Prophetic Update Released:



Team Meeting

Nita Johnson




I had been in prayer for several hours when suddenly The Lord opened a stream of Prophetic Insight. It came to me in The Holy Fire of God! Subsequently, Jesus opened a greater stream of this great fire for the purpose of delivering it. I shook in the Fear of God for hours. Consequently, I felt it could be a blessing to all that would read it in a spirit of prayer. I have also included a prophetic word my daughter gave toward the end of this team meeting wherein I delivered what I have written in this document.






I am shaking; the Fire of God is so intense!


  1. Things are going to change throughout the world – “Suddenly!” These words attended the following vision. I saw a hand move a kaleidoscope causing it to change suddenly. That same voice then spoke: Many diverse things will suddenly undergo rearranging by My hand take note– it will all be good news in the end. This dealing will primarily involve America and the Elite of the world who are at the top of the trouble.


  1. The voice spoke again: Revolution is about to be re-released! I had not considered the 1st time President Trump took the Presidential Office and Country by storm and began a much-needed revolution; it was, however, different. Donald Trump did not come forth as I saw in the vision of the President Washington Revolution I experienced for 28 days 24/7 in February of 2012. However, we will see it unfold this time. Our President Trump is going to return like a new man. He will be a man remade in God with Divine confidence, fire, strength, and “Full Authority.” This Champion of Righteousness will enact the historically long-awaited event of this hour. The Lord shared many things with me during this 24/7 vision. As you can well imagine, He instructed, “This is the power of Revolution sent forth by My Spirit to heal, form, restructure a nation to bring it into the glory that I have ordained for it.” These events will constitute the next step. The events He spoke of were the ones I saw in the month-long vision.



For us today:


  1. Many arrests are about to happen. We will see different military forces outside the mainstream military and other levels of law enforcement making these arrests. Again, the Lord has labeled them “Stealth Warriors,” for it will be a substantial nighttime affair. It will happen in America and all over the nations. Extraditions will happen lickity split. I do not know if all I have written will happen during Biden’s time in the White House. I doubt it, as he too is going down soon. As an example of what we will see, Roger Stone experienced a peek at what the Lord will do with them. It is like a “gotcha” from The Lord. They will have their homes raided with SWAT teams similarly to what they did to him. Suddenly and Massive. Might I say, Shock and Awe! The Hunters and Fishers (Jeremiah 16:16) are bringing some in now. But in the explosion of justice that is coming, it will be like the proverbial rockslide coming down the mountain when it is time. These guys will be so busy bringing in the criminals. We have never known the like. We may even be put under Martial Law at night for our protection just in time for their move. Yes – Bill Gates will come in too!


  1. The good guys will temporarily ground much or all aircraft to prevent escape! Holding places are being erected now! Ports will be closed, preventing escape by sea, the pick-up guys will have all underground tunnels blocked. They will confiscate untold amounts of gold stored in some underground passageways meant to aid in the escape of the illegal defectors. It is going to be massive, even international in scope. I saw important Cabal people hiding in underground places like the one in which they found Hussain. Preparation is ongoing for this enormous project.


  1. Jesus said these 2 GOEs (March 8-11 and March 15-18) will be historical. We are finally coming into the matrix of it all. God is so excited and pleased that we have done thorough work to prepare our Nation.


  1. The Government will block Bank Accounts of those undergoing arrest. Our wait is about over!


  1. Biden/Elite are not going to stop this. They too are under swift justice. Kamala will follow right behind Biden. We will come as close as possible to rooting out these illegal Communists.


  1. In the initial explosion, the Law will shut down cell phones of people targeted for arrest so they cannot call to get help. Those arresting them know where they are, so they cannot escape.


  1. Search and Seizure will be the words for the day.


  1. God is going to clean house like never before.


  1. The Hunters and Fishers (Jeremiah 16:16) will invade the Cabal’s government offices and the Elite to empty them. They will ransack homes and offices for any remaining evidence.


  1. We will arrest and punish many of the key human traffickers. I saw the most powerful exposed, stopped, and punished. The number and type of people will stagger our intellects. We will say: “I could never have dreamed that person would do that.”


  1. Illuminati ministers – arrested, churches closed – Human Traffickers picked up – These have been under surveillance for a long time.


  1. Computers belonging to the offenders have been hacked for a long time for evidence and information. The evidence on these computers will shock those who see it.


