Tell the people to pray that I MIGHT NOT DESTROY the LAND, said GOD’s angel

This is so powerful. I wish every church out there would read this to their people, print it in their bulletin, take it to the streets – and DELIVER IT TO THE CONGRESS

Tell the people to pray that I might not destroy the Land

"Behold, I set thee a Watchman on the Wall" Isaiah 62:6

It is incredible to me how the Lord uses certain individuals to have supernatural encounters. Nita is one such person. I have a friend who sees angels and demons. The Lord uses that insight to direct her on how to intercede. One Sunday Morning, she came to me and told me that although she did not understand why, five demons had come into the church and positioned themselves at the altar. She asked me to pray. I asked the Lord if He would confirm to me what she was seeing, and He did (one of the few times I have had such a privlege). The point is certain individuals can be entrusted with such a gift and I believe that Nita is such a person. Please pray about what you read here, test it against Scripture, and commit yourself to pray for this country and its leaders before it is too late. I will publish a second article by Nita entitled "Satan’s Plans and Purposes for America" in a few days. This article will help us to focus our prayers on particular offenses that are upon the Lord’s heart.


"I looked for a man to stand in the gap that I might not destroy the Land"

Will we as a body of believers stand in the gap for America that God will not destroy the Land. The last few days my heart has been breaking with God’s own Grief. He wants to bless America. He wants to heal our land, but will He find the intercessors?

Holy Watchers

A few weeks ago, I was participating in a week of services with my friend Sadhu Sundar. We were involved with some meetings in St. Louis with another friend of mine, Pastor Lenny Barber. During the coarse of these meetings, the angel who watches over America as Michael watches over Israel, appeared to both my friend Sundar and to myself. He told Sundar that if intercessors did not rise up and stand in the gap, we would experience another hit such as we experienced in New York in September 2001. It was at the end of that same service that this same angel appeared to me. Tears flowing down his face, he said again: "Will the people pray? Tell the people to pray that I might not destroy the Land."

It was an amazing thing to see an angel 30 to 40 feet tall with tears flowing down his face for America. A couple days later, an angel clothed in fire came to me, giving me another warning about tears of intercession being needed for our Nation, hence, this article. I was in awe of the first angel, but when the second angel was sent to me I was gripped with holy fear. Two such holy angels terrifying to behold, because of the holiness that emanates from them is enough to shake me in itself, but for them to both come in such a short space of time with the same warning leaves me undone.


My dear brothers and sisters, we must weep for America. The Lord spoke to me in a vision nearly two years ago that He required tears of repentance and tears of intercession to save America. He said in an other vision that I was to rise up leaders and intercessors to fill the land with tears, that He might save America. He is still saying the same thing today: fill the land with tears, that I might spare America.

One of the saddest things to me is to see a young man struck down in his prime. He reaches an age when he is about to enter into a life of promise. He has his whole life ahead of him. He has a young lady with which he is in love and they are planning to share a future building a life together. He has been well educated to enter into the work force and shows much promise of being a great value to society. He and his bride to be have spent months planning their wedding. Tomorrow is the big day. Their hearts are full of joy. Then suddenly he is struck by a car and killed. She is left bereft of her husband before they can ever marry. Whenever I hear of such scenarios, I always weep. It struck me today in prayer that we stand in the same place in our nation. America has reached the prime of its age. We have moved into maturity and could be ready to take our place among the nations as a Father, a healer, and a righteous leader. But, carelessness stands to strike us down in our prime.

There are two types of holy watchers. One is angelic such as I mentioned earlier, the other is the human watchman, albeit intercessor or minister. Man is called a watchman when God sees in his or her heart His own heart to watch over the Nation in which they live. A prophet is called to be a watchman, some apostles are watchmen. Some pastors have the heart of a watchman. When a person cares about the Nation as though it were their own personal care, when he or she weeps over the sin and speaks against the unrighteousness out of a tender heart of care, they are watchman.

The Lord is looking for the watchman to rise up and weep over the sin of our Nation, He is looking to and fro over our country seeking those who will stand in righteousness for America to be saved. We don’t have much time, but He searches none-the-less in the hope that He may find them waiting and weeping just in time to hold back His hand of judgment.

Rachael of old cried out to Jacob, give me children or I die. Do we have in the body of Christ, those Rachael’s who will not be denied? Those watchman who look at the children playing in the streets and cry out, Lord spare us that they may live and learn to love You. Are there those who see young parents walking in the park, who will bend the knee and cry out to God, spare us that these might bring forth seed and raise children upon your altars Lord? Where are those who will look at the sin of witchcraft, the abominations of sexual sins, feel the grief of hatred in our inner cities, see a nation in crises and cry out to a merciful God that He might forgive and spare us.

Where are the preachers who can no longer stand the complacency of the Church and will weep between the porch and the altar, Lord spare your people? Turn Your people to righteousness, Oh God! Where are they who will agonize with the Lord over the unrighteousness of our Nation’s roots, and who will not stop pleading until righteousness once again fills our Churches, schools, courtrooms, and government offices? Where are those who have broken hearts and will not rest until the inner cities are healed by God’s power? Where are the Rachael’s who are desperate for the womb of the Church to be filled with precious spiritual babies?

God is looking, He is searching over the cities, towns, counties, states, across rivers, over mountain ranges, for those who will labor and stand in the gap for America that He might pour out His grace of healing instead of His judgments. Hence, the ever increasing question trumpeting forth from the heart of God, where are those who will stand in the gap that I might not destroy the Land? How long can we hope to sing America the Beautiful? How many times must the Lord show America how vulnerable she really is before we get on our knees and weep for God to return to a Nation at the brink of destruction. My dear brothers and sisters, tears of repentance, tears of intercession, will heal the Father’s wounded heart.

If His heart is healed over our sin, He will heal our Land. Weep while there is still time. If you cannot, ask God for His tears until He gives them. A mother cries over the death of her young son, can the Church weep over the death of her Nation’s righteousness? A widow weeps over the death of her young husband. Can the Church see the Nation to whom she is married die without weeping? All of England and half of the world wept over the death of Princess Diana, but who will weep over the death of a Nation that has lost its righteousness?

Men and women are gathering together in the Gathering of the Eagles twice a year to worship the Lord and weep before His holy throne on behalf of America. Will you join us? The Lord is giving us this last chance to prove to Him that we really do want America healed. Let no one be so naive as to believe the revival of His glory will occur in America without tears. We must come together and weep over the things with which He says He is offended. Then we must weep on our own floors at home. We must weep until our hearts are clean and pure before Him. We must hold on to the hem of His garment and refuse to let go until He turns and says virtue has gone out of Me, someone touched Me. If He can heal a women of Leukemia, He can heal a nation dripping with sin, and He will, if He can find those who will stand in the gap.