Dear Friends, 

I want to once again try to help everyone understand our departure from New Orleans. Some contributed to help us renovate The Sanctuary and may possibly be wondering if we did everything we were supposed to do. This letter is meant not so much to justify our actions, but rather to help those who agree, as well as those who are concerned, understand our purpose in going to New Orleans and what we did there. Did we accomplish what the Lord wanted to have accomplished? Did we leave too early or too late? Did the Lord send His glory into our midst, or did He reverse His promise? I hope to satisfactorily answer all of these questions. 

Firstly, the Lord sent us to New Orleans to prepare the city for revival. We were excited to say the least. The Lord has used me in revival twice, taking revival to two different Churches. Revival has a very unique feeling. It is wonderful!! The Word is preached with a wonderful fire, enabling the soul to experience releases not possible otherwise. Depending upon what kind of revival Jesus sends, souls are saved, families are healed, and people experience new freedom in body, soul, and spirit. Last, but certainly not least, Jesus manifests Himself in supernatural ways and revelation. Did this happen in New Orleans? Yes. You can read and study revival, as I have over the years, and find the same manifestations in many past revivals as we experienced in New Orleans. There were many nights I could not even preach or teach. The presence of God came in so powerfully that people spontaneously fell to the floor, weeping and travailing over their sins or over the rich revelations given to their soul. Charles Finney experienced such marvelous manifestations in his revival services. As for me, there were many such times that I was so overwhelmed by His Spirit that I was unable to do anything. Jesus would take over and glorious things would happen. People would be set free of demons. Others were physically healed or would experience deep inner healing. This happens in revival! The Spirit of revelation was apparent in every meeting as we trekked through hidden secrets in His Word. The call to holiness was strong and intense. There were nights that the whole congregation would be on the floor under the power of His Spirit with not a single hand, but only the Lord, touching them. New Orleans was a profound experience to me and my team. 

Revival fire came, but for reasons we never understood until Jesus told me to leave, the river of fire never flowed into the city. Hence, my deep sorrowful tears would flow often. Read what Dr. Chuck Metteer had to say about the services. He was in a long standing revival in Southern California many years ago, so he knows when revival is present. 

From Chuck Metteer: 

“Because I was involved in the Jesus Movement back in the 70’s at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, California (under the leadership of Pastor Chuck Smith), I quickly grew accustomed to the deep anointing of the Holy Spirit over this church. Bible studies were infused with the spiritual revelation of God. Worship in music spiritually catapulted people into the very presence of God. Prayers were simple but powerfully effective. Indeed, it seemed as though pretty much everything was orchestrated and empowered by the palpable presence of the Spirit. This was revival fire, but I was too young and inexperienced to understand that such outpourings were far from the norm. 

When I came to New Orleans to begin helping with the revival services in the church gym that was resurrected from damages done by Katrina, a sense of God’s rich presence permeated the services. It was when we moved to The Sanctuary months later, however, that the same sense of revival fire that I had known so long ago blazed upon my heart. It was spiritual déjà vu. Interestingly, the Spirit’s anointing or emphasis was on the Word of God four decades ago in California. Yet when I entered the The Sanctuary in NOLA, the same telltale spiritual sensations of the Spirit were present, but now they were coming through anointed prayer times and prophetic revelation (often through Scripture, but more often through revelation in visions, visitations, dreams, and prophetic insight). It was the same wonderful Presence of God we entitle revival but now through different emphases and means of expression. Praise God as He continues to come to us in revival intensity!” 

—Chuck Metteer  

We were sent to ignite the fire of revival! Did we accomplish it? Yes, we did. I cannot tell you how many ministers from New Orleans and beyond came to our services and told me personally how they had been impacted. As they wept before God in His beautiful presence, He met them. They left with a new and fresh touch upon their lives and ministries. Many were the precious servants of the Lord who sat in the services and later shared that they had never felt such a powerful presence of the fire and glory of God. Many would tell me that even the very building and its simple decor seemed to prepare them for the holiness they met in the service. Everything we did, we did to turn the heart to Him and not to us.

