Nita Johnson





God is about ready to do something extraordinary. Although the Church as a whole did not do its part in responding to the Spirit of the Lord in the election, and although those who were friends of Obama certainly did their part, God has His own plan. The outcome was in part a result of election fraud, just as it was four years ago. (This is the Lord’s perspective, not mine.)


After Obama was elected the first time, the Lord awakened me in the middle of the night and said, “I have never seen so much corruption in an election in America before. Obama won, but corruption played its part.” Some might say, “No, no, no. If there is a king, God has done it.” Yet I can remember a time when He told my people Israel, “You set up kings but, not from Me.” This charge is found in Hosea 8:4. It helps us understand that we can place people over us that are not God’s will, and we have done it twice now in the last four years.


It was God’s will for Mitt Romney to sit on the presidential throne. (However, Mitt was not, in himself, the answer for America’s ills.) Moreover, there are some negative things that Obama will do that Mitt would not have done Therefore, things would have gone a bit better and easier if we had elected Mitt. This said, we cannot deny that America, as a nation, got what it deserved. The outcome will unfortunately reflect that for which we asked. Nevertheless, it is not what God wanted to give our country. In actuality, the responsibility for all of this does not lie entirely in the hands of the wicked, but in the hands of the Church as well.


Although Obama will sit in the seat of Presidential authority over America, he does not understand that he has to face God and enter into a reckoning over his life’s actions and decisions. This is what awaits him. For the last couple months, I have received many visions and dreams that Obama was going to win. Some of those visions and dreams I have shared with members of my team. I have also received many visions and dreams that Mitt was going to win. I said to the Lord at one point: “I am so confused. Who is going to end up in the White House?” It was not until Wednesday, after the election around four or five o’clock in the morning, that the Lord unveiled His reasoning. The seemingly mixed messages were to convey that Mitt would win, but Obama would carry it. He said, “Mitt won, but he’s not going to be the President.” In other words, we are going to have a President who was placed in his seat of authority by man and not by God. Therefore, his presidency is not lawful. Through all this I have learned something new about God and we have been given confirmation that the above accounts are true.


So, here we are; we have this uncomfortable situation. However, the minute I heard that Obama was going to have the next four years, joy flowed over me. Joy! I did not feel sad. I did not feel happy either. Rather, I felt joy. Joy and faith suddenly sprung up. I told the Lord, “I’m trying really, really hard to be sad and discouraged because I know that everyone else is going to feel that way, but it’s just not happening. Why?” He said nothing. I kept asking. On Thursday, I asked, “Why is the faith and joy so steady and strong? I can’t get unhappy with this thing if I had to.” On Thursday night, He spoke to me. He said, “Because I’m going to do something new.” So you do not have to be afraid. God is going to do something new in the realm of the secular world, and He is going to do something new in the realm of His Church!


Did you know that twenty-five million Christians helped to put Obama where He is? Isn’t that a scary thought? That is twenty-five million Evangelical Christians who did not care about continuing abortions, who felt that his handling of the economy was all right, and who believed that he was God’s answer to our dilemmas. Doesn’t that just make you want to stand up, put your hands on your hips, and say, “What are you doing? Don’t you know those are the thoughts of an idiot?”


Now I know what you are thinking, “No! I’d never be that rude.” Yet sometimes I think the Church needs that kind of audacity. It needs to wake up and look at what it does not want to see. We have those who voted for the wrong party, and we have those who did not even come out to vote. They did not vote because we had Obama (a Muslim) on one side, and we had Romney (a Mormon) on the other. I guess they thought they would let the rest of the country vote for the Muslim while they did nothing so that they would not have to vote for a Mormon. Now that does not make a whole lot of sense to me. But through it all, God did not override the decision that people in America made.


Corruption was also involved at the deepest level. George Soros had his hand in our elections, but at great expense. His efforts helped to insure Obama would win by changing the votes. Amazing as it sounds, we received many calls into our office this last week with people saying, “It is the most bizarre thing. When I voted for Mitt, it came up Obama. I voted for Mitt again, and it came up Obama.” Every time I would hear it, I thought, “Soros.”


