A Prophetic Voice For Today's World

8-27-2015 ChemTrails Part 2 – Lin Warner

2-17-2017 “Walking Close to God; Forgiveness” With Nita Johnson

“A Gift for You – the Faithful” with Ricci Wilson

God’s promise for 2017 – a gift for His faithful intercessors. With love…

12-9-16 “Understanding the Cyrus Anointing” with Kin & Debbie Clark

11-22-16 Nita & Ricci – Trump Victory and Word from the Lord for 2017

Nita & Ricci joined our Tuesday Corporate call and detailed the marvelous victories the Lord granted us in the 2016 Elections as a result of prayer. This was followed by

1- 9-09 Teaching Will You Be His Bride

10-2-15 Nita- The Word of the Lord for America Pt.IV

Going Deeper In GOD

8-7-15 Nita-The Word of the Lord for America PT III

S-12-05 Teaching Matt. 6-9 Hollowed Be The Name

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