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“The Hammer of Justice” Ricci Johnson-Wilson

“When the Hammer of Justice Falls…” Ricci Johnson-Wilson June 26, 2023 (From our June 23rd teaching)   The Last two weeks I’ve shared dreams and visions the Lord gave to

“The Rebirth of a Nation” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

“The Rebirth of a Nation” Ricci Johnson-Wilson 6-12-2023 (from our 6-8-2023 teaching)   Dear Friends and Intercessors, Thursday, June 8, 2023, I shared a vision (Dry bones and the Rebirth

The Gavel of Justice and the Fear of God

JUSTICE IS COMING… May 15, 2022 I was awakened at 3 AM to pray. I cried out to God on behalf of our nation. I sought Him for the safety

Prophetic Update Released: 3.4.22

  Prophetic Update Released: 3.4.22   Team Meeting Nita Johnson       I had been in prayer for several hours when suddenly The Lord opened a stream of Prophetic

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