So here we are at a crossroads. The election has produced what we as Bible-believing Christians did not want it to produce. Whether or not the concern over corruption is going to be pushed and people are going to demand answers I do not know. Probably not. Yet regardless, God is about to do something new. America is going to go through some very hard times. Those who attend our Seattle services frequently, go to our Gatherings, or listen online have heard me say this repeatedly since 2011 and even before – America is going to go through a very hard time. With or without Obama, we are going to go through a very difficult season because God Himself has spoken that discipline must occur. America is breaking through all the healthy boundaries and, I might say, so is the Church. It is becoming very lawless in heart. Do you know what that means? It means that America will not obey authority. When authority tries to deal with our disobedience, we are full of excuses and go a little ballistic. The Lord said we are out of control; America has become lawless. He knows that He has to deal with this pride—that Babylonian-American pride. He knows that the only way He can deal with it is to squeeze us through the press. Even if we had the most godly and wise President in office right now, America would still need to go through the press.


Recently, I had a vision of the flag taken through a pool of water then put through an old washing machine wringer. When the flag came out the other side of the press, it was gloriously beautiful. In like manner, God is going to take us through His press, and we are not going to be afraid because He is our God. He may not be the Lord of America right now, but He is our God. When He is done taking us through the wringer, He will be the Lord of America. Do you think it is worth going through divine discipline to have this in the end?


We have been doing Gatherings now for thirteen years, trusting in and believing God to save America. He is going to do this, but it turns out that He mostly has to save America from America; He largely has to save us from ourselves. Of course, you know that; right? So here we have Obama. Is Obama going to know how to behave through this press? He is going to create some of it, but we are also going to have a press of national calamities. There will be a season of very discouraging things happening. In times like this, God wants to reveal Himself to you so that He can reveal Himself through you. He has to remove the pride that keeps us so self-sufficient and self-sovereign. He absolutely must. He must let us see that we are not the sovereigns we think we are. We really cannot do right without Him. He must bring us to a place where we are going to put distractions aside, look to the Lord, and say to Him, “I cannot do this without You. I need You. I need You now more than ever before. I want You more than I’ve ever wanted You before.” Then we will leave behind all that keeps us so busy and so distracted from Him. When we say this, we are going to mean it. Why is He going to bring us to this place? He wants to bring forth the fullness of His kingdom, and He cannot do that with a distracted Church.


We are in a place now where we are being called to make a decision. We are being called to take a look at the world, to take a look at ourselves, and then to take a look at the promises and decide what we really want. Have you ever known someone who continually does it wrong. They are quick to say they are sorry, but five minutes later they are right back doing what they were doing before. That is what the Church is to God right now. We do not really mean what we are saying. What we often mean is that we do not want God to be upset with us while we go and do whatever we want. God cannot work through His Church with this kind of heart. He must have us in a place where we see the depths inside of us, and we hate it; where we see what the world can give us, and yet despise it. He must have us in a place where we look to Him, and He is glorious.


Does God have liberty in your life to do whatever He has to do to bring this about? Are you thinking about what the price might be? I want you to know that God is still on the throne, and that He loves His Church. We, however, have found a place of great comfort, and it is not in God. As the mother eagle tears apart the nest until the eaglets cannot bear to be in that nest anymore, forcing them to fly away, so God must do the same if He is going to release His glorious Church.


I am sensing in my heart right now that some of you are feeling a fear and trepidation in your hearts over what the requirements might be. You are feeling that you might not understand or be able to fulfill the requirements. I want you to stop fearing; God is bigger than your fears. He knows us inside and out. He knows what it is going to take to release our grip on the things that we use for stability. He knows what it is going to take in each and every life, and He loves you enough to bring you through it if you want to follow Him.


America is going to change. I received an email the day after the election that really upset me. In it, someone who calls himself a prophet said that America is going to go through hard times because God is through with America – it will never become what God called it to. I was so upset because that person does not know God’s will, and yet he is sending out words like that to cause despair in the heart of God’s Church. To the contrary, God is going to carry us through to our destiny. Do you know why? It is because He has those in the Church that are strong enough to “stand in the gap” until He performs His will. As long as you are willing to pray, stand in holiness, and stand in the gap, He will have His way. I for one have gone through too much to let up now. Please know that we do not have a long time before we see God’s will unfold. It is not very far away. We must stand until His will is done on earth.


