving people in Iran. Prince Reza Pahlavi, son of the late Shah, who was exiled to the West, very generously reprinted this student’s letter for our benefit.

A letter from Iranian students to the freedom-loving people of the world
February 10th, 2006

In the name of God, the Supreme Goodness, in the name of Love, Iran and Freedom

Iran is my land. Although her name has espoused history since ever, the world has forgotten her since 27 years ago. Nowadays, my country’s name is back on everyone’s lips for a threat, bigger than ever, emanating from the idiocy of those theocrats who govern us, is hanging above us all. A looming menace that, with the sagacity of our people, we are determined to turn into an opportunity for awakening.

As I write you these words, those with whom I used to play in my childhood are climbing the walls of the Danish Embassy, chanting and blaring, setting the foreign mission ablaze. Commanded by the ignorant who rule over my land, those innocent kids with whom I played hide-and-seek form today a human chain around the nuclear facilities. Smuggled into my country by Pakistani traffickers riding their donkeys, the technology being guarded by its human shield is now presented as a national pride by those same idiots who surf the tide provoked by the Danish cartoons. As if vociferating insults and pyromania could prevent the nuclear issue from reaching the UN Security Council!!!

Having taken over my land first, the chaos is now menacing world peace. What anarchy, what confusion!

We, the innocent generation making up 70 percent of the population of today’s Iran; We, who had no say whatsoever in the 1979 revolution; With all due respect for all peoples on earth, we shall here present our grievances to the world: for a quarter of a century you have forgotten us, a noble people known once for the beauty of its high culture abandoned to its misery; instead of being educated in a culture of love and science, awful beasts crushing themselves against the towers of the modern world are our little sisters and brothers who are taught, in what is supposedly a classroom, to be flattering hypocrites, merciless and hateful of others; taught to despise whoever thinks differently from their ‘Supreme Leader’ or their school principal; taught to consider foreigners as heretics and ignorant people deserving nothing but the worst kind of death; they falsify the history they teach them omitting to tell them that, had it not been for the perspicacity of the world back in 1953, we would be dealing with ideologies far more stupid than what we have today in this godless labyrinth which our land has become; in schools, they talk of ‘independence’ but confuse it with the conditions of the stone age cave dwellers, ignoring that all peoples of the world need each other and it is this very mutual dependency that paves the road for mutual understanding, respect, peace and healthy relationships; throughout these years, they darkened the immaculate mind of our children with superstitions and gossips on the inexistent qualities of those governing us and the wonderful attributes of their so-called ‘Supreme Leader’, supposedly leading the entire world leaving no place for the nation; these story-tellers blackened the pages of our history books saying that our children died in defense, not of our land, but of their ‘Supreme Leader’, thus making the slightest utterance of the word homeland, a crime in our schools; those who speak so eloquently of ‘federalism’, we wish they could come for a snap visit to our schools and listen to the gibberish nonsense that is being taught here, thus seeing for themselves that in today’s Iran federalism is equal to separatism; Perhaps in the future, when our children will have learned once again the discourse of love and patriotism, federalism would become the progressive, consensual world it is supposed to be. But, until then, let us not forget that those who govern us have consistently lied to history, ignoring that history doesn’t lie.

We now address the peoples of the world:

The real crime going on in our country is the systematic brainwashing of our children whose innocent minds are put under the perfusion of devilish ideologies. The danger of the brainwashed millions, enriched in classrooms turned into ideological centrifuges, is far greater that millions of atomic bombs.

North Korea, Syria, Lebanon and Sudan are in no better shape than we are. Believe us! Long before you became the victims of terror, terrorists themselves had become the first casualties of the foolishness of their satanic rulers.

These are rulers who, in order to secure their own survival, turn innocent children into moving bombs, killing and spreading terror. Now that you are alarmed by the nuclear crisis, we beg you not to abandon us once again in the hands of the jailers oppressing us for nearly 3 decades, when the atomic issue is resolved.

