Portland AIC Update

Nita Johnson

May 12, 2012


Dear Friends,

I want to share with you regarding our Intercessors’ Conference we just held in Portland May 28-June 1. It was tremendous; we all left full of excitement and cheer over what the Lord had done. Day after day we prayed regarding the issues of the Catholic Church, and day after day we saw amazing things hit the headlines in response to our intercession. For instance during one of our earlier meetings we did the second walk of a Jericho March. That very day someone handed me a newspaper article about an earthquake that took place in Italy during our march. The amazing thing was that according to different press releases well over a hundred Catholic churches were destroyed in that earthquake. We knew it was a sign from the Lord; He was with us, answering our vitally important prayers.

A host of things arose out of the week’s intercession. The Pope’s butler is being charged with stealing private documents that implicate the Vatican hierarchy in some very unconventional and impious behavior. Further, the people in Italy want to know where the body of a young teenage girl that was more than likely stolen for sexual favors within the Vatican in 1983 is being hid. The nuns are up in arms against many decisions of the Papal government. I could say more, but the news is covered with the chaos now engulfing the Vatican. Indeed, new documentation is popping up continually about all the corruption within the Vatican walls.

It is no surprise that the Lord knew the proper timing for our important mission. I am so thankful that we obeyed Him and held the Portland Intercessors’ Conference when we did, and that we prayed about the issues He wanted addressed. One prayer issue that brought us together was the fact that a major principality ruled in America – a Catholic spirit called the "Golden Calf." The Lord wanted to bring it down because it was a major hindering force that was keeping revival from breaking out in America.

When our intercessions were finished and the various spirits were cast out, God’s glory fell. Isn’t that wonderful! We were sent to engage in and complete an intercessory mission, and God mightily answered all our prayers. Indeed, no previous Gathering of the Eagles ever had so many immediate answers to prayer. The Lord also told us that we were being given “congressional authority” for this conference, just as He had given it to us in our last GOE in DC.

I am still numb with amazement over what Jesus has already done and what He will still do in response to our obedience in Portland. Revival will soon “spark” in America now that the major hindering force is gone.

I do not yet know when the Kansas City Gathering will occur. Please keep an eye out on our web site for the dates and pertinent information. We would love to have you with us. We need your prayers for our nation. Blessings to you.

In His Love,