Do you know why we must stand? We must do so because He is God, and He will not tell a lie! His Church therefore must honor Him. If you want to doubt, doubt a man, but do not doubt God. He said, “I will. I’m going to. This is My purpose. This is My plan.” That is all you need to know. So do what His Word says. Remind Him of His promises until He brings them to pass. Stand and believe. Do not cower. Can I be frank? Do not whine and complain, but stand honorably. Honor Him with your faith. You do not want to grieve His Spirit by not doing so. The earth is His footstool; heaven is His throne. His eye is on the sparrow. How much more important to Him are you? To disbelieve or to distrust is to dishonor the One that gave everything for you. I refuse to get upset, depressed, or disappointed because He is God. He knows what He is doing. It may appear as though man won, and in a sense he did, but God is going to work through all hindrances.


God keeps moving upon my heart. I cannot adequately convey to you how close what I am saying is to His heart. You mean so much to Him. He loves you so much. He does not want you to be discouraged – for lack of vision, the people perish. Yet you are not lacking vision. He wants to nurture and clarify your vision for His name’s sake. He wants you to feel established in His will so that you will not be fearful or filled with trepidation. He does not want you lacking focus, not knowing where you are going or where He is going. He wants you to understand so that tomorrow you will awaken to the Lord and not to sloth, to faith and God and not to fear and the world. The world thinks that things are going to unfold one way, but God is about to put a halt on what the world thinks is going to happen. It is going to be mind boggling. Outside of Bible scenarios, you have not seen what He is about to do.


I want you to pray for Obama every day. Will you do that? I want you to love him; pray for him in love every day. The Lord has spoken to me in dreams that He can still do great things through this man if the Church will pray. I have known for a long time that he is under the control of the Elite, as you well know. We have to pray that God will break this control. People were so upset with President Bush Jr., but I could not get upset with him because he too was controlled. What the Lord showed me as to how he was controlled and to what extent broke my heart. All I could feel for him was compassion. When Bush began to undo necessary things in America that helped to give us stability, it was not because he wanted this. Others did, and they used him as an instrument to further their will. Now we have Obama in the same place – the puppet of the Elite. I do not know how we should pray, but I am going to keep praying until God tells me what to do. When He does, we will have to start praying that God will break this hold over him. God alone is going to have to do it.


The Elite want you to think that they are going strong and that everything they have determined for America is going to happen. They keep telling themselves this very thing. They are going in one direction, but God is going in another, and it is going to blossom into the Revolution. This is not a Soros-backed revolution which Soros tried to start two years ago, but a divine revolution. Once it kicks into gear, it is not going to stop until it fulfills God’s purpose. You do not have to pray for it – although we pray for it – for it is something that God has predetermined. With what has transpired in this election, my hope is that the Church is going to understand the need for this revolution and get on board.


This revolution is going to be as complete as it was in the days of George Washington. (I feel the Lord’s Spirit again.) When God released the revolution in the days of George Washington, His determination was that America would become an independent country and Great Britain’s hold would be ripped off of it. That was God’s will. Look at the suffering that the soldiers and nation endured in that revolution. But also look at the beauty of the Constitution and the government that was established. Look at the grace of freedom that was promised to all Americans. I am going to tell you the truth. I have seen our Constitution in heaven, written in gold ink. The light of God’s glory shines from it. That Constitution was a gift from God to all Americans, regardless of race or prior nationality. It was meant to establish the words, “One nation under God, indivisible.” When God is finished, America’s Constitution will once again be the foundation of this Republic. The Elite cannot have America unless they dismantle the Constitution completely, and God is not going to let them do that.


There is a revival that is close to being released. I do not know if it would have been released as soon if Mitt had won because I think Americans would have gone to sleep. However, it is coming, and it is coming to awaken this nation. By the time it is finished, this nation is going to be fully awake, and millions and millions of people are going to be saved. We have never seen a harvest in this nation as we are about to see. It is going to work in conjunction with God’s revolution. God is going to send a revolution into the secular arena, and He is going to send a revolution into the heart of the Church. We have been praying for it.


