The Call of the Intercessor

Ricci Johnson-Wilson

October 17, 2022


Dear Friends, 

Thank you for your faithfulness to support, pray for, and pray with our ministry on behalf of the nations throughout the year!  

This morning in prayer, the Lord impressed on me the importance of reaching out specifically to our intercessors. He washed over me with an understanding of the process we’ve all been in, how it relates to where we are, and how important those who’ve stood the test of diligence are, to the days ahead.  

The process we’ve been in: over the last 22 years, I’ve observed tremendous maturity take place in the intercessors assigned to cover Nations. They weep when they are called to weep. They intercede when they are called to intercede. They war when they are called to war. This level of sensitivity to the instruction of the Spirit is critical. The personal struggles endured by each, have birthed not just stability, but a maturity deep within, enabling us to flow smoothly with the call of the Spirit. This brings stability to the Nation in the midst of the greatest shaking we’ve seen in decades-it may not seem like it, but I promise you, this nation would be far worse off if you had not been praying.

You are becoming a sweet fragrance unto Him!

Where we are: our Lord is bringing us into the secret place with Him to finish some of the necessary refinement. This work is personal and intimate, yet it will birth strength and stability in our soul. He wants us to be unshakable as intercessors. Do not allow the enemy to create feelings of abandonment or failure; you are not alone, and you have not failed in your commission. You are right where you need to be! This is the process wherein He’s developing His own to become the faithful Bride we are called to be. A wise virgin that will keep her lamp full, and her wick always trimmed (Matthew 25). A Bride who is immoveable as she waits for the groomsman so that she may answer the call. 

It’s a beautiful thing in eyes of our Lord!

The days ahead:  the call to prayer will only increase. Not only are we called to greater heights in intercession, but we are now being called into the Revolution which involves the Rebuilding of our nation. We are rebuilding, through our intercession, declarations, and decrees, the ruins of government, academia, media, economy, and so on. Each element is critical, so I invite you to listen to the teaching Nita and I did with our Joel’s Army Prayer Leaders entitled “Rebuilding the Nation.” We’ve made this available to all our intercessors. It helps to explain this further. 

How important you are: You are the warriors protecting the destiny of not just a nation, but the move of God that will come through the nations!

In 2 Chronicles chapters 22 and 23, we read about a very special group of warriors that protected the Destiny of Messiah! The Levitical Priesthood!

When the judgment of Jehu went through the nation of Israel, dealing with the vast infiltration of idolatry, the only Queen who reigned in Israel’s history rose to power, her name was Queen Athaliah. She went on a murderous rage, seeking to destroy the lineage of King David. This of course, would ultimately destroy the lineage of Messiah. The last remaining seed was Joash, and he was only six months old. His mother fled, taking him to the only place she knew he could be hidden, the Temple. Jehoiada the Priest secured him inside the Temple until the appointed hour when he would be crowned King.

How could one man protect an infant from the army of the Queen?

Jehoiada scoured the landscape of Israel bringing in the Levites from far and wide to answer the call to protect the future King of Israel. This was not just any King, this was the last of King David’s lineage and it was through David that the Messiah would come. They all understood the significance of this commission. For seven years, the Levites protected Joash round the clock, each were trained warriors and knew the importance of this assignment. They were protecting the destiny of Messiah’s lineage and they would not fail.

Upon Joash’s seventh birthday, Jehoiada held a ceremony crowning him as King, securing the lineage for all the nation to see. Queen Athaliah, a Jezebel herself, was slain leaving the city. (2 Chronicles 22 and 23) This began a wonderful season of deep reformation, revolution, and rebuilding of the nation of Israel.

The Levitical Priesthood was dedicated to the life and service of the Tabernacle, Israel’s pathway to God.

Like the Levitical Priesthood, the Intercessor today, is dedicated to insuring the nation’s pathway to God, and the fulfillment of its destiny. We weep, we war, we intercede, and we rebuild! You my friends, have been created for such a time as this!  

Thank you for your faithfulness!

As we mentioned on our calls last week, we will periodically hold an extra call to intercession on Wednesday evenings. It’s a call to arms! The focus of these calls is to thwart the plans of the Elite as they strive to drive us into WW3.

Blessings & Him,

Ricci Johnson-Wilson