Dear Friends and Intercessors,


“Let God Arise!”


Do not be dismayed, God is working! He has not let go of His plans and purposes for this nation! He has not reversed His decisions! He is right in the middle of what is going on today in our nation today! He is working His plans through to fulfillment!


Do not say in your heart, “God has turned away! God is not going to work as He said!” The fact is; He is working a mysterious and deeply unseen work. I saw this very moment in a prophetic revelation and have shared it from the platform.


The child; “The Black Community” would suffer a wrong discipline, one that was way out of proportion for the wrong committed. Yet, out of it, the child would arise and his gifts and talents would be greatly accentuated as a boast from God! I saw a civil war, but out of it came healing streams for the Nations.” I have shared these things from the pulpit and now they are upon us. 


Years ago, a prophet saw, and I agreed with and shared his prophecy many times; Conflagrations took place in the cities, but then came revival! This can be a difficult to embrace, dear intercessors, I know. Yet, I have asked myself over and over, “Are we at the door of seeing this Word from the Lord fulfilled?”


What man meant for evil, God is going to work for good! The toxic issue is being drained out of the cancerous wound. I saw a boil. Then, a surgical knife was applied to open the boil and the poison began to drain out that the boil might be healed.


Can we not see that God is doing surgery in the heart of this Nation? Do not fear! Only stand! Stand! Do not grow discouraged, arise in faith and pray. God is working a strange and mighty work in our Nation today. It can be hard to see it when you are in the midst of the fear and the chaos; what man has meant for evil, God will work for good! If we allow Him to show us His plan, His heart, His goal for this hour, we can rejoice in His goodness!


As intercessors, it is our responsibility to pray for His mercy and wisdom to be fully implemented in this hour. Pray, for He will save our Nation in the midst of this present moment of chaos!  The Elite will not win with their diabolical schemes because the intercessors come together and pray! Do not say in your hearts; we have failed and the enemy has won. For the Lord says; “you have won!”


Keep your eyes on the promise, God has already given us the victory, do not quit! Chaos cannot stand before faith. Having done all to stand, stand some more, stand until you see the victory of the Lord!


Come to Seattle and pray with us. The Lord knew that all that has happened in the last several weeks would occur when, with great earnest, He instructed us to have this December Gathering of the Eagles.  Come and help us pray! Click here to go to our Website and register. Come and pray for America!


If you are unable to join us, gather the intercessors into your home and pray with us from home. If you wish to financially support the work, click here.


In His Love,


Nita Johnson