“The Roar of the Lion over our Youth!”

Ricci Johnson-Wilson

April 8, 2024

(Transcript from April 5, 2024, message)


In this message…

  • I am going to share a vision along with an experience I had 3 years ago.
  • Then present some Scripture to help us pray into the promises of God.
  • Finally, I will provide some references I feel are critical considering the coming months


Vision, April 5, 2021 (3 years ago today)

We were in staff prayer 3 years ago. We were experiencing a special flow by the Spirit of the Lord that transitioned us into intentional directives as we proceeded through our time together.

The Lord commandeered our time together as we prayed over our youth. We prayed over several issues facing the youth: from physical healing to mental bondages and then into the spiritual apathy of the youth in this nation.

The call to awaken them came with such an urgency, we blew the shofars over them like an alarm clock! I called the young people to wake up from their slumber!

The Spirit of the Lord poured out His prayer over them: “It’s time, it’s time for My children to arise and war!”

He instructed me to call forth the Scriptures stored deep within their hearts!

I immediately called Scriptures our youth heard as young people. Every single one, ones they memorized, the ones God tucked away in their hearts from Sunday School class, those parents read to or over them, each one was set strategically in place within them to preserve them for such a time as this.

The Lord opened my eyes to see those Scriptures bursting forth inside their spirits, I watched in awe as they exploded like starbursts in their hearts and then began to spread out from there! These starbursts released healing and restoration into their lives. This process impacted their hearts, their minds, and coursed through the layers of their soul. Healing and restoration came forth in waves!

Then, I had a vision of the Lion of Judah. He came up behind the youth and He roared with a mighty roar! I felt His ROAR. I can only describe this as a sonic boom in the spirit realm. Intercession burst out from our team and across the city, the state, and the nation.

The sound waves of the ROAR of the Lion of Judah went forth! I saw them as they traveled across the earth with my natural eyes! It was the most marvelous thing to witness! His mission was successful! He impacted children, the youth, and young adults everywhere!

His ROAR is living in and of itself, and it went out on the hunt for His children, to bring them back into the fold! Much like the Killer Whale sends forth her unique call to her calf, one that only he will respond to, the Lion of Judah sent forth His call to His children and the impact of that call, was incredible!

Again, His ROAR went forth, I saw the air thrust outward under the force of His explosive ROAR, another wave to reach even further and impact in greater measure. The extraordinary call of the Lord for His children was not going to fail!

The young people could not help but respond to the ROAR of the Lion! They heard the call; they FELT His ROAR as it hit their bodies and broke strongholds from deep within! They turned and stepped forward, now alert and engaged. 

I watched as those in their teens, their twenties, thirties, and even up to their forties come out of a zombie-like state, suddenly alert and engaged they ran into the fight! Some were caught up in the Culturist Marxist, social justice platforms that are contrary to God’s Word (BLM, LGTBQI+, Critical Race Theory) and when the ROAR of the Lion coursed through their bodies, that Marxist veil of deception came crashing down and they fled from these platforms and into the army of God! It was so powerful to witness as they began to war with the same fervor on behalf of the Kingdom of Heaven!

Next, He showed me the prodigals coming up the road! Compelled by the Lord, I called them from the north to the south, from the east and to the west, “come home, come home, come HOME!” I shouted out! I looked back to their homes and cried out to their families, “prepare the feast they are on the road, I see them, they are coming home! Prepare the fattened calf for the prodigals are returning!” They began to run into the arms of not just their families, but even more importantly, was their run toward the destiny God created them to fulfill!

It was incredible! The whole time of prayer was phenomenal!

(We are going to pray for them when I close this message.)

Parents of Prodigals, you are not alone. When my children would weave in and out of what I thought was the will of the Lord, my mother told me not to worry, they were in the School of the Spirit. I want to speak to you about this tonight.

What is the School of the Spirit and what is the purpose of this schooling?

Romans 8:28

“ We are assured and know that [[j]God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose.”

This word “according to” is “kata”

2596 katá – properly, “down from, i.e. from a higher to a lower plane, with special reference to the terminus (endpoint)”

In other words, God is working laboring with our children, working and fitting His heavenly plans, those He wrote upon their scroll before they were born, to bring that destiny, that purpose, down from Heaven to this lower plane and fitting it into their lives for His design, His purposes, His glory! Trust Him as our children pass through the School of the Spirit because the Roar of the Lion of Judah is about to sound and call them home!

You may be thinking, “you have no idea how far my child strayed from God’s plans.” And my response is, “they have not strayed from God’s plans dear friends, they are in the School of the Spirit and He will use the lessons they are learning to impact their generation. They are of the Samuel Generation!”

Turn with me please to John 18:1-6 and we are going to cover a few Scriptures to encourage you and help you pray over your/our young people.

