“What is The Lord Saying About What’s Going On?”

Nita LaFond Johnson

September 8, 2020


Today, it seems as though we have many voices both, prophetically and in media saying different things about what is coming this Fall.


Who is right and who is wrong?


In considering this, I went to prayer. During prayer, the Lord quickened to me a section of Scripture in 1 Kings 21 and 22. It reflected a serious time in Israel’s history during which Kings were coming together to hear the Lord’s voice. The prophets were called and asked to share what they felt they were getting from God. The issue at hand: whether or not they should go into battle?


Elijah had already told King Ahab that he would be killed on the field of battle because of his rebellion against God. A second prophet was raised up and given a confirming message regarding Ahab’s death. Micaiah did not detail the method of death the King would face, only that he would die, and the dogs would lick up his blood from his chariot. One might seem to be on the battlefield, the other would indicate the city. Therefore, the two men seem to be offering two different prophecies. We don’t fully understand that both men prophesied correctly until we learn that Ahab died in his chariot on the battlefield and his blood poured out into his chariot which was then dragged by his horses into the city where the dogs licked up the blood from his chariot. It seemed one would certainly end up being wrong. However, instead we learn that the two dovetailed, making both prophets right!


I present this to you for your consideration. Is it possible that seemingly contradicting voices are speaking and, in the end, may mesh and give us an accurate picture of what the Lord is saying to our Nation?


Before I go further, I do want to say that America is not standing under God’s judgement at this time. Whatever ends up happening it will occur out of God’s

favor, mercy, and blessing.


Having said that let us keep moving forward…


I spoke with one well-known prophet a couple weeks ago who told me many terrible things he foresaw about our future and expressly stated that he believed America was under God’s curse, and therefore His severe discipline. There is another prominent voice now saying basically the same thing.


Then, there are others sitting on the other end of that spectrum saying that God is pleased and therefore we are ready to take off on a flight of great blessings.


I have been asked, given this broad spectrum, what I am hearing from the Lord? I say that God is pulling the plug on the Elite.  He is making seriously wrong things right so that He can bless what remains. I think the Bible speaks to this timely situation in this way: God is shaking all that can be shaken so that what is left can remain.  Again, I would add, “so He can BLESS what remains.”


If anyone is under God’s judgement it is the Elite who are seeking to destroy for the purpose of overtaking us.


If you would but consider what will happen one way or the other, the things that will be touched and even destroyed will in fact be things that the Elite have put into place over the last several decades. Criminals in our government are being brought down. The WHO (World Health Organization) is being extracted from our nation. Human Trafficking is going to be dealt with in a serious way. Abortion, exposed. We could cover a significant list of things that are on the table, but I think we all know what’s on “the list”.


I would like to add here that my daughter, Ricci Johnson-Wilson shared the details of an extensive visitation she had on July 23, 2020 during which time the Lord gave her a significant “list” for our Nation. (The transcription is currently going out in our weekly e-news or you can listen to the audio by clicking  here )


When you thoughtfully consider “the list” you can find yourself at peace knowing that God is not bringing the corruption into the open to add them into a lump stamped “America” and meted for destruction. The Elite want to destroy America, but not God! He wants to extract and bring down the evil within America and allow America to fulfill her destiny in Him.


The question we ask is who is greater? While the Elite are throwing their temper tantrums for all the world to see, the Lord is going to throw His weight around (if I could use such language about His actions) and destroy the works of the enemy! He, as always, has been good at that you know!


During one of our GOEs several years ago, the Lord spoke to me and told me that as far as His plans are concerned: from that day on He separated America from the Elite. From that day forward the Elite are under judgement, not America. Since that moment, I have looked at God’s dealings in a whole new way.


I do not know all the details all what may transpire this Fall and into next year, but I do know that God’s heart is to protect America and American’s who call this Nation “home”. He is taking the poisonous spider off our back. We must trust and pray for our Nation as well as God’s plans for us every day. We must pray that through the hardships, whatever they may be, that God will save as many as will look to Him in His name. Pray that God’s mercy will continue to reveal itself to all.


The Elite are set to retaliate when President Trump wins the Election. But, keep in mind, that whatever they end up doing it will be nothing compared to what they would have done had they won. The Democrat’s and Elite’s plans are to bring us into the NWO. If that were to happen, no country on earth will be made to suffer like ours will. They cannot win. Any suffering we may experience as they punch their way to self- destruction, will seem like a tussle with a strong man that will produce only benefits when it is over. Will it hurt? Yes, for a little bit. However, the blessing we will see in the days ahead will surely be worth the pain!


Remember, Jesus is not angry with this country. He is, however, angry with the wicked all day long and His time of patiently waiting and hoping they would repent is over. Now, we must exercise patience, and in our patience, choose to trust Him, and pray. This is what will give your children a chance at a good and healthy life.


Jesus will be your Friend!


In His Amazing love!

Nita LaFond Johnson