“God and Donald Trump”
By Nita Johnson
I want to share something with you that I believe will be very meaningful. However, before I do, I want to ask all of you some questions.
What are you looking for in a President? A born-again Christian or God’s choice? Do you want someone that will impress the Nations or do you want someone who will accomplish God’s purpose? When you pray that God will put His man in office, what does he look like to you? 
There are two extremes (and everything in between) who are now vying for the Presidency. On your right, we have an outspoken and opinionated Donald Trump. On your left, we have a quiet, gentle, and wise Ben Carson. Most of the rest look like varying degrees of the Republican Establishment. 
I didn’t know the Republican Establishment had a look, did you? I suddenly saw it for myself. Once you stack them up against Donald Trump and Ben Carson, it shakes you a little. They all act like a bunch of wolves protecting their dens from the intruders, Donald and Ben. You see, it is no longer about what is right for America, but what this year’s issues are going to be. They tell us what we are supposed to want and need, and then how they will provide it for us. Then we hear the other two men; Donald Trump and Ben Carson, and they tell us something so different that we have to pay attention. 
Four years ago the Lord spoke to me and told me that in the next election, He would put a Cyrus in the White House. In fact, He said that the mantel would flow out to many, and they would do the work to galvanize the people to liberate America. I believe He will do this if we will pray. Everywhere I went I shared the vision of the Lord. I have had several dreams and visions about Donald Trump and each time, he seemed to come out of nowhere to take on the establishment! Then it began to happen. 
I also felt that Ben Carson was supposed to be in office which the Lord confirmed to me in a dream not long ago. As time moved on the Lord continued to speak to me, and something began to take shape that led to this letter.
If you want a religious man, you can have that in Ben Carson. He will be good in his place, in the season God has for him. However, God has not equipped him to do what our Nation needs at this time in history. I look for that to come later. If you want a Cyrus that will turn America back to the land of promise and deal with the high-level wickedness, you must look for the one anointed for this purpose: Donald Trump. The man at the top does not need a Cyrus mantel to turn America around if he is a spirit-filled Christian. He does, however if he is Trump. It’s the mantel of Cyrus that will do the work. The man simply will be a tool in God’s lofty and wise hands. I think a great pairing would be Trump as the President and Carson as the Vice President.
Trump may have need of grace in particular areas. Nevertheless, he is not evil like those of the shadow government. He will cause many of their tall and lofty mountains to fall. I promise you, as God is through Trump, doing that very thing. Trump is like a bull out of the pen, he sees red and heads for the target. He is as fearless as a lion being robbed of its cubs. With the mantle of Cyrus and the qualities God gave him, Trump will achieve as much as we, through our prayers, make a way for him to accomplish. It will take the whole team fighting for this nation, for us to win the war.
For our modern day Cyrus to achieve God’s design he will need more than just desire. He will need solid prayer covering and divine enablement. The Church cannot keep thinking that the world will take care of us just because we are the Lord’s. The world wants their government, not God’s. The Church will end up in a den of suffering if we do not fight now through prayer and our actions by voting for God’s will.
One person mentioned to me that they thought God could just put the Cyrus Mantel on Dr. Carson. He could, but the Lord does tend to make the personality of the bearer fit the mantel. This being the case, why do we trifle with God’s selection? He is so much more than our little, and fearful boxes can visualize.
I received many visions last night which led to writing this letter and sending it out. Aim high in faith my friends, and let God be God. He won’t disappoint us if we will pray and trust Him. I stood for Ben Carson because I had several visions wherein I saw him taking on the Presidency. But, the Lord told me it is Trump’s place now. We will not keep America if the Lord cannot have His way. I know it takes faith to receive this so, believe and act on it. We will not be sorry!
In His Amazing Love,
Nita Johnson