“The Eagle, the Flag, and the Path to Freedom”

Ricci Wilson

Vision given 9-21-2020.

As I was praying for the nation, I had the following vision:

I saw an Eagle flying across the country. He had a flag clenched in his talons. He was strong and his flight was intense, but he was weighted down.

There was a spirit of deception swirling visibly around the flag as it flew.

Beyond the flag were five weights attached to the end. They were round and appeared to be cast iron. They were attached to the flag weighing it down, but they were also connected to one another.


The Five Weights:

-Media (news/social media/entertainment industry/music industry)


-Bloodletting (abortion/human trafficking/gang violence)

-Religion/spirit of compromise (Islamic infiltration/CC/Communism and radicalism. Each deeply impacts the Church)

-Communism (Marxism/Tyranny/lawlessness)


As I prayed intensely the Spirit, the weights began to fall off the flag one by one. The Eagle was jolted when the first one broke off, but he recovered quickly. The next weight quickly followed, and they all began to snap off like you’d expect something connected by bungee cords. (When the first one snapped off, it seemed to trigger the others.)


When the last weight fell, the eagle soared across the nation. I heard a sonic boom! One could easily see that rather than being fatigued or wearied by the weights, the Eagle had been strengthened by his efforts to fly under them. Yes, he was strong! Now that his flight was no longer strained, he flew with great determination and power.


The eagle’s goal was to break tyranny off of the earth. Many in America have forgotten, 

our flag represents a stand against tyranny. The American flag flew behind this eagle with vibrant color and strength, the Cross now shining through its red & white colors

I heard a sonic boom as the Eagle completed his flight across America and then he continued his flight around the world. As he entered the border of the next nation, another sonic boom could be heard, and I would witness the spirit of communism break off that nation. With each passage, the Eagle brought strength and freedom to the people of that nation.

On July 7, 2021, President Trump filed a lawsuit against big tech. That morning, the Lord spoke clearly “The first ball (media) is about to fall.” Since then, numerous lawsuits have been filed against media outlets by key individuals- Kash Patel, Project Veritas (James O’keefe), and the list goes on… each filing defamation lawsuits against MSM. 

Monday September 27, 2021, in the early hours of the morning, I heard a loud explosion in the spirit. There was chaos following the explosion, however, I felt no fear. It was not long after that that the Lord showed me President Trump roll out the plans the Lord had handed him for this nation. Then, I had a vision of Biden trapped in a makeshift Whitehouse with no possibility of escape.

Nita released a prophetic word September 23, 2021, about the next few months. They will be rough, but we’ve been trained for this season. We will need to step up and be the strength of those around us.

Why do I share these additional visions? We must see how God is handling the situation, he is systematically exposing and uprooting decades of deep state corruption.

For 150 years, the enemy tried to take this nation and run a shadow government. IN the last few years, we’ve seen that shadow government surface it’s ugly head in an attempt to become the only government. It is about to come down, as it does, we will all be shaken.

This is a long and arduous process, one that requires a deep work to unearth. However, what is unearthed, will set those bound to the corruption free once and for all. We will see the Eagle fly victorious once again! This will be birthed through prayer and then realized in the nation.  

The Ecclesia has come to learn the tragedy of a nation built up without God, it will ultimately fall to tyranny. America was created in Covenant by those who fled tyranny. From the Frenchman Jean Ribault who led the Huguenots, to our Founding Fathers, nearly 200 years of fleeing tyranny to establish a land wherein all men could be created equal and have the freedom to worship God!

The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution were both written to protect us from that very thing…Tyranny. We’ve lived under this tyranny long enough, it’s time to see things from God’s perspective. He is revealing everything to us so we can take a stand and fight against the corruption partnering with Him to bring our nation back to God!

There’s more to come on the five weights listed above, and how we, as the children of God, can stand for righteousness while resisting tyranny!

Blessings & love, 

Ricci Johnson-Wilson