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“The Fire and the Fear of the Lord, Part 3” with Nita Johnson

The Fire and the Fear of the Lord Part 3 6.21.22 By Nita Johnson   It is so good to be with you!  Thank you for joining me!  I would

“The Fire and The Fear of the Lord Part 2” with Nita Johnson

The Fire and the Fear of the Lord Part 2 6.17.22 By Nita Johnson   I want to finalize what I started in Part 1. I think it’s important that

“The Fire and Fear of the Lord, Part 1” with Nita Johnson

The Fire and the Fear of the Lord Part 1 6/16/22 By Nita Johnson   I will share God’s heart with you concerning two important issues for believers. Most do

“Becoming Beacons of Truth” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

“Becoming Beacons of Truth” Ricci Johnson Wilson April 15, 2024 (Edited Transcript from April 12, 2024, message) To set the stage for this message, turn with me to John 18:33-38

“The Roar of the Lion over our Youth!” with Ricci

“The Roar of the Lion over our Youth!” Ricci Johnson-Wilson April 8, 2024 (Transcript from April 5, 2024, message)   In this message… I am going to share a vision

Transformation Reclamation!

  Transformation Reclamation! From, D. Steve Ford 9-22-2012 8/15/2012 3:00AM   This Word was received at Nita Johnson’s Gathering of the Eagles in Portland, Oregon early one morning of the

“When Prophecy and History Collide; the release of the Golden Hour” Ricci Johnson-Wilson

When Prophecy and History Collide, the Golden Hour Arrives! Ricci Johnson-Wilson March 8, 2024 Sunday March 3, 2024 I had a vision of America. It was filled with corruption. The

“America’s Red Sea Moment Approaches” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

America’s Red Sea Moment Approaches Ricci Johnson-Wilson August 4, 2023   November of 2020, after the election was stalled and then called—fraudulently—for Biden, the Left cheered and the rest of

“21st Century Holocaust of Our Children” By Ricci Johnson-Wilson

21st Century Holocaust of Our Children Ricci Johnson-Wilson 7-17-2023  (Transcribed from our 7-14-2023 message)   Last week in my message on Marxism, the Church and our Children I addressed the

“The Hammer of Justice” Ricci Johnson-Wilson

“When the Hammer of Justice Falls…” Ricci Johnson-Wilson June 26, 2023 (From our June 23rd teaching)   The Last two weeks I’ve shared dreams and visions the Lord gave to

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