The Father (Yahveh) is calling us to rise up and respond to the clarion call of His Spirit. His passion is to send revival to America. Will we hear and will we respond?  His heart is burning with the fire of His love to bring His Church into the fullness of the Jubilee anointing.

 The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has
anointed and qualified me to preach the Gospel of good tidings
to the meek, the poor, and the afflicted; He has sent me to bind
up the broken hearted, to proclaim liberty to the [physical and
spiritual] captives and the opening of the prison and of the eyes
to those who are bound, to proclaim the acceptable year of the
Lord [the year of His favor] and the day of vengeance of our
God, to comfort all who mourn in Zion. To grant [consolation
and joy] to those who mourn in Zion ~ to give them (a garland
 or a diadem) of beauty instead ashes, the oil of joy instead of
mourning, the garment expressive praise instead of a heavy
burdened and failing spirit ~ that they may be called oaks of
righteousness [lofty, strong, and magnificent, distinguished for
uprightness, justice and right standing with God], the planting of
the Lord that He may be glorified

Isaiah 61:1-3.

He longs to bring His precious and hidden ones into such power and glory as would stagger our feeble imagination.

In a vision I saw the Father’s heart full of sadness as He looked at His beleaguered Church that never entered into full stature. But His greatest joy was about to be realized as He began the outpouring of the Jubilee anointing upon us. The hour is at hand for every man to make his stand in true righteousness, turning from all that offends the King of Glory, to enter into the greatest hour of the history of man.

The apostolic age is upon us, my dear friends. This is a day like no other. The glory of the latter house is soon to be seen throughout America and around the world. Kings will be drawn to the brightness of the splendor that will flow from a crucified Church made up of Jew and Gentile. The one new man rising in the power, authority and glory of the risen Son! Such magnanimity of grace the Father’s love bestows upon us, how that we can be called and transformed into the sons of His divine favor. We are called to be sons of excellence in virtue and nobility demonstrating the eminence of the Kingdom of Yahveh in full glory soon be unveiled. Will you be ready?

The eyes of the Messiah are now running to and fro upon the face of the whole earth searching for those whose hearts are perfect before Him. He is searching for those through whom He can reveal His glory. For it was to this that we were called out of the darkness and into His glorious light. And the Messiah chose us to be holy even as He is holy, and to be separate even as He is separate. We are chosen to come out of the world and enter into the Kingdom of His great love to display the excellent virtues of His majesty among men. Who will be ready as the trumpet blows?

Only those who have said yes to the cross and laid down their lives as a sacrifice unto His holiness will be ready when the first trumpet blows. In a vision I saw a beautiful brass altar ready to receive the evening sacrifice. The lamb was escorted to the altar and placed upon it. The knife entered in to take its precious life and the coals beneath were set afire to consume the costly sacrifice. The suffering of the lamb of His love saddened the Father’s heart: yet, His holy heart was gladdened by the awesome purity He saw coming forth from the sacred sacrifice. On either end of this altar was a huge pillar of fire as though standing guard over the sacrifice to protect it from harm. I asked the Lord what the pillars of fire were. He tenderly replied: The pillars of truth and love! The fire upon the altar is My own holiness sent to consume all that offends from the precious sacrifice of my own. Nothing will by any means harm those who belong to Him. Darkness may assail, the storms may all but consume, but they cannot harm the spirit of the one who belongs to Him.  He said: Be ye holy for I am holy, and our God is a consuming fire, and no one can see Him except they be holy. For this reason it is of great import to the Father that all His children be holy. For in this holiness they can behold Him in His glory. He much desires this for us, for as we can behold Him in His glory we are changed from glory to glory until we exemplify the Son in the earth. Those who bow ever lower and remain fixed upon the altar until His holiness has prepared them for His coming will behold Him in many ways soon enough. Further, they will bring Him great glory and inexpressible joy as they are purified for Him alone, for His is a jealous love. His truth is the pillar that stands guard over His valuable work to insure that the willing Christian is fully prepared for His coming. The Scripture says that the Word of the Lord tested and tried Joseph until it came to pass. Love is the other faithful pillar that guards the sacrifice and promises that the trials of our faith are sent in the highest integrity of His goodness to perfect that which concerns us.

Those who have been emptied in preparation for the coming glory will shine like the stars of heaven before the Father’s eyes. Those who have not will suffer loss. However, they can upon realizing this, as wise and faithful servants turn to the fires of His holiness and be made ready in no time at all.

The clarion call has been sent out from the throne above. Prepare the way for His coming, America, for the Lord will sit as judge. Those who are stubborn, impure and impenitent will fall before Him. Those who are pure will rise like cream to the surface and reign in beauty to His glory.