We look forward to the extended hands of our sisters and brothers, to those of the children of Adam and Eve, those of the noble peoples of the world, to come to our rescue in helping us regain our due place in the concert of the civilized nations. Our nation is on the verge of annihilation and would welcome any measure or economic and political sanctions that would accelerate the downfall of the mullahs!

The great people of the United States withstood 444 days of captivity for their children in the hands of this regime. Their anxiety is still alive. Think of us then! Think of an entire nation that has been for nearly 10,000 days the hostage of a few who, just recently, dropped their mask, thus showing their real fearful face to the world.

We now address the people of Iran :

There will be no miracle! Regardless of what kind of regime will be put in place tomorrow, let us unite our forces today on the basis of our common principles and draft our own charter founded on the pillars of the world’s most noble treaties. It is not up to us to determine what form of governance we want. Tomorrow, in a free Iran, it will be up to the people of this country to decide what they want, thus making it an obligation for us all to submit to their collective will.

We, the Student Freedom Lovers of Iran, invite all those thriving towards the immensely difficult task of achieving freedom to participate to the ‘Congress for the Freedom of Iran’, putting aside their differences and thinking instead of our children.

You who are conscious enough not to let your own kids be disturbed watching violent movies, think of our sisters and brothers who are taught by their religion or literature instructors how to activate a bomb and welcome death on their way to heaven by invocating the saints in a mystical trance.

Enough hesitation! It is time to wake up! If you do not want us to remember tomorrow that today you privileged your factional political agenda over the survival of an imprisoned nation, then you have to open your arms and let us for once taste the sweetness of peace and security.

Believe us! We are tired, exhausted! During the past 4 years in jail, they handicapped my leg and broke under torture the arm with which I am writing these words. In between these lines, you should hear the voice of (….), who has lost his sight and hearing under torture and must endure 15 years in jail in the hands of these criminals in the southern city of Bandar Abbas. Can’t you hear it! Can’t you hear the sound of the droplets of blood falling off the dead body of (….), the martyr of the Tehran University campus? The sound of the exhausted breath of (….) and (…)? Can you hear the tears of the wife and daughters of (….)? Listen to the sigh of the mother of the Mohamadi brothers, the sweet voice of the daughter of (….)! Can you hear the groaning of the teenage martyrs of the 1980s, the voices of (….), and (….)? What of the last moaning of girls being stoned to death? Then, of course, the voice of youngsters weeping before the execution scaffold, what of them? The sound of the boots of poverty-stricken men forced to join the regime’s security apparatus and to endure the pain of blisters inflected upon them by ruthless repression, year after year? Can you hear the voice of an entire hostage nation, the people of Iran , imprisoned in a jail vast as Iran, turned into a forced labor camp? We are here, tired but hopeful!


Hear the voice of my father and that of our fathers whose flesh makes up the land of Iran, the land we all love. Hear it and put your differences aside so we can once again love each other, for Iran and for all Iranians.

We have all paid a huge price. Perhaps, none of us will ever forgo the bitter memories of the years of torture and jail, nor those of oppression, bloodshed and fear. Despite all the sadness however, we have all learned to love other peoples of the world and that peace and security can not be achieved by building atomic bombs but by loving each other.


Neither I nor any of my jailed companions, none of us could be entangled in partisan politics, be it republican or monarchist, socialist or anything else for that matter. So long as our people are oppressed, our children raised as barbarians and taught to live as cave dwellers, we are Iranians aspiring to love and freedom.


The new Iranian year of 1385 (2006) is approaching. We shall call this New Year the Year of Freedom. We shall call upon all Iranians to set up with the help of international organizations, the "Congress for the Freedom of Iran" on March 22, corresponding to the 9,900th day of captivity of the Iranian nation in the hands of a few mullahs.

Time is short! Let us gather our collective effort so that the 10,000th day of our captivity become the first day of our liberty.  Iran will never die!

(…..) Names removed to protect the innocent.

There were 40 signatories spelled out and 560 others whose names could not be signed. They are all prisoners today because they want freedom in Iran.