“The Revolution that Births a Nation”

Ricci Johnson-Wilson

August 12, 2022 

The following is a series of events the Lord has given me for the Ecclesia, the intercessor and the Nation. These are profound times we are living in, and God is speaking to prepare us for the days ahead. Exciting, transformative events are about to occur and it’s important we consider them through God’s perspective and engage with His timeline. To listen to this message in its entirety, click here.

8.11.22 the Kairos Moment

I was awakened at 3:33 AM to pray. (I only consider this when God draws my attention specifically to the time.) It’s fitting to note that the number three represents a “Kairos Moment.”

Biblically speaking on the 3rd day:

  • God created the seed that would sustain mankind as well as the beast of the field
  • Of their travels, Abraham and Isaac climbed the mount on which Abraham would lay his heir (and our heritage) on the altar, remember, this is the one through whom THE Seed – our Savior would come.
  • The Israelites were at the mouth of the Red Sea and about to enter their new position in the earth, as a nation whose God wrest from the hands of the most powerful nation in the known world. This nation would have a new government—the Torah—based on Godly principles.
  • On the 3rd Day Jesus rose from the dead, overcoming sin and death for us to enter into Covenant with Him and finally, truly reunite the Creator with His creation.

As three represents a Kairos Moment, we need to consider the fact that these are moments in History during which we must take hold of what God is saying to us, regardless of how things look on the outside.

As I sat before Him, He told me that there are three things He is going to deal with in the coming months

  • Church
  • Government
  • Financial System



I’ve had several visions of the Church this year, much of which I’ve shared on our corporate prayer calls, but I’ll summarize them here.

2.6.22, 3.8.22, 5.28.22 Ecclesia Arise!

I saw a typical church house. A hand came down, ripped the roof off, leaving the building split in half. The Lord called “Ecclesia, ARISE!” and about ½ the ecclesia came up and out leaving those who remained sitting speechless in the pews.

In the second vision, there was a great shaking in the Church, the Ecclesia came forth, each member having the world shaken from their very core. I saw compromise and sin fall from them as they were lifted out of the world and into God.

In the 3rd vision, I saw the Ecclesia literally entering in and passing through Christ. They were finally the pillar and support of Truth that Paul is instructing Timothy to develop in First Timothy.

It’s important to note, there was tremendous unity that came forth in the body of Christ, and as one, we’d truly become a house of prayer.



12.2.21 Nancy and the Scotch Tape in our Chanukah Gathering of the Eagles, I was praying over government. I had a vision of the nation covered in Plaster Paris; this represents the façade fabricated over the years by the democrats. The façade is made up of every narrative we hear coming from the left. The plaster had become severely cracked from the intercession and the pieces were lifting and beginning to spread apart. Some parts were even sliding of into the ocean. Pelosi had on blood-red stilettos and was digging her heals into the plaster to keep it in place, however, it continued to lift and spread. As the pieces lifted, I saw roots of communism attached to the bottom, however it was clear that they had begun to die and were no longer capable of keeping this façade anchored to the nation. Nancy began to panic, she went down to her hands and knees and tried to smooth the surface with additional Plaster Paris but again, she was unsuccessful.

Next, in what seemed to be a ridiculous move, she pulled out a roll of scotch tape and unrolled long strands of tape attempting to secure the pieces together, yet, they continued to spread. God was moving deep in the nation and the roots of communism were dying, nothing can hold them down. 

The Lion of Judah came and breathed across the land, the debris blew off the nation and into the sea…Pelosi was among the debris. (Sidenote-at the end of 2019, just prior to Covid-19, Mr. Pelosi invested a significant block of his stock portfolio into 3M which produces scotch tape along with masks, gloves, and protective gear worn by hospital staff and a great deal of the population throughout the world over the last 2 ½ years.)

8.4.22 House of Cards

I had a vision of the Lord. Before Him was a table. On top of the table was a mound of dirt where a house of cards had been constructed. It was not stable, but the Elite were quite proud of it. I believe this represents the Build Back Better plan the current administration is pushing. This plan will bring our nation into a place of complete economic devastation. This is a product of, not Biden, but Klaus Schwab (head of WEF) and Larry Fink (head of Blackrock).

