January 18, 2022 “The Whirlwind”

I was caught up into a whirlwind of fire… I saw many things but there was no fear of the events because I was in Him, and in Him is peace.

2022 the year of the Catalyst. “The enemy exposed and revealed himself in 21, but in 22, I” saith the Lord, “will thrust him through and through!”

The first 6 months will seem as you’re in the fire – a breakthrough in March and then back into the fire. June will see the sunlight as this nation has not seen in decades. The 3rd Great Awakening will be upon you. Press in and press on like Daniel’s friends in the fire or as Daniel in the Lion’s Den. I will surround My people and keep you safe. I AM your shield and buckler. Your ever-present help in times of great trouble. Lean on Me, lean into Me and this will seem just a dream.

“Dream?” I asked.

“Yes, a dream” He replied. “For many will feel untouched, My people will be unharmed – like in ’08 when the economy collapsed, My people were protected because they pulled into Me! I AM your shield; I AM your buckler! Lean into Me” saith the Lord.

  • The shakings of 2020 were to loosen you from the world
  • The revelations of 2021 were to anchor you to Me
  • The Catalyst of 2022 will thrust you forward in My Glory!

I found myself on solid ground, I saw a heavy, red velvet curtain. I walked up and drew it back and He poured out His glory and began to declare…

  • I will open the blind eyes
  • I will heal the brokenhearted
  • I will open the deaf ears
  • I will pull back the veil of My inner court and pour out My glory upon the land!

Come up to the Mountain My children, Come up to the Mountain!

2022 “Har” in Hebrew, it means mountain! This is not a place to fear, but a place of comfort and strength! It was terror to the children of Israel, but a place of comfort and strength to Moses and Joshua.

Again, they will say “we never thought we’d see what we saw in 22…only God could do what we saw in 22!”

Hunker down, brace for the whirlwind, but this is not to bring harm to My children, but victory for the nation!

My light will guide your steps and lead you to My glory!

Watch Younkin, DeSantis, and Abbot, My servants- they will do My bidding, prophetic acts with the stroke of a pen, releasing hope across the land. Provoking desire within My people for the Revolution – it is at hand, and it will spread across the land!

As I continued to pray, the Lord said again:

“2022 is the year of redemption, the year of expansion, the year of course correction”

The Lord says “I’m about to turn this world upside down. The debris will be blasted into the sea, and My refined nation shall arise!”

This period is going to be difficult, however, we’ve been training for this season! Our ministry has sought to encourage and lift your faith that you might be strengthened in preparation. Stand on the Word, stay in prayer, and refuse to back down.

Blessings & love,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson