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“In the Fullness of Union” Nita Johnson

Visitation, Fullness of Union – Part A 1.27.22 Nita RL Johnson With Jesus and The Father   During our Ministry Prayer Meeting on Thursday night, I began to pray by blessing and praising our wonderful Father and Lord Jesus Christ. One can hardly imagine praying to One so Grand without allowing your heart to enter

“The Whirlwind” Ricci Johnson-Wilson

  January 18, 2022 “The Whirlwind” I was caught up into a whirlwind of fire… I saw many things but there was no fear of the events because I was in Him, and in Him is peace. 2022 the year of the Catalyst. “The enemy exposed and revealed himself in 21, but in 22, I”

“2022, the Year of the Catalyst and the Season of Course Correction”

Ricci Johnson-Wilson January 7, 2022 Ez 22:30 “And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: and I found none” God looks for those He can depend on to thrust this nation into a

Train of Hearts

Train of Hearts! A Prophetic Word 3.10.21     This list of events is comprised of some things that are brand new, some I already knew or suspected, but that Jesus apparently wanted to revisit to let me know it was still part of the plan. The things that He spoke to me about or

“The Outpouring” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

The Outpouring… Ricci Johnson-Wilson 12-10-21 Over the course of the last several years this has been the Word of the Lord for the Nation 2018 The Year of Refining, bringing forth a new breed of Believers 2019 The year of Redefining the Church. The end of 2019 marked the release of Covid and the closing

Chanukah Gathering of the Eagles!

Dear Intercessors, We pray you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed time with your family and/or friends! Tuesday, November 30, our Chanukah Gathering of the Eagles begins. This is a critical GOE. We knew it from the onset as the Lord has been speaking to regarding the difficulties expected in December for some time now.

“The Battle Against Tyranny”

The Battle Against Tyranny Ricci Johnson-Wilson Friends and Intercessors, Thank you once again, for continuing to stand in the gap for the nation. I think we can all see that we are at war against the enemy of our faith, our freedoms, and our country. When the early settlers came here, they braved the worst

Fighting for the Destiny of our Nation…

2021 October -Ricci Johnson-Wilson – Checking in… Thank you for your continued stance on behalf of the nation! Rest assured; God is not finished with this country! The covenant that was made by men and women who came here from all over Europe to escape tyranny is well documented. Their covenant with God paved the

“공의의 허리케인과 나라의 데스티니”

“공의의 허리케인과 나라의 데스티니” 뤼키 윌슨 2021년 10월 21일   주님이 정확하게 새벽 4시에 나를 깨우셨다.  나는 주님 앞에 있기 위해 물건들을 챙기면서 주님께 경배를 드렸다. 내가 앉아 마자 나는 바로 영적인 경험으로 들어갔다.   주님께서 나를 끌어 당겨 나라 위로 데려가셨다. 우리는 허리케인을 직접 대면했다.   (아래 이미지는 허리케인의 구조에 익숙하지 않은 분들을 위해

Word for the Nations with Ricci-Johnson

    “Word for the Nations”   June 11, 2021   Ricci Johnson-Wilson       Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His Throne. (PS 89:14) These are the visions I shared on June 11, 2021.   Prophetic Advancement comes to open the eyes of the people to the harvest they are sowing into