“2017 and Beyond”

A Word from the Lord for His Intercessors


Ricci Wilson

September 25, 2017

Over the course of the last few weeks, the Lord has been speaking to me about His children. Specifically, the intercessors. Let me step back a bit further; in November of last year the Lord gave me two words; “2017 was the year of the intercessor” and we were to learn to “Know No Bounds”.

If this year has been exceptionally difficult for you, you are not alone. Personally, God has stretched me beyond what I thought possible as He’s sought to bring understanding to those words. I want you to remember something, there is purpose to the trials you’ve endured. There is purpose to the unusual circumstances and struggles you’ve encountered. There is purpose to the level of faith you’ve been required to exercise over the course of the last nine months. Purpose to the isolation. Purpose to the last thread you’re hanging by. Purpose, even, to the sense of failure. Every bit of it was allowed by our Sovereign Lord to prepare you to live a life of depth in Him, learning what it means to be an intercessor, and understanding what it means to Know NO Bounds. (If you are in Joel’s Army, you’ve likely gained additional understanding through our times of training.)

This season of the intercessor is designed to draw us into the bosom of our Lord. This is a place wherein peace is achieved through relationship with our Lord. This is not a peace attained through circumstances but rather a level of peace that enables us to find our rest even as we are thrown into the lion’s den or shoved into the fiery furnace.  This is a peace that can only be found through walking in obedience to our Lord.

Back to the last few weeks; the Lord told me He is calling His children to come into a special place of intimacy with Him. This is a place that requires lengthy preparation, perhaps it even seems like a lifetime, but it’s been training the prayer warrior within you to draw upon your Lord and Savior for everything you need—at times—for your very breath. This is a place where you learn to Know No Bounds. No boundaries in terms of relationship with Him. No boundaries in terms of how you can be used by Him in this earth. No boundaries in terms of what you will ask of Him, because you know without a shadow of a doubt that He will answer you. And, no boundaries in terms of what you will do for Him, because your love for Him compels you to obey His every command.

2017, the season of the intercessor as the Lord spoke to me, was preparation for a move of God that will usher the Church to a place of holiness; a Bride without spot or wrinkle. The Church (and by the Church, I am not referring to the buildings we head to on Sunday, but rather, the body of Christ) has lost sight of her First Love, but the Lord says He has not lost sight of His. He is aching for her return, aching to bring her into His embrace and have her used of Him in the manner for which she was created. Remember, the Church was created to save the lost, teach them how to go deeper in God, and meet the needs of the poor. Anything that does not line up with this is a distraction from our purpose and should be discarded.

We’ve spent eighteen years repenting for the sin of this nation. Eighteen years, weeping before the Lord over the atrocities our ancestors committed in order to pave the path for God’s Cyrus, Donald J. Trump to be elected and begin to raise a standard of righteousness in this land. I thank the Lord every day for those who were assigned to walk with us for a specific season and those of you who stood with us throughout this entire journey. We could not have accomplished this without you! Now, it’s time to rise up and embark on the next phase of our commission.

I’ve been asking the Lord, “Why did You declare the first year of Trump’s presidency: the season of the intercessor? Why is it that this particular year we were to learn what it means to Know No Bounds?” He’s answering my prayer…

God is calling His intercessors to pray the Church into holiness. Trump is working on the Nation, we –the intercessors—are responsible for the Church. Everything the Lord stripped from your life over the years needs to be stripped from the Church before His return. It’ll be a difficult task, but this is where she was created to walk; a place of holiness. As an intercessor, as one who allowed God to refine you at the deepest levels, you are now prepared to pray with the compassion and love He’s called you to walk in.

The time is at hand my friends, God allowed this season of training for His intercessors to reveal to us what is important to Him. He’s allowed things to be stripped from us so we can focus on what is essential to Him. He’s compelled us into the prayer closet, that we might come to understand that the boundaries we’ve placed on Him are not of Him, and they must be stripped from our understanding. He’s longing to teach us what it means to take dominion, and bring stabilization to a Nation. His heart—His passion—is for us to set aside our pre-conceived notions of who we think God is and allow Him to not only expose who He is to us but to impart His love within each of us that we, in turn, can impart this to others. God is love! He is the essence of love and He longs to deposit this within each of us. 2017 isn’t the beginning of those lessons, it’s the culmination of them. He is calling His intercessors to take the lessons we’ve learned, and begin praying them into the Church.   

You might be wondering why I’m sharing this now when we still have three months left of 2017. I was going to write a short GOE reminder note, but the Spirit of Lord came over me and told me to share this message today for two reasons: First, it’s not too late for you to realize and embark on this journey. It’ll be rough, but God will see you through. And, secondly, it’s going to get a little bumpy and we need to hold on to the lessons we’ve learned, lay ourselves at His feet and allow Him to continue to strip the things that lack eternal value from our lives so He can replace them with Himself.

The Church is blind to what she needs right now. She’s been wooed by the enemy of our soul into a place of complacency. She does not ache for God, in fact, she doesn’t ache at all.  It’s our responsibility—the intercessor—to pray the Church through this season until she hungers for God, and God alone! Rise up my friends, gird yourselves for the battle that lay before you. The fate of the Church hangs in the balance and it’s time to tip the scales and pray her into the chamber of our Lord!

Blessings & love,

Ricci Wilson