John 18:1-6

When Jesus had spoken these words, he went forth with his disciples over the brook Cedron, where was a garden, into the which he entered, and his disciples. And Judas also, which betrayed him, knew the place: for Jesus ofttimes resorted thither with his disciples. Judas then, having received a band of men and officers from the chief priests and Pharisees, cometh thither with lanterns and torches and weapons. Jesus, therefore, knowing all things that should come upon him, went forth, and said unto them, Whom seek ye? They answered him, Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus saith unto them, I am he. And Judas also, which betrayed him, stood with them. As soon then as he had said unto them, I am He, they went backward, and fell to the ground.

The Greek word for “Band of Men” is “Speira” and means “a military cohort, the tenth part of a legion (i. e. about 600 men)”

So, when Jesus says, “I AM” and these men flew backward, it is not two or three, or a dozen, it is hundreds of men thrust back off their feet by the power of the I AM!

Let that sink in for a moment. If the Lord showed me Himself as the Lion of Judah, and He is about to ROAR over our youth, what impact do you think that will have upon their lives and the enemy who is—at this moment—trying to destroy them?

Again, I am going to ask you to let that just sink in for a moment!

I want to share with you from the Gospel of John, Who the Lion of Judah is to your children. He is schooling them. He is walking through this journey with them, and He is partnering with you to bring them to His endpoint.

What does it mean for Him to partner with you? When you pray, He partners with your intercession on their behalf.

I want to encourage you to personalize and pray these Scriptures over your children and our youth. Walk the schools in your area and decree and declare that they will walk in the understanding and knowledge of the Great I AM!

I AM is in the present tense in each of these passages which has timeless implications. You could say it like “He Who always was, who always is, and Who will always be.”

The impact of praying and declaring His Word over your/our youth is earthshattering so understanding this truth is important! I will give you examples for the first two and I encourage you to seek the Lord and personalize the rest.

  1. John 4:26 I AM the everlasting water of life. Declare it like this: “Lord, in Your Word, you said, You are my son’s everlasting Water of Life! I call him into the revelation and knowledge that You are the giver of everlasting life! With You, and You alone, my son’s insatiable thirst will be satisfied, and he will never thirst for that which the world offers again!”
  2. John 6:48 I AM the living bread of Life. Declare it: “I decree and declare that my son/daughter will see that You are the bread of Life and will come to You for his/her everlasting nourishment!”
  3. John 8:12 I AM the Light of the world, and I AM the Light of Life.
  4. John 10:9 I AM the Door of Salvation.
  5. John 10:11-14 I AM the Good Shepherd Who lays down His life for His sheep. Who are His sheep? Our youth.
  6. John 10:36 I AM the Son of God.
  7. John 11:25 I AM the Resurrection and the Life
  8. John 14:6 I AM the Way, the Truth, the Life! No man cometh unto the Father but by Me.
  9. John 18:9 when a BAND of trained soldiers came to capture Him, with two words they were thrust back off their feet!

That is the power of the I AM my friends! And He lives in you!

And if that is not enough, remember, He said, “before Abraham was, I AM” (John 8:58) He has been here with them from the beginning! Their destiny is set. Abraham was shown the work of the Cross, that’s how far God looks to the future.

When I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, I had a dream I was pregnant with a boy, in the dream I named him Jeremiah. When she was born, I was obviously confused but her name means the same as Jeremiah. However, she married, and she named her third child (her first son) Jeremiah. My dream, 31 years earlier, was of my heritage, the lineage of this family, the destiny that was to come. God looks to the future, much farther than we realize, hold on to that understanding.

Friends, the Lord is for your children. He partners with you as you stand for them. As you are praying for them to be set free? Are you praying for His will Heavenly will to be accomplished in their lives? Do you see our Lord as their instructor in the School of the Spirit? Do you see Him as everything they need on their journey back?

Decree and declare those Scriptures above that put hope and promise into their hearts, healing to their minds, restoration and fullness that is only found in submitting ones life over to His will and His ways!

He knows those who are bound in the flesh, others, are bound in their minds. But God is about to set them FREE! So, hold on to that promise!

Why is this important?

Our youth are in the School of the Spirit. Part of their education, if you will, is to see the truth of what is occurring in our nation.

Why? So, they can be part of the Reclamation process! When they hear the ROAR of the Lion, those Scriptures are going to burst forth within them, and they will stand with us in the fight! Do not worry about how far it feels like they have fallen behind; God will catch them up to us so they can stand with us in the battle.

What battle?

Over the course of the last year, I’ve addressed several key issues we are facing, focal prayer points for us as intercessors, targeted messages addressing the corruption in the nation and the church, the struggles our youth are facing, and how we as intercessors, can pull them, and this nation through and into the destiny set before us. I encourage you to go back and read or listen to those messages. Pull them up from our website. You can find the audio in the “Prophetic & Intercessor’s Training Ground” and the transcription on the “Everspeaking Voice of God Book 2” page of our website.