The Lord reached over, pulled out one card and then leaned down and blew. The whole house of cards came down. As soon as this occurred, the rubble underneath was exposed. The Lord cleared the cards, threw them to the floor, and began to rebuild this nation. It was a quick work, so quick in fact, His hands were a blur. When He was finished, the nation was alive.

Why is this important, especially in this hour? Because we are fighting (in prayer) against tyranny (the Elite), and the Lord, in His mercy, is hearing and answering our cries. He looked for a man who would make up the hedge, and He found us.

1.9.22 DeSantis

Governor DeSantis is about to create a shift in the nation that will lead us into a tremendous breakthrough. I saw him passing unprecedented, and righteous legislation. They were coming quick and concise, and he was making media headlines nearly every day.

The focus of the lens shifted, and I saw President Trump standing in the background. The Lord said to me in the dream, “Watch DeSantis and you will see what I am doing with MY nation!”

The things we see DeSantis doing in this hour are critical, they are pro-family, conservative, pro-American pieces of legislation that President Trump ran on throughout his campaign.


Financial System:

3.26.22, 4.7.22 Coming Economic Crisis

I had two dreams and vision about the economy and released them on our prayer line. You can find them on our website. In those dreams, the Lord showed me the food situation, along with the planned inflation and economic devastation. The Lord is calling for intercession so He can move on our behalf. I saw great provision coming for the body of Christ to aid during the crisis. This will spark faith and ignite in the hearts of the people, a revelation of God and His mighty hand of provision.

8.12.22 The Crash-but not the crash they planned…

At 3:27, I was awakened suddenly. My air turned off and I heard a loud crash. I got up to let my dog out and saw the cause of the crash. A large picture, 3×5 ft that my son purchased me a few years back from the World Market had fallen off the wall and landed face down on our wood floors. It missed the table that sits right beneath it as well as the couch that extends six feet from it—it was not broken although it should’ve been. No other photos or pieces of furniture were disturbed in our home. I sought the Lord. I sat down and the Lord said, “the picture from the WORLD MARKET, just came crashing down” I said “Lord, are You saying, the WORLD MARKET is going to crash?” He replied, “Yes, but it will not be broken.”

The elite plan to crash the economy, but the Lord is going to use this to bring down the One WORLD MARKET or Financial system that they have in place!

If the Ecclesia will in fact, press into God, He will sustain them, and the people who would otherwise be impacted by these events. We must pray for divine revolution in the economic system, as this will be a catalyst for events that will set the captives free!


The Catalyst

In each experience, we see a Catalyst that will bring forth the Revolution in the hearts of men. It takes a revolution to extract the Cabal from a nation. It happened in 1776 when, the weight of the tyrannical boot on the necks of those who’d come to this nation became too heavy. They drafted the Declaration of Independence to break themselves free from the oppression. The Revolutionary war lasted several years, with only 30% of the nation really wanting to step into war with Britain, and less than 5% fighting in that war, but that was all God needed to set the rest free.

The Lord provokes these things in the heart of His people to bring them into freedom.

2022 was the year of the Catalyst which provoked a Revolution in the hearts of men.

Revolution moves within men to compel them to take necessary actions to birth or save nations. It’s a supernatural occurrence that stirs us into action to thwart the destructive plans the enemy places over us that prevents us from entering God’s path. We saw this with Moses as he went back to Egypt to save the Israelites. It’s also demonstrated through the life of King David as he stirred the Nation of Israel to turn back to God and His plans and purposes for their nation.

We often see this process begin in Revolution and end with Revival as is demonstrated in the life of Christ throughout the Gospels, ending in the mighty Revival that we witness throughout the book of Acts.

What can we do now to align with God’s plans?

  • Seek and do the will of the Lord
  • Separate from the patterns of this world
  • Embrace and engage in fulfilling the destiny set before us as a nation
  • Reinstate the Mayflower Compact, a Covenant between those who came before us and our God. “We are the Light of the World, the City set on a hill cannot be hidden” Matthew 5:14
  • Pray for a true spirit of unity and a bond of peace to sweep through the Ecclesia and the Patriots of this nation.
  • Finally, seek to reinstate this nation as a nation Under God based on Biblical Principles through our own actions as well as our intercessions.

Reformation gives birth to Revolution.

