A Prophetic Voice For Today's World

Directive America

What does the future now hold in its bosom for America? 9/11/2001 we experienced a major blow to America’s pride. America, the Lord, as well as Nations throughout the earth felt the pain of the impending sword as we bravely suffered the wound.

Reformation & Revival

Occasionally, the Lord in His divine wisdom and foresight releases His presence into the earth for the purpose of changing and transforming not only the Church but also world governments.

Division of the Land of Israel

What I am about to say is going to be very difficult for many to hear, but, it needs to be said so we can walk in agreement with the Lord on the critical issue of the division of the Land of Israel.

Holy Conquest

Less than a year ago I received the first vision concerning what the Lord was about to do regarding the Arab people. Let me share it with you.

Israel, Kept by Covenant

Every day the international Jewish community and now Israel exists it is the evidence of the faithfulness of Adonai’s covenant.

The Glorious Harvest of Abraham’s Seed

When I travel to Israel I fully expect the Lord to talk to me about Israel, and this latest trip was no exception. All He had to say about His plans for my people wonderfully encouraged me.

America’s Plight with the Watchers

This is so powerful. I wish every church out there would read this to their people, print it in their bulletin, take it to the streets – and DELIVER IT TO THE CONGRESS

The Last Shall Be First

During our recent Gathering of the Eagles in Los Angeles California, we had asked First Nations Leaders to come forth and to pray for their people.

This Is The End Of The Age Of The Gentiles

The Lord Jesus has revealed, very powerfully, to quite a number of His servants in various parts of the earth the truth that we are standing at the portal ~ the ending of one age and the beginning of another.

The Shofar 2002, Part 2

I feel that is why the Father spoke to me through governmental symbols as He did. He was encouraging us to transfer our faith into believing for the government to be placed upon His own shoulders.