Prayer points for October 22-23, 2020

All points are for all nations


  • Sayo Pray against the New World Order itself. The rest of our points focus on their actions and involvement, so please address them directly.
  • Darrel – The Debate 
  • OdehCall to Prayer-the Praying Mantis. Nita saw a vision of a mature praying mantis – praying. We must call the Church throughout all Nations to rise as intercessors and answer the call to prayer. America, Australia, England, European nations, Asian nations. Everyplace the NWO has their sights on, we need to call the intercessors to rise up and continue praying over the issues of the coming crisis, as well as the Illuminati take-over of the nations.
  • Pastor-Chin-President-Trump-AdministrationThe Lord said that “CC-Jesuits have formed a coalition to stop the reformation”. Pray for the Trump Administration and bind this coalition- pray that he will be surrounded with people who will support and stand with him as he implements the things God has put within him to do in our nation.  Come against the coalition, bind it up, and break and scatter it into pieces.
  • Artem- Trump’s Secret Army. They are extremely well trained in the kind of warfare they are going to have to do but their goal is peace. Pray that they will accomplish this high- level mission and that God will blanket this nation with peace during the process.
  • Ricci-Human-Trafficking Pray for exposure of the human trafficking he and his son are involved in. Pray for the truth to come forth, believed, and justice to be served for these victims. Pray about the work with Russian Mayor’s wife and human trafficking in Russia, China, and abuse of the victims. AND Biden corruption utilizing tax dollars
  • Jon-Break-in-the-Election They want to hold off a decision until December. (We saw this with the 2000 Bush v Gore election in Florida.) Bind up everything that pertains to this attempt and pray that the election will run properly and that they will not be able to intervene or intensify things surrounding the election. Pray that it will run according to God’s perfect will.


Friday October 23, 2020

  • Sayo Pray against the New World Order itself. The rest of our points focus on their actions and involvement, so please address them directly. Pray to defang and bring them down!
  • OdehCatholic Church. Pray that they will be brought down. They will be persecuting all non-Catholics relentlessly in the days ahead, we need to bring them down as much as we possibly can. Nita and Ricci have both seen the people who attend the catholic church awaken and come out in droves – pray into this please.
  • Karen-President-Trump Pray for his protection, his family and his administration. Pray for a great increase in God’s wisdom and council to be within them. Pray for increased favor with the American people.
  • Lynn-Persecution “The Grapes of Wrath” This represents the new world order and their undercover stealth against the nation. Pray against their efforts to break patriots down. Pray for exposure of the NWO’s plans against America and that they will fall into their own plans.