  1. Those who are preparing for this eradication are like the ant colonies. They are supremely busy, working behind the scenes in an underground fashion. They know it will occur and want to be ready. They will move with stellar precision once the shot heard around the world ignites, the warriors hiding now in the shadows, and then suddenly they will surface. They will travel around the world and bring in the perpetrators.


  1. After the initial explosive time and events, for all intents and purposes, begin to settle down, America will convert to the Gold Standard. This is going to lead to good things.


  1. The Southern Wall that Trump began to build will be finished.


  1. Pharmaceutical companies under strict government scrutiny are going to be purged. Laboratories creating poisons for so-called, public viruses, etc., will suffer arrests and confiscation of evidence for their huge debt to humanity. I also saw many new medicines that had antagonistic effects on the body. God will deal with this treachery.


  1. God will deal with the Contraband in this Nation – (Human, ammunition, military armament, drugs [already new drugs meant to hit the market, they are worse than fentanyl]). The Law will deal with the new drugs created for the market and stop them.


  1. The Law will irradicate organizations specializing in Human Mutilations for body parts sales, living babies, etc. These underground operations are going to be exposed. God’s justice will come down on the perpetrators!


  1. Hollywood – the Law will invade every kind of evil and expose the illegalities. God is going to hit Hollywood like a secret timebomb.


  1. The Fear of God is going to return to the Church. All that will transpire will act as a refining fire for the Church. There will be an explosion of glory that will redefine the Church.


  1. Banks and Insurance companies – exposed for their corruption. Some will suffer a shutdown, and justice met out. There is so much occultism, money laundering, and the like connected with some of these institutions, not to mention sex trafficking. We will learn that many high-level Bankers will be killed surreptitiously. We are now looking at the time this will begin. None of this will be too great that innocent Americans will be suicidal. It will be in our face, but just enough to breathe the fear of God in people’s hearts.


  1. There will be another long-awaited invasion for the Catholic Church over money laundering, child trafficking, torture of the innocent, including nuns.


  1. Trump is going to return and is now working with a clandestine military group to prepare for his return. He also has a CIA-type (Counter Intelligence Agency) or other such organizations working with him. (It is not the CIA – but a type.) He has been very busy behind the scenes preparing for this moment. He is working with many organizations to aid in the behind-the-scenes operations of all the things I mentioned to you. He knows what is going on. His thumb is on the pulse of it. If Trump were here today and could talk to you, he would say, “Be at peace. Stand still and see the salvation of God.”


  1. God is doing a Divine work on the hearts of those who want to obey but cannot. If this is a physical or mental problem, He will do spiritual surgery, enabling them to obey truth. He showed this to me in a vision. He told me the names of what He has to fix. The purpose was to let me know it is a natural issue that He has to deal with supernaturally to set these people free who really want to obey truth.


  1. There is going to be an initial explosion of things written above. Things will look like they are settling down, but the intervention will continue until completed.


  1. Abundance is coming to the Church.


  1. The vision I had about liberty coming to America in 2024 is good news. It indicates that God will finish most of the critical work by that time.


  1. Many visions I received about the future represented the time of 1950-1965, in which America will return to the innocence of that era.


  1. We will be so thankful for the beauty of His ways. But His own, He will help in the time of need. For those working and laboring for Him, God will set aside and protect them and their families during the shaking. This shaking will bring healing and restoration to many nations.


What we will do in the upcoming GOEs is pray for the nations in trouble. God still has a harvest He wants to do in China.


Elijah came to me while I was in a Chinese Church during the worship service. He told me the Lord would also invade the government. Nevertheless, China’s closed portals are off-limits to Him by the people’s will. Therefore, much to His sorrow it will not be all of China. We must warn the people of prayer that great and formidable catastrophes await Chinas’ future, the likes of which have never been seen in human history. 


Satan wants Taiwan. He has a devouring passion for turning the whole Nation over to the occult. Nevertheless, God will have His harvest in Taiwan. It will shock the world to see the mercy and justice God will meet out to save those who are willing in these Chinese nations.


Russia and Ukraine. So much going on that none know how deep and destructive it is. If we will be faithful, He said we would buy time so that Russia and Ukraine can experience the power and glory of God. Russia will be used powerfully in God’s glory.


