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用主三股合成的繩子勝過當前的患難! 瑞琪·詹森-威爾森 摘自

“The Refuge Place and the New Breed of Warriors” with Ricci Johnson-Wilson

The Refuge Place and the New B

Praying the 9 Rs

Please find important informat

Fighting for the Destiny of our Nation…

2021 October -Ricci Johnson-Wi

“The Hurricane of Justice and the Destiny of the Nation”

Ricci Wilson 10-21-21 The Lord

Our Nation & the 50-Year Judgment Cycle

Our Nation by Nita LaFond John

God and Donald Trump

What is God saying our Nation needs in this hour? In the midst of confusion, defamation, and deception, Nita sought the Lord’s to hear who His choice is for our Nation!

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