Dear Friends:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

Bless you in Jesus name!

I know it has been a long time since I last wrote, but you have been patient which I so deeply appreciate.

Eighteen years of Gatherings (GOE), during which we meet with intercessors who come together to pray for the impossible. The Lord in His mercy answered so many of those prayers – notable prayers.

Each request needed His careful attention and built one upon the other providing us with the faith necessary to compel us into the next level of intercession.

In each GOE we brought our prayers to the table and laid them before Him with a certainty, knowing that each prayer was according to His will. We were confident that He would help us understand His will on each issue. He instructed us what and how to pray and we only prayed over the subjects He directed. My thoughts were that we were building His house and only He knew what it would take to build it correctly. Further, I learned many years ago, that the Builder and Architect of the house is God and that we can do nothing of ourselves. He ALONE accomplishes the work. Therefore, we must obey His orders if we want Him to work His marvelous work.

Having said all this, I hope I have made myself perfectly clear; we take no credit or glory for what He has done! We are the instrument, He is the Master Builder. Being such, we can only rejoice in the fact that He chose to put His Holy hand upon us and use us to achieve His Majestic purposes.

I look back over the years in wonder; we are so small while He is so great!!!!!!!! There is none like Him, not in all the world. We go to the venue and hold the Gathering with an empty basket in hand, then return home full and rich because He met us and poured out His Spirit in such a magnanimous way as to beggar description. We lift our hands to Him not knowing what to do, like the grandest of Gentlemen He smiles and began to answer the prayer He already knew we were going to pray. What a Majestic God, mighty in deed, perfect in counsel, who is like Him?

Oh, how many times over the years has He appeared to me assuring me that He would answer all our prayers and forsake none of His promises!

Although the Gatherings began in 1999, I believe it wasn’t until 2006 that I realized He was not going to give us revival right away. His main purpose was to save America. As He continued to speak further, I realized He was going to pour out salvation upon the world. End every Nation open and willing would be invited to drink of this stream. Not all Nations will answer the call, but for those who would, they would know His salvation in such a glorious way, man cannot possibly imagine.

Of the many visitations I received, one was by an Angel who was sent to tell me that God has planned something so grand the mind could not comprehend. Only when “He begins to pour out His Spirit on our Sons and Daughters will we understand.” (Joel 2:28)

Since November 8, 2016, look at what God has done.  Christians and secular folks alike stand amazed at what God and our new President has done. Even the Elite—the Illuminati Cabal—say they know what is happening is a result of Divine intervention. They’ve openly stated, “No man could have done all this.”

Recently, the Cabal revealed that Soros has gone rogue. While the Cabal and Soros often have the same agenda, Soros is stepping outside their plans. Following are just some of the ways the Cabal—or that renegade, Soros—planned to stop Donald Trump from winning the election in November:

  1. Rigging the election through voter fraud.
  2. Implement Martial Law prior to (and in an effort) to stop the election.
  3. Initiate Wars – ranging from small to world-wide proportions were considered.
  4. False Flags
  5. Economic Collapse.
  6. Assassination: emotionally and or physically
  7. Wide Spread Opposition
  8. Soros-Funded Republican Candidates: Bush, Kaisach, Rubio, and Ted Cruz in hopes one would win the heart of America and replace Trump.
  9. GOP attempted to drop Trump and abort his efforts.
  10. Democratic Coupe against Trump led by the Clintons
  11. Attempt to create a third term for Obama
  12. Media Wars against Trump. I am quite sure all of you have seen a bit of that.
  13. Soros-sponsored organizations rose up to slander Trump and/or stop him in any way possible.
  14. Soros-funded protestors against Trump, (90 million dollar investment).
  15. In an attempt to de-legitimize Trump the opposing forces tried to say that Trump was aligned with Russia letting them control the election. Out of the question!

Through prayer, their plans failed!

Today, and part of an ongoing process, we have the privilege to see more prayers answered. Among them:

  1. Cleansing of the media
  2. Undertaking on behalf of our Veterans
  3. Immigration issues
  4. Healing the economy
  5. Re-establishing black equality and healing of our inner cities
  6. Revamping the educational system
  7. Rebuilding the military and moving America from a war mentality to a peace mentality
  8. Healing of the United States and averting destruction
  9. Abolish Obamacare and develop a new healthcare program
  10. Exposure of corruption at all levels: i.e. Clinton’s, George Soros, Obamas, and all levels underneath.

