Dear Friends,

Our DC Gathering held many things. We finished our intercession over the Civil Rights era and the effect it had on the African-Americans. It was a time of deep grieving regarding the horrific treatment of our brothers and sisters, yet God brought us through to victory.

Then, we embarked upon the next phase of our Gatherings: Abortion. This is an area so tender to the heart of God, that those who ventured to intercede on behalf of the innocent babies, did so with such intensity that it rippled across the room and consumed everyone. As we were met with road-blocks and silences in the midst of what should be intense intercession, the Lord showed us that there were those present who had been involved in abortion themselves. Either by having an abortion or being a part of the medical team that performed abortions. God sent His anointing in to heal those who, despite the many years that have passed since they underwent the procedure, were still grieving at a level that words cannot capture. As they repented, God in His great mercy, healed them of this haunting sin from their past.

I am amazed at the tenderness of our Father as He brings us through to healing and forgiveness. He loves each of us so much, that despite our own sins, if we will humble ourselves and call upon His name, He will not only forgive us, but He will use us to help others walk into a place of forgiveness and freedom. He loves each of us enough to bring us into freedom. His desire isn’t for us to remain in the sin and shame, but to bring us out of that bondage and into the light! He loves us enough bring us face to face with our shame, and then love us through our pain. He is a merciful God! He knows that we cannot experience His glory if we cannot face our pain ~ and we cannot face our pain if we do not have His grace. I am enraptured and awed by His love for His people every time we come together and face either the sin of our fathers, or our own personal sins, and He pulls us through to victory!

On Passover weekend, a small group of us came together with a desire to experience an outpouring of Him. I can honestly say that each and every person had major obstacles to fight through in order to make it to this meeting. I won’t go into all the details, yet, as each obstacle presented itself, we would say, "God must be going to do something big for us to have to fight so hard to come together." The obstacles began to drive us harder to make this meeting happen. We knew that as the disciples had been instructed to lock themselves up in the room and wait for the outpouring, so were we being called to do the same. We prayed, we repented, we waited on Him. Then, on the last night, God came to us! There was not a dry eye in the room, many of us were on our faces before Him because His glory was so powerful and so beautiful that we could not move.

While I was on my face before Him, He showed me the bridal path. The path had a wall on either side of it that was made of beautiful white flowers. They were flowers that I had not ever seen before, they were moving in worship to the Bridegroom and in doing so, they were wooing the Bride up the Bridal path unto her Bridegroom. The Bible says let everything that hath breath praise the Lord, and these flowers were doing just that. In my heart I thought of the mercy of our God, that He would love us sinners enough to "woo "  us to come unto Him, that we might be united with Him all the days of our lives and for eternity. He has not forsaken us, He bids us to come unto Him and be saved, be healed, be whole, and be one with Him.

I experienced the wonder and the purity of His Glory. I long for Him, I hunger for Him, I desire His glory to be with me always. It was an experience that has been embedded in my heart and soul forever. My prayer life is different, it’s not me, it’s Him. My faith in prayer has been restored. My heart has been strengthened.  Many of you who have prayed for me know the battles I’ve been through, God has restored my soul just by being in the presence of His Glory!

My heart aches as I write this, wanting so desperately for each and every person within the Church to experience His glory. It will forever change who you are. God is looking for a Bride that is so pure that when judgment comes, the world will know exactly who they can run to in order to find true salvation. God, in His mercy, has held off judgment, He must clean up the Church first. If we can come to a place of wanting only Him, hungering and thirsting for His righteousness, we can be ready for whatever comes our way. We can be ready for the lost and welcome them in with open arms. When we come into His glory, we come out hungering for more of Him. We desire to be pure, things that were once appealing become repulsive to our souls.  Our breath is breathed for Him and Him only!

God has promised to bring in His glory to our Atlanta GOE. We have some very difficult issues to take before the Father, but He will give us the grace to endure. He will heal those who need healing, forgive those who repent, and visit His Glory upon those who will rise up and experience His Glory!

This is something you won’t want to miss, for it will forever change your lives. If you have struggles and obstacles that are preventing you from coming, then fight! Rise up dear Saints and fight to experience His glory! The Lord showed me that the saints of today are tired, they have almost nothing left to fight with. I saw them on their bellies, grabbing at the reeds trying to pull themselves forward, they were unable to even use their legs to help move themselves. The Lord told me to call them up! He says, "Rise up O saints, rise up into your place! Rise up! Rise up!" Over and over again, He is calling His Saints to rise up and experience His glory! Will you fight to answer the call dear Saints? Will you fight for His glory!

Blessings in Him,