We have prayed for Reformation. When we started the Gatherings, a huge angel came into the meeting and took one of our colleagues up to heaven. The angel said to him, “I want to show you something that I brought you here to see.” The angel had a star in his hand. It was not something shaped like a star, but an actual star. (That tells you how big the angel was.) He threw the star down into the middle of the Gathering. Then he looked to my colleague and said, “There, now. The Reformation has begun.”


When God released Reformation through Martin Luther, it changed Europe. Did you know that America is a byproduct of the Reformation? Without the Reformation America would not have been established as the kind of nation God intended. Italy is a nation into which the Refor-mation was not allowed, and today it is many decades behind every nation the Reformation touched. The Reformation changed governments as well as the perception of government. Many inventions came out of the Reformation. Religion changed dramatically under the Reformation. Science, the arts—all of it changed as a result of the Reformation. Prior to it, art did not depict God as a being Who was directly linked and related to mankind. He was always depicted as an image afar off. The Reformation changed that. It touched every area and fabric of society, and America was born out of it. Canada and other nations were also born from it.


So the angel said, “There, now. The Reformation has begun.” What God began was important and significant. We are going to see an overturning of many things as a result. Revival cannot do what Reformation does. Revival may visit an area, a state, or a nation, and it will affect many things in a magnificent way. It really gets your attention. But to change the very core of human existence, Reformation is necessary. For God to send a second Reformation to earth is, to me, unbelievable. Yet as a result of this Reformation, there is not only going to be a tremendous change and shift in the world, but, more importantly, there is going to be the bringing forth of the Bride. This Reformation is going to bring about the release of the Melchizedek Priesthood and Mighty Men of Valor. It is going to bring about such a change in the body of Christ that you are not going to recognize it. You will not recognize the Church in light of what Reformation is going to do in conjunction with the Jubilee anointing.


When you read Isaiah 61 and see the ministry of Jesus, you think that Jubilee is about healings, miracles, and raising the dead. But do you know the true value of the Jubilee anointing? Anointing has the capacity to change you and me in a moment from a baby Christian into an adult son. I do not really understand it. One way you might be able to look at it is to remember when Jesus delivered the demoniac of the legion of devils. What does the Bible say? When the disciples returned, he was sitting at the feet of Christ in his right mind (Mark 5:15). Here was a man who was probably one of the worst cases of insanity humanity has ever seen, and in moments he was sitting at the feet of Christ in his right mind.


Now being “in his right mind” is a little different than you or I being in our right minds. No matter how clear things are to you about the faith, until you have come to a place where the mind of Christ possesses you, you are not actually in your right mind. Now aren’t you glad you found that out? When the mind of Christ possesses you, you do not know fear or human anger. The only anger you know is righteous anger. You do not have false passions. You know how passionate we can get about stupid things? That comes to an end. You are filled with the humility and meekness of Christ. You are filled with love, mercy, and compassion – not human compassion, but divine compassion. You do not live a life that lacks holiness. You refuse to live less than righteously. You can go through the Beatitudes, Paul’s writings on love, or the fruits of the Spirit, and every part speaks of who you have become. That is what it means to have the mind of Christ. You have wisdom, discernment, understanding, knowledge of God’s ways, and knowledge of His kingdom.


Divine knowledge, when imparted, changes your spectrum. When you have the mind of Christ, you see everything through God’s eyes. You no longer see through man’s eyes. There is an internal change. Think of a kaleidoscope. If you pick it up and turn it, the picture changes with every twist. Our internal kaleidoscopes make possible the recognition of how the kingdom of God is working in every circumstance. You see far above the things of this earth. You do not see anything the same, for you see it through the eyes of faith and love.