Further, we were sent to build a foundation upon which the Lord would build His last day’s Church in NOLA—if they would open the door to Him. I did not understand this until Jesus told us to leave. It was at that time that He shared this last insight with me. Although He did not tell me previously, He knew NOLA would reject both His prophet and His glory. Judgment and severe discipline would follow. The discipline will be designed to break the haughty pride, and it will prepare the people to humble themselves and come to the Lord. They love sin and witchcraft in New Orleans. Indeed, few places have I been where any and every kind of sin is embraced and loved so completely. It is heart-wrenching. 

He spoke to me audibly to renovate the building we found. He said to make it "The Sanctuary" of the Lord, and He also said that when it was finished, He would visit. Well, He did! He gave the city a place to come and find the Salvation of Christ in a holy environment. He gave us a place to send the message out to the world. More people got saved through the internet than through the building to which He invited them. It is true. However, the precious voice of His holiness met the needs of many in Louisiana and around the world. Ministers would drive for hours to come to us. They begged us not to stop the radio program as the message of holiness was like a deep river of hope released to begin the healing of the city. 

On the other hand, what was the response of those not seeking His holiness—the other flock we were sent to awaken? 


Ezekiel 33:31-33:

   31 And they come unto thee as the people cometh, and they sit before thee as my people, and they hear thy words, but they will not do them: for with their mouth they shew much love, but their heart goeth after their covetousness.

   32 And, lo, thou art unto them as a very lovely song of one that hath a pleasant voice, and can play well on an instrument: for they hear thy words, but they do them not.

   33 And when this cometh to pass, (lo, it will come,) then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them.


Those who had ears to hear, heard. Those that did not will know that a prophet has been among them when the discipline comes. The Lord sent a prophet, and He gave them a Sanctuary. He visited His Sanctuary as He promised. He cried through the airwaves to the people to come to the dinner table and dine on His holiness and be healed. However, they would not listen. We had to do everything He said to do: build, cry, pray, speak—simply be there! If we failed even one instruction, their blood would have been on our hands. Because we did everything He told us to do, their blood is on their own hands when judgment comes. 

The Lord spoke to me that if they did not receive Him, and the glory He longed to send them, there would be another calamity the caliber of Katrina. About a year ago, I shared that with the people. Today, I just learned that Chuck Pierce prophesied the same thing. He too was prophesying the revival in NOLA, followed by a strong warning. 

The Lord spoke to four prophets and one prophetic intercessor who all contacted me within about two days. They each told me it was time to leave NOLA; judgment was coming. I wept, but I took it to the Lord. He raised up another voice to tell me that she had seen in a dream it was time for me to leave. We had accomplished all that He sent us to do, and now we had a work to do in the Northwest. Her word agreed with my own experience wherein the Lord came to me. He said that I had done all He asked and had failed at nothing. He said that it was not my fault that New Orleans rejected His visitation. New Orleans had rejected His greater good and higher glory; now He must send discipline. After the discipline, He will try to awaken them again. He told me that we had prepared the way for His dealings in the Spirit and to go in peace. 

I have tried to answer the questions we have been asked. Few understand how important obedience is when serving the Lord, as you never know what will come of it or what you may cost in disobedience. The Lord’s ways are not our ways. His thoughts are high above our thoughts. Had we not obeyed everything He told us to do, we have no idea what our disobedience may have cost in lives when judgment falls. I feel no need to apologize for my steps, as Jesus awakened me a few days ago. He told me things I cannot now share, but which are terrifying in their import about our obedience and our call to now face the Nation from the Northwest. We are here because we love Jesus, and we love our Nation. We are here because you pray for us and stand with us to heal America. You are free to follow us as we follow Christ and to stand with us as we stand with Him. 

I want to personally invite you to Portland. Something will happen there if we can break through that is going to affect the Church and the Nation in a most profound way. I have messages to give you that I think will change your lives. Please come and help us to set the stage for His glory. We have much to do before the election, which is why we are holding meetings so close together. Please pray and fast until the Lord makes a way for you to come. We need you to help us in this strategic meeting. 

I hope I have touched your heart with truth. May Jesus richly bless you for your faithfulness. 

Please pray for our team as we endeavor to get moved to Seattle. Please pray for the area as we seek to get the work established. Please pray for our finances as we set our hand to the plow up here. Every bill is getting paid. However, the initial costs of making such a move can be staggering. So as we stand in faith, please stand with us. Pray for the favor we need to get the job done. An explosion is soon to occur. 

In His Love,

Nita Johnson