There will be the most ill realized situations that are going to go through some African countries. It is devastating to even think about what the enemy will do to these Nations. We need to start praying over it. Satan is going to destroy all that he can utterly.


Canada and America are like fishing hooks of hope to reel in those that are grasping through the darkness that they do not even understand. God is going to put such a light on these two countries. I have known for at least 20yrs what God is going to do with Canada. It will be both powerful and beautiful. After this time of revelation, Canada will fall to Communism, but God has to have His harvest first.


At the very end days, America will be the last Nation to fall to the anti-Christ. It felt like no sooner did America fall, than the end came.


I am sharing this hope with you as right now, we have hope we have bought through our obedience. Had we not obeyed to do what God asked us to do, America would fall before revival could fall. God will do great acts of mercy, compassion, grace, and glory. It will be wonderful to be a part of it. The next two Gatherings will rest upon the foundation set in place to enable God to have more than any other Gathering to do with making that possibility a reality. God will protect you and your loved ones. When we come through it, the Church will also experience a purification through the process. Though it will be difficult, it will not be overwhelmingly painful. We will look at what is happening and say, “Thank You Lord!” Thank You for Your great love.


My daughter Ricci offered the prophetic revelations below in this meeting as well.


Russia, China, Afghanistan and the Elite’s Plan for World War lll


Ricci Johnson-Wilson




On February 8, 2022, I had an experience that left me shaken to my core…

The Lord awakened me early to pray. As I prayed, I had the following experience:


First, I was taken to an intercessory group in Russia. The Russian prayer group prayed fervently against an invasion into the small neighboring country of Ukraine. As we prayed, I had an open vision of General Milley on the phone with President Putin. I could hear Putin but I could not understand him. Putin was not agitated, he was in a relaxed stance, leaning back in his chair while listening intently to the person on the other end of the phone. Suddenly, something was said that provoked him, he sat up, reached forward and swallowed Ukraine whole.


In the background of this entire setting, I could hear “world-war-three, world-war-three” playing on a loop.


I understood that this one, in particular, would launch us into a full-scale and irreversible war.


Next, I was taken to China where a group of intercessors prayed fervently against an invasion of China into the small neighboring country of Taiwan. This is a very real possibility. I cannot say more at this time, but we must pray against this end.


In the background, again, I could hear “world-war-three, world-war-three” playing on a loop.


Then, I was taken to Afghanistan. I was praying alongside a group in Afghanistan who was crying out to God to stop an invasion into Pakistan. It was at this point that I had an open vision of General Milley; he was speaking on the phone with the 2nd & 3rd tier Taliban leaders. (I know this not by their faces, but the Lord showed them to me standing on a 3-step staircase to indicate their ranking within the Taliban.) When the men were done, they came down from this staircase and appeared to swarm out like locusts, multiplying as they went until they overtook Pakistan. The momentum from this battle, caused them to run faster and multiply quickly as they spread into neighboring nations. 


In the background, I heard “world-war-three, world-war-three” playing on a loop.


You may remember, in August of 2021, the day Biden made the decision to pull out of Afghanistan, the Lord awakened me at 2 AM with a blaring four-alarm siren. As I prayed that morning, I saw Taliban soldiers overtake the nation of Afghanistan consuming everything in their path. They expanded from Afghanistan to the neighboring nations southward, eastward, westward, and ultimately, they swept down into northern India. They appeared as locusts, multiplying, and devouring everything in their path.



Everywhere I was taken, “world-war-three” was quietly playing on a speaker. It could be heard across the nations and each group of intercessors cried out to God for Divine intervention to stop the plans of the enemy.


February 23, Russia went into Ukraine. 


It’s important to note that this was not the original intent of Putin or Xi, but that it’s being provoked and fueled by outside sources to thrust us into WW3.


The Military Industrial Complex, warmongering corporations and politicians, with the Media as their mouthpiece, stand to profit the most from a war effort. I believe what I heard in the nations “world-war-three” was broadcast on all media outlets to sway public opinion toward war. I strongly advise you to refrain from being sucked into their vacuum. If we allow our emotions to be swayed one way or the other by these sources, we cannot pray according to God’s will in this situation. Friends, we must, we absolutely must stop this war effort. The goal of the enemy is to expedite the end-times by provoking World War lll.


I believe that God’s perfect will is to stop the war effort and send forth Revival to the nations!