Transformation Reclamation!

From, D. Steve Ford 9-22-2012

8/15/2012 3:00AM


This Word was received at Nita Johnson’s Gathering of the Eagles in Portland, Oregon early one morning of the conference. 


I awoke at 3AM singing the song from the seventies, titled, “Oh Happy Day,” the words of the first verse say, “He taught us how to watch and pray”.  We are now learning as Intercessors how to pray and ask God to forgive our forefathers for the atrocities they committed against so many people. 


“He taught me how to watch, watch and pray.”


This song was not just a song it was in that moment a prophetic statement as to what is happening in America right now. “He washed my sins away”.  I had a sense that this was what Jesus was singing over America at that very moment, He was washing our sins away.


Because of the intercession that has been raised to the Father over these 15 or 16 years and the repenting of the sins in our nation’s past and present and for those of our forefathers, He is washing, and cleansing America and I believe He is washing and cleansing all of us now.  I had the sense that He was repenting of the judgments that were intended against us in this region.  This does not mean each individual is free of the sins committed before the Lord, but that the Nation was being cleansed from the defilement, which the sin had caused. 


I heard the Lord say, “Tell the people that it is now time to take dominion over several areas and remind them that He has already given us that Dominion. To exercise dominion, you must first speak to the elements and tell them what they are to do.


  1. Take dominion over the earth, the soil, the microbes in the soil and command them to begin the natural healing process given to them in their creation. Command them to return to the natural order that God gave to them.


  1. Take dominion over the Air and the Rain, the Seas and command the cleansing process to accelerate in them and to restore the air, the water, the seas, and the soil to its natural order. Command the microbes in the oceans to fulfill their purpose in the cleansing of the waters and the seas. They shall begin to heal from pollutions and from the oil and radiation.  Take authority over all the life in the seas and the waters around the seas, the lakes, and the rivers and streams, and command them to be restored to their former state of purity.  Command the living things to flourish and multiply according to the commandment of God’s Word.


  1. Command the plant kingdom and the microbe kingdom to grow and multiply in the natural order of creation. Command all the seeds given by God to flourish and multiply. 


  1. Command justice to be leveled against all unnatural hybrid seeds and plants along with all their poisonous effects to the soil and water to be neutralized. Command them to wither and die and return to dust.


  1. Now, Command the earth’s internal parts to keep their boundaries and stay in the place set by the Creator and to not abate the position assigned them, but to stand fast and to purify the earth from within. Command the earth to follow its cycle and natural order and timing given by God.


  1. Command the elements to come back into their natural order in the seas, in the air, in the upper atmosphere and in the dry land and they shall be renewed in the cycle and order God gave to them.


  1. Command the cycle of purification to begin over the earth and for that which is old to pass away and that which is new to come forth. For now is the time for the touch of God’s Glory to come over the earth, for transformation to begin and the Kingdom of God to emerge.  Now is the time for a little bit of heaven to come down onto the earth.  My messengers, My Angels are now in place to begin. 


  1. The Lord said, “Tell the people, that according to the dominion I gave you in the beginning, so shall you declare, for the curse is now under My control and now supernatural multiplication will begin in your life, in your Agriculture, in the soil, in the waters under the earth, and for the rain, the waters that water the earth and that cleanses the air, multiplication, multiplication, multiplication, says the Lord.”


  1. Now try and understand, I am calling forth the Manifested Sons of God. My Sons and Daughters, to come forward and take Dominion and Command order back into your bodies, into your natural, spiritual, and mental health. Command the Elements, and all nature, back into their natural order, call order back into the Eco Systems of the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and the microbe kingdom to return to their place of balance.


It was at this time I saw a vision of the Lord holding what appeared to be a three-dimensional hologram of a DNA Strand.  He was correcting and restoring it to its proper order and structure.  Then I realized that it was the DNA of God’s plan and purpose from the beginning, the DNA of America.  Then I could also see that it was the DNA of children who have been born with birth defects and left with horrible disabilities and unable to thrive and lie and enjoy what God had made for them and to know His love and His presence.  He was correcting and healing the DNA so that there would be spontaneous healing and miracles for the children and adults.  America will shine brighter and brighter as she puts on the glory of the Lord and the Kingdom of Heaven will begin to manifest on the earth once again. 


  1. Now Command the Plans and purposes of God for America to be rekindled in the hearts and minds of the people of this Nation. Command the DNA in the people and all the children to be restored to the pattern established in the beginning. Command the DNA to release the proper signals to restore the body to its optimum health. 


  1. And finely He said to me, command the Magnetic fields of the earth to return to their first appointed strength and place given them from the beginning and to not abate their strength or position. Alignment, Alignment, Alignment shall be established in the elements once again and in the foundations of the earth.  Great changes are coming but fear not says the Lord for it is the work of My hands and My order shall be established, and all My purposes shall be fulfilled.  Lift up your heads for your redemption is near and I will redeem all things says the Lord; all those things the Father has given to Me!  It has begun. 


I just have to say that I have never been given a Word of this nature before.  It felt like I was being surrounded by a mantle of creation and science that was to bring balance and order back to God’s creation.  I was in a place of wonder.  It was then I heard Him say,


“We are now entering a season of Transformation Reclamation.”

Pastor Steve Ford