 The Virgin Bride

What the Lord is about to do is all recorded in the book of Matthew. Chapter 25 tells of the call to the 10 virgins. Like America, nations around the world are even now  adorning themselves like the virgin bride. The bridegroom is sending out His prophets to cry into the streets just like John the Baptist of old to prepare the way for the coming Groom. Israel is beginning to feel the burning in her own heart for the call of the Groom. As the Father pours out the spirit of the bride upon the nations the Church in every nation is beautifying herself. Those who belong to Him but are carelessly asleep will suffer loss, but those who are ready when the anointing for the wedding feast is poured out will experience tremendous liberty in union with the Groom. That is the picture that is being depicted in this parable. Jesus was not simply speaking of something in the hereafter, but also of the wedding feast of the great apostolic age that is even now dawning upon us.                    

The Talents

In the parable of the talents in the same chapter we see the rich man returning to settle accounts with his servants whom he gave talents to enable them to perform His will. These also speak of the nations: the grace and the call of each nation concerning Yahveh’s purpose in the world. Each nation was given a grace from the Lord to fulfill a call to the nations of the world. America was called to, among other things, be a father to the nations. We were called to shepherd the nations in mercy and kindness, to provide for the needy and help the weak. We were called to fight for those who couldn’t fight for themselves, and to feed the hungry. Our task was to gently lead the nations in righteousness, and to evangelize the world. When the Great Ruler came to settle accounts, this nation was weighed in the balance and found wanting, therefore we have been cycling through discipline. Yet this discipline was meant to bring us to repentance that the Father may in the end bless us. Every nation in the world is being dealt with in this hour. Every nation will be disciplined or blessed accordingly. The only thing that will prevent total destruction for some nations will be repentance. The Bible says that when the Lord comes to finish settling accounts that He will give more to those who have and will take away from those who have treated with contempt the great gift that was given. To the nation that pleases Him He says: I will make thee ruler over many things, enter in.

 The Great King



Again in the 25th chapter we see the parable of the King coming to judge the nations, separating the sheep from the goats according to their treatment of the nation of Israel. When Yeshua finishes His dialogue regarding the poor, thirsty, hungry, imprisoned, and those without a home He concludes that He is speaking of His brethren by the flesh, this is clearly seen in the Greek context. According to our treatment of Israel, we will be blessed or cursed, my dear Friends, not only personally but, as a nation.

One might say, "How can I be blessed or cursed by the actions of my nation?"   Every nation on the earth walks in the goodness of or the curse of the Lord even as we speak. The Church is affected by the benefits or losses that the nation they live in experiences at the hand of Yahveh. There is no way around it. On the other hand every nation is affected positively or negatively by the standard of righteousness that is found in the Church that lives in that nation. Even as the Church’s righteousness ultimately determines the condition the nation will rest in upon inspection, of the righteous deeds that are examined is the chief of all deeds: our treatment of Israel!

As I think of nations that would be sifted out to be goat nations my heart breaks, for in every such nation the Church experiences labors and suffering, persecutions and aridity which breaks the Father’s loving heart. He would give us so much if we would only learn to love His ways. We can have the glory of His wonderful love or the chastening of the Righteous Judge. The choice always remains with the recipient.

Finally, we see in Chapter 24 that the coming of the Son of Man will be in an hour such as we are in right now. When He comes and finds some beating their fellow servants and acting perversely, He will punish and put them with the other pretenders. To those whom He finds acting wisely and staying pure He will give them charge over all His possessions. He tells us to watch over our house and let it not be broken into. He speaks of our nation. As the Church we are called to be watchman over America as well the nations. Let us not be found acting foolishly but being wise, living in purity and standing guard over our nation in righteousness, seeking the Lord’s forgiveness for the sins of our nation, and interceding for the nations restoration.

Revival fires will sweep the nations as the Lord prepares for the end time harvest. Massive amounts of precious souls will enter into the Kingdom. Still there will be many who will stubbornly turn away from His righteous government to their own destruction. The eyes of Israel will be opened to behold the King in His glory and splendor. And, from there will flow the greatest revival the world has ever known. The angels are trumpeting to the peoples on the earth to arise from the depression of the world’s ungodliness, and enter into the Kingdom of His grace. For the powers of darkness are coming and are even now building their great house of deception in the earth. So turn and keep turning until all hindrances are removed between you and the Lord and share in this mighty awakening.

There will be nations untouched in this great revival; let America not be one of them. Let the Church arise from the depression of ungodly lusts and passions, and show herself worthy of the great merits that our King has granted to us for such an hour as this.