I once was in prayer when the Lord picked me up and took me into the heavens. I saw something vast, like a cloud or firmament that separated heaven and our vision of it from earth. As far as the eye could see—and believe me, I could see forever—I saw the kingdom of God. The Lord then spoke to me, saying, “All this I have given you, if you will come here to live.” He was not talking about living in heaven. He was talking about living in Christ and walking in union with Christ. He added, “This is where Enoch lived.” This union is coming for any in the Church who will, but you have to let the world go. You have to develop a prayer life and Word life. God wants you to live above and not beneath. He wants you to live on the high places of the kingdom, not under the feet of the enemy. He wants you to live as you were created to live.


He wants you to know and understand according to how He created you. When He allowed His Spirit to come into you, it was not so you could spend the rest of your life complaining about every little thing that goes on in your world. He gave you the Spirit of Christ so that you could see things through the eyes of God. With every adversity, every blessing, and everything in between, you would begin to see God’s purposes and ways. He never intended that you would live and die on this earth “barely saved.” His intention was that you would walk this earth as Christ did – nothing less! To see you would be to see Christ. That means all self—all self-will and self-love—is dead. The Holy Spirit really wants you to let this sink into your heart. He wants you to get your eyes off of the things of the world and who is president. Let’s pick up and go on. The new direction is into Christ!


Again, you are not just going on, but you are going into Christ. You rivet your gaze. He becomes your focus. You pick up your Bible, you learn Christ, and you do what He did. I do not care what anyone says to you. America is not going to end up a third-world nation, because God is going to touch His Church. It is going to pray with faith and birth the kingdom of God in this nation. We may go through the press, but if what we gain on the other side brings glory to our Lord, we will be so glad we did. Things are not going to work the same on the other side. There is a light that will lead the way through the darkness and bring forth a righteous nation that will bring glory to His name.


The night before the election, I shared the vision that I had that night about the number fifty. I saw red rain coming down on the fifty, and I heard something to the effect of, “This fifty year cycle has come to an end, and now we’re going into the next cycle.” I know that before I left the meeting, I said to you, “We’ve done everything we can do. We’ve prayed and prayed and prayed. All we can do now is wait and see what God will do.” Still, I wanted to know what that vision really meant, so after I left the meeting, I prayed some more. Early the next morning, when I awoke for prayer, the Lord spoke to me and said, “The vision reflects the opening of the kingdom age—2013.” I have said to you before that we are getting close to the opening of this age. It is as if we are standing in the middle of the threshold while crossing over. When I had that vision, something swept through me, and I felt the dying of the old and the bringing to birth of the new. But I still did not know what it meant until He spoke to me. 2013 is going to be the beginning of walking into the Kingdom age. Many things will change because He first has to deal with His Church and bring us out of our infantile state.


One time the Lord appeared to me, and as we stood talking I thought, “I’m going to ask Him the questions I would never have had the courage to ask Him before.” So I said to Him, “Lord, what is the one thing that hurts You more than anything else regarding your Church?” He said to me, “My greatest pain is that the Church has never come into the full stature as depicted in Ephesians 4:12-13.” I would have thought His greatest suffering would have been because insufficient people were getting saved or too many people lived their entire lives suffering because they would not receive healing in their bodies or emotions. You might have all kinds of ideas of what might hurt Christ the most. But from His own mouth, what hurts Him the most is that the Church has never been brought to the full stature of Christ as depicted in Ephesians 4:12-13.


His intention was the perfecting and the full equipping of the saints (His consecrated people), [that they should do] the work of ministering toward building up Christ’s body (the church), [That it might develop] until we all attain oneness in the faith and in the comprehension of the [full and accurate] knowledge of the Son of God, that [we might arrive] at really mature manhood (the completeness of personality which is nothing less than the standard height of Christ’s own perfection), the measure of the stature of the fullness of the Christ and the completeness found in Him.


What is the full stature of Christ? It is Christ in us, the hope of glory. It is living, thinking, breathing, and being in Christ. It is what we saw in Him when He walked on this earth. Needless to say, I was devastated. I was ready for Him to say anything but that. Yet when He did, I saw a huge chasm, similar to the Grand Canyon, between where we were and where we were supposed to be as His Church and body. I thought, “How are we ever going to bridge that?”


I was so devastated that I had to hear something encouraging. So I said to Him, “Lord, what one thing brings You the greatest pleasure?” He quickly replied, “The day the Father releases the Jubilee anointing as depicted in Isaiah 61, because that is what is going to bring My Church into Ephesians 4:12-13.”


