Critical Word for the Fall of 2020


Nita LaFond Johnson



Dear Friends:


Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus!


As some of you know, we are in the midst of our fall Phone Gathering of the Eagles during which time the Lord is revealing amazing things to us for the sake of our Nation.


In the natural, we are regularly hearing that our President is taking major steps to bring this Nation into a place of greater stability and promise for the future. Yesterday he signed an Executive Order: “The 1776 Commission” designed to bring patriotic curriculum back into our children’s classrooms and release the truth about American history to our youth. Only time will tell just how strategic this move was, and we give God praise for this tremendous victory!


During this week, we’ve also been receiving spiritual insight and through this, the Lord has given us some strong warnings, which, as our support base, I feel you have a right to know so you can make wise decisions for the near future. This is heavy, but the finish line is in sight and we must gear up and be prepared for the last stretch of our race.


So, let’s plunge right in…


We have, for a long time, been praying over the issues that concern America and our future. Before, let me first relate what the Lord shared with me this morning:


I awoke before dawn to a great troubling in my spirit. I sensed that we are not accomplishing the task set before us for this Gathering. We have always worked with our Savior to make sure we accomplish His purpose for every GOE. So, I wondered how this could be. I finally asked Him where we were on the graph. He showed me a graph that revealed that we accomplished about 60% of the task set before us. If we were to end the GOE tonight, at this level, the following would be our plight as a Nation.  


  • The Democrats would win the election. Everything we have worked so hard for would be lost.
  • Abortion would not be abolished and would ultimately, become our destruction.
  • Chaos would abound as the Elite utterly destroy America through riots in the streets, against our State, and our Federal Governments.
  • Pestilence, Drought, Food shortages, and Catastrophic natural disasters will quickly turn the US into another, unrecognizable Nation. (I have seen and written about it all in my book “Prepare for the Winds of Change ll.”
  • Schools would be the last place you would want your children to leave home for due to the Curriculum and Violence.
  • Lawlessness, and with no police protection, how could we ever bring it under control?
  • Human Trafficking would not come under legal dealings. Our children would be taken right out from under our eyes.
  • America’s next step is Communism. As far as the Church, persecution.
  • The economy would collapse.


I do not want to overwhelm you with visions of utter travesty and hopeless circumstances, however, if the people do not pray, and get out to vote, the above would likely occur shortly after the election.


Yes, there is a remedy!


We still have tremendous hope that we can make a difference in our immediate future, but changes must occur in our strategy. We are so close to seeing all of their plans, stopped in their tracks. I promise you!!! Our Lord has given President Trump a plan.


The Dem’s cannot and will not accomplish their goals for our Nation. The agenda is to fulfill the program of the Elite who, as we speak, want their New World Order, NOW. America is the one keeping their evil devices from prospering.


So, if we pray, and vote a predominantly Republican base into office headed by President Trump, God will move every mountain that impedes His great blessings from pouring down on this Nation. One without the other will not succeed.


I am not speaking to you as a friend, but as a Prophet who has seen the future. I would like to add that my daughter Ricci, is also a prophetess, and she has seen and shared with you, the things I am sharing.


So, why am I choosing this moment to put this information into your hands? Dear Intercessors, we have millions of Christians in this Nation, yet, we have a comparatively small number attending this On-line GOE. WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need you to join us tonight for this three-hour prayer time and believe God for the miracle He wants to give if we will fight for it.


I will be releasing a prophetic word and specific instruction during our call tonight (9.18.2020); this will help bring understanding and direct our next steps. We are in the home stretch, we cannot grow weary but rather, we must engage and press in to achieve the victory God is promising!

God is faithful! He will heal our land and move mountains if His people who are called by His name, will humble themselves and pray!


In His Amazing Love, 

Nita Johnson