I think this is the third letter wherein I shared with you where man is headed and how God continues to intervene. As I shared in previous letters, the victories have been almost too numerous to mention.

With just over 30% of the media standing with Trump, while the nation hangs in the balance, the knowledge the targeted Trump voters actually had in order to anchor them to their convictions the Lord had to be very active. This is what I love about standing with you; you are the informed intercessors! People received death threats for supporting Trump as did I. In addition to the many more serious things going on,Trump was still ahead and as we all know, won the race! May I remind you that in the first war for Independence, only 5% of our Nation was in active duty and prepared to fight the great battle on behalf of the rest of our population?  It should never be this way, but in all honesty, we are in similar place today. I wonder how we can win when there is so little interest in the Nation’s future…

Yet, Gathering after Gathering held the victories necessary to win the ultimate war. Look my Friends, If Hillary won, we would be in the middle of the globalist agenda right now, scrambling to figure out what happened. Within six months, our new ‘reformed government’ called communism, would have left us with no way out. God gave us Trump to insure that we would win and preserve this Nation for God. While some have congratulated us, others have mocked and berated us for the stance we’ve taken. Yet, look at all the Lord has done! I stand amazed!!!! Can needy people be so insensitive over the bundles of goodness our Lord has given us? My grandchildren will romp in the green grass of faith. Where will yours be? I hope by the time Jesus finishes pouring out our blessings, the Church will learn faith, and how to use that faith!

Let’s look at the most recent good news:

  1. TPP overturned
  2. NAFTA – renegotiations in process
  3. Regarding the Elite – they:
    1. admitted that the hand of God intervened against their work
    2. are in a state of devastation with their plans in total disarray
    3. confessed their ultimate goal is to usher the coming forth of the Anti-Christ.
    4. pertaining to Trump: admit he cannot be controlled by them (Elite). In fact, the day he was elected, they knew they’d lost America – at least for a season.
    5. (using) Kissinger to visit our new President to extend his hand to him on behalf of the Cabal. I did not hear this from the Lord or Trump, but rather, strategic sources and as such, I am prone to believe it is true. If this is correct, the Elite offered a substantial amount of money to Mr. Trump if he would step aside. President Trump says he cannot be bought. We must pray for his faith to sustain him. The Globalist decided not to fight him. America’s great love for Trump, our new President, left them astonished and determined to leave us to our own end so-to-speak. They are now in the process of revising their agenda.
    6. issued a possible eight-year delay of the economic crash! There are currently two banks which fall under “too big to fail” category. If they fail, the collapse will occur shortly after. However, it’s important to note: after the election, Pastor Linsey received confirmation that, while the economy will experience brief ups and downs, they’ve delayed the financial collapse – three to eight years! (I know many of you planned for the crash, use what you have as a base and work to rotate your supply so you won’t need to invest in food stock again –most pantry foods last far beyond their expiration date. You can find details online.) I am still convince that the situation can be cured at least temporarily without a crash. We must pray for this end. A second crash will come but it can be held back for a long time.
  4. Soros was revealed as his own agent of darkness. With the Illuminati’s statement regarding Soros, we will have two powerful enemies to tackle: the Cabal and Soros. However, neither is more powerful than God! Remember, a house divided cannot stand… we see their house falling!


Although our intercession paved the way for Jesus to have His way in our Nation; giving us His best with a Trump Administration, Still, I try to help draw a picture of what could have been as well as what will be if the Lord continues to have His way.

America is now in a new era, possibly unlike anything we have ever seen. It will take prayer to ensure its foundation is laid in accordance with the will of our Lord. Prayer makes all the difference in the world.

The Gatherings were commissioned by Jesus Himself in a three-hour visitation. His will is seen and exercised through the work of the GOE, and as such, He will bring forth the fruit of His perfect will in our Nation through our intercessions. Jesus works eternally for our good and in this case, He invites our cooperation. We need you to continue with us until Jesus says enough is accomplished.

The Democratic Party is crumbling down around itself. Since, in truth, it has become a Communist Party we can only thank Jesus for this kindness. It seems Soros is its new owner and he is fashioning it after himself. With prayer, he will not succeed.

Cyrus is stepping into his position beautifully, and I am thrilled! However, our job is not finished. There some things that must be completed by the end of March so we need your help. Please, join us in Kansas and help us win the greatest victory of all. It will be wonderful.

In His Amazing Love,

Nita and Staff.