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對國家和代禱者的警告: 主在兩週前對我說,仇敵試圖要分裂保守派。 然後,2022 年 11 月 8 日,我在異


2022年11月10日教導:一系列先知性話語 妮塔·詹森   我覺得自己應該給你們一個預言性的信息並

“Blood and Ballots” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

“Blood and Ballots” Ricci Johnson-Wilson Wednesday, Nov

“The Call of the Intercessor” with Ricci

The Call of the Intercessor Ricci Johnson-Wilson Octobe

“Whirlwind of Righteousness” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

   “The Whirlwind of Righteousness” Ricci Joh

The Revolution Begins; A Word Regarding the Crown

The Revolution Begins A Word Regarding the Crown Ricci

“2023 The Year of Revolution” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

“The Revolution that Births a Nation” Ricci Johnson-Wil

“The House of Cards” Ricci Johnson-Wilson

The House of Cards – Ricci Wilson Vision 8.4.22 (shared

“The Ever-Faithful Intercessor”

Ricci Wilson 7-18-22 This week, we will have corporate

“Russia, Ukraine, and the Military Industrial Complex” Ricci Johnson-Wilson

Ricci Johnson-Wilson Dream 2/14/2022 In the dream, I sa