Something is coming that is far more glorious than what we think we just lost. God is going to visit His sheep. He is going to reclaim His people, but He is also going to reclaim America. Remember, the revolution is about to begin, and this revolution is not only about the temporal world, it is also about Christ in you. You have to come to a place where you want this revolution more than you want to breathe. If you want to keep living for the world, then what you are going to get is the world. But if you want what God wants to give you, then today is the day of salvation. Today! Change your perspective and start striving after and contending for Christ in you.

One time I was ministering in a church and the pastor said to me, “I plead with you, tell us the truth about where the Church is going. Please. We have pastors all over this valley that want to hear that truth. Please give it to us.” I said to him, “I’m not trying to be unkind. I’m not trying to be arrogant, but I’m telling you, you’re not ready for it.” He looked at me thoroughly disgusted. Who was I to say that he was not ready for the truth? I told him, “I can see that I’ve offended you. I don’t want to offend you. I’m sorry that you’re offended, but you’re not ready for it.” He said, “I will let you go as long as it takes in my pulpit if you will tell us the truth.” I said, “Okay.” So I tried; I promise you that I tried.

In the middle of the first message, I looked over at him to see how he was doing. His face was red. He was so upset. I thought, “I told you so.” When I finished the night, he came up to me and said, “The meetings are over.” I responded, “Which truth was it that offended you?” He said, “All of them.” I said, “I told you that you weren’t ready.” He just looked at me, stunned.

The Church has to get ready. It takes grace to dine on the truth that transfigures. The only way you can obtain grace to hear the truth that will transfigure is by prayer and fasting and pleading that God will make the inner adjustments in you to enable you to dine on the higher truth. Every time He imparts, He requires something to depart. It is never given for free. Although salvation is free, after salvation there is a price for everything in the kingdom. What will have to depart is that which opposes what He has imparted. It is good that He works this way because if He is going to invest in you, He wants it to be of the greatest benefit in your life.

God is going to reveal the Kingdom. People like it when they see lots of healings and miracles; I like it too. However, the highest order of God’s miracles is what He does inside. His capacity to transform the soul—to transfigure you and me—is phenomenal. Once transfigured, you do not know yourself. Those who love you will not know you very well either, but what they see, they will like very much. I can remember a vision He gave me once. I saw people coming down the aisle that were dressed very casually, but there were beams of light coming from their hands. I said to the Lord, “Who are they?” He said, “These are the crucified ones, and they will walk in the power of the crucifixion” – meaning, the life of resurrection. What does that mean to the Church? These will minister to and transfigure you with the resurrection Word that is going to come forth from them. Why is God going to do this? Because He needs the Church to come up to Ephesians 4:12-13! He already has the vessels picked that He is going to use to help the Church come into her maturity.

This is not the time to sit around worrying who is President and who is not. We need to pray for the President we have so that he will do more for God than he will for the devil, but we need not worry about it. We should pray that God will heal him and make him the man that He wants him to be. But we should not worry about him. Rather, we are to keep our focus on Christ and who and what He is going to be in His Church in these last days. We are to focus on kingdom realities.

We have heard prophesied for many years, and I have prophesied it for many years as well because I saw it from the earliest days of my salvation, that the day is coming when the creative Word will be released in the Church. When the kingdom of God is fully released, we will see His magnanimous power, grace, and glory. Unless you have been close to someone who has been transfigured inwardly, you do not know what the Church has been lacking. These people are beautiful because they have no agenda. It is not about them. Everything is about Christ. They are beautiful people, and God is going to transfigure any who will in these days. In transfiguring the Church in America, God is going to begin the transfiguration of the nation. We will see our destiny because we are going to stand for it. You are not going to let any man take your crown. You are going to stand until America is what God says He is going to make her.

Jesus Christ loves you and this nation. We are going to go through the press, but we are going to come out glorified. Spend much time in the Word, in fasting, and in prayer. Ask God to fill you with the grace to believe because you want to stand for this nation and become what He has created you to be.

In His love,


Nita Johnson