  • “America’s Red Sea Moment Approaches” (8/4/2023). In this message the Lord gave me 10 Plagues in the Church today that are affecting our impact in the nation. Our children are bound up in those deceptions as well, read that article and pray your / out of those plagues. They will be able to help set others free.
  • “The Fight for our Youth” (3/14/24) in this message the Lord gave me six prayer points/steps we can take in the fight for our youth. This Includes prayer walks around your local schools. I am going to work with Mom to develop prayer points for those of you who feel called to go and pray over your local schools.
  • “The Weights our Nation Bears and the New Breed of Warriors Coming Forth.” (2/2/24) in this message the Lord showed me the New Breed of Warriors that will come out of the younger generation. I encourage you to read this and see the five areas we can call/pray our youth into.
  • “Rebirth of a Nation” (6/8/23) in this message the Lord gave me several key things that we are going to see occur in this next season. I want to add, they are close. While it is going to get a bit rocky in the coming days while our country transitions into the destiny God created it to walk in, He prepared us to stabilize the nation amid the shaking. It is necessary. He told me we would see unprecedented exposure of corruption, a renewal of the Covenant, then a Reviving of the heart of the nation. He gave me five things that we, as the intercessors, need to prepare for in this season.

Next, I want to encourage you not to allow fear to set in. I know there is a lot of talk about the coming eclipse. The government is even getting in on this talk because they listen to what the prophets are saying so they can play on the fears of man and if possible, paralyze them. Especially Christians.

If you remember, March 15th in a message entitled “The Fight for our Youth” I shared a vision the Lord gave me of our youth wandering the streets in times of great chaos searching for the Light. Those who had that Light, we sheltered inside their homes in a state of fear. Last week, the government called a state of emergency, encouraging those in the path of the eclipse to stay in their homes, have three days of food/water on hand, they are grounding planes and even have the national guard on standby for April 8th and beyond.

Our youth today are looking for something they can come alongside of and even fight on behalf of. When crisis comes, they want to be on the winning side of things! The Church must arise and be on the winning side of this war for the nation!

When the enemy launches his fear campaign, or well-meaning believers sound the alarm forgetting to present the hope-filled promises of God, fear is the result.

Fear is the opposite of faith. The child of God with even the smallest amount of His light, is powerful. The more we mature in Him, the greater our Word and Prayer Life, the more anointing we carry and the more effective we are against the kingdom of darkness. I promise you; the deep state is aware of this truth, and they keep occultists on the books to consult on matters such as this so they can better control the population.

They understand the effectiveness of the Church more than the Church does.

Do not enter a state of fear! Mom and I have been sharing about this very season for a long time, lift your faith and trust what God is doing to heal the soul of America and bring us into our Destiny as a Nation. The nation itself is in the School of the Spirit, but once these Cultural Marxist ideologies are broken off our nation and that wall of Communism falls, we will be able to help set other nations free from them as well and the youth will help lead the charge!

Remember, the Lord is strategic, He is militarily inclined not because He needs to be, but because He wants to engage us in the fight! That is why He raised up this prayer movement 25 years ago! He is the great “I AM” Who blew back an army of hundreds of men with barely a whisper in John 18, but He really does want to engage with His warriors to accomplish His heavenly will here on earth.

So, what does this have to do with our children and the Roar of the Lion?

These visions the Lord gave me of the Lion of Judah ROARING over our youth were three years ago and since that time, the Lord has unpacked the severity of the systems binding them. Friends, those systems are going to come down! We are heading into challenging times that is true. But they are times that require our engagement with His Spirit to set our nation free. To be honest, we will need our Samuel Generation to come alongside and war with us! His ROAR, His living, breathing, ROAR is on the hunt for our children and when it reaches them, strongholds will be broken, bondages in both mind and body will be severed, and those prodigals will come home and rather than judgment and condemnation, we need to see their certificate of achievement in that portion of their School of His Spirit, and ready the feast! They are coming home!

The Lord instructed me to pray this out over you and your families! Together, we are going to release this prayer over our ministry youth, the sons, daughters, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of every outreach in our ministry from Joel’s Army to missions, to CedarWood.

Friends, if you have children (any age) marked for the Kingdom of Heaven who have fallen into deception, stand now and fight for them. If you do not have children, that is okay, we need you to join us and pray for the youth! Let us unite our faith and stand together for our young people! God is about to bring a mighty revival in and through our youth!


I want to quickly give you encouragement about the Samuel Generation. They are an impassioned group, and they are desperate to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Wednesday, at the University of Georgia, 7,000-8,000 university students gathered in the stadium to worship the Lord together. The Gospel was preached, and hundreds come forward confessing their sins and accepting Christ. They wanted to do more, and spontaneously the call to publicly profess their faith through water baptisms ensued. Without a body of water nearby, they filled four pickup trucks with water and students were baptized in the back of those trucks right on the spot!


The Lion of Judah, said of Himself “I AM” which had true Hebraic relevance for before Abraham was, I AM. God knows the end from the beginning and now is the time for the awakening of our youth in unprecedented ways!

The Lion of Judah sent forth the call! Now, let us war together with Him on their behalf, it is closer than we imagine!

Let us pray…

Blessings & love,

Ricci Wilson