Let’s look at the nation of Israel once again:

Reformation came as they cried out to God. Revolution began when Moses returned from his time in the desert.

At mount Sinai- (Exodus 19:5-6) a covenant was made between God and the nation of Israel that they would be a nation that would be a Kingdom of Priests, a holy nation, a nation of Light leading men to God. As believers, we are grafted into the Covenant through the Vine. 1 Pet 2:9 adds that we are a Royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, that we should show forth the praises of Him Who hath called us out of darkness and into His marvelous Light. (Living our lives like we know and understand these principles impacts as a nation.)

They Israelites were told in Exodus 14 to Stand (wait expectantly) and see the salvation of the Lord even as the enemy with their chariots ablaze, raced toward them. God parted the Red Sea, and they walked across the newly hardened underbelly of the sea to pass through death and into freedom. When the last Israelite passed through, the passage began to soften and the Angel of the Lord flew into the midst of Pharoah’s chariots and drove their wheels into the depths of the murky sea floor, leaving the drivers stuck as the walls of the Red Sea crashed down upon them! The army of Egypt, the greatest nation of that time, crushed by the mighty workings of our God.

We too are fighting the world superpower -the Elite. Their currency is blood. Our fight is to set our nation free from their grip, once we do, we can help set other nations free.

We must wait expectantly (this is not a passive command as it requires action and engagement in the spirit) for the salvation of our Lord to come and set us free from the bondages of the Elite. The wealth of the elite can be summed up by the blood of children and the enslavement of their parents. The same God that set the Israelites free and provided for them for 40 years in the desert, is here today and He is saying, the wealth of the wicked is about to come crashing down. I will not destroy My people, enter into Me, and be My people and I will be your God!

He concluded this time with this: “2023 is the Year of Revolution” and “2024, My glory is going to pour!”

The Lord always speaks to me at the end of September for the following year. He’s done this for six years straight. There’s a reason He’s giving us guidelines this early, He wants us to prepare.

This is truly a Kairos moment; we must embrace it and prepare ourselves to finish this race!

When Moses arrived in Egypt, it was a year of battle between Moses and pharaoh before he finally allowed the Israelites to go. Sounds like our battle between the people and the Government

This was, in part, to deal with every major idol worshipped by the Egyptians, many of which, the Israelites themselves had embraced. Sounds like our Church today as many have entered into compromise with BLM, LGTBQ+ agenda, and Abortion.

This was a deep revelation to the Israelites of how entrenched they’d become with the tyrannical nation that’d kept them in bondage. It was a vicious economy. Further demonstrating how desperately God needed to uproot them from that system. Sounds like the Financial system today

Unprecedented times are coming:

The Red Sea moment was indeed unprecedented and represented freedom from the bondages of Egypt. Complete freedom after centuries. The naysayers and critics of what God spoke through Moses and Aaron were in fact proven wrong in their resistance as they too benefitted from this moment of passing through the walls of water and into the promises of God. Even so, their hearts were surely rent with the fear of God as they watched the Red Sea part before their eyes.

Every step was an act of faith in the fulfillment of the Covenant with their father Abraham.

Just as the Israelites experienced in their year enduring the 10 plagues in Egypt, the season of revelation we’ve been in has only served to awaken us even more to our need for deliverance from oppression.

God has sent His prophets to nurse this awakening in the Ecclesia into a vigorous life so we will seek to live our lives from His perspective rather than our own. This is what will shake the personal chains that’ve kept us bound loose. We’ve needed to feel the weight and pain of these chains to not only fight to be set free but to fight to STAY set free.

This miracle that we are about to witness will change the nation forever—it will break the chains off our minds, our souls, even our hearts as we see a move of God unprecedented in our generation. It will be a breaking of the Cabal off our lives, our children’s lives, the victims of human trafficking, and those in the womb, it will be like passing through the walls of the Red Sea in awesome wonder and reverential fear to enter the place where God can reset and reorder our nation. Let’s unravel ourselves from the tyrannical system and embrace the Revolution God is stirring in the land!

Friends, this is our Kairos Moment! Will you embrace the year of Revolution? Weep and war with us for through this time, we will be preparing us and our nation for 2024, where we will see His glory pour!

Blessings and much love,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson

This message was given August 12, 2022. To listen to this message in its entirety, click here.