The House of Cards – Ricci Wilson

Vision 8.4.22 (shared in this message)

I had a vision of the Lord. Before Him was a table. On top of the table was a mound of dirt where a house of cards had been constructed. It was not stable, but the Elite were quite proud of it. I believe this represents the Build Back Better plan the current administration is pushing. This plan will bring our nation into a place of complete economic devastation. This is a product of, not Biden, but Klaus Schwab (head of WEF) and Larry Fink (head of Blackrock).

The Lord reached over, pulled out one card and then leaned down and blew. The whole house of cards came down. As soon as this occurred, the rubble underneath was exposed. The Lord cleared the cards, threw them to the floor, and began to rebuild this nation. It was a quick work, so quick in fact, His hands were a blur. When He was finished, the nation was alive.

Why is this important, especially in this hour? Because we are fighting (in prayer) against tyranny (the Elite), and the Lord, in His mercy, is hearing and answering our cries.

Rain and Unspeakable Joy! This same night, Nita received unspeakable joy that lasted throughout the night and into the late morning. This is a typical method the Lord uses with Mom to signify an upcoming victory.  In addition, it rained in Fresno and Seattle at the same time. (This is very unusual for Fresno.)

Lightning! Finally, the lightning! The same night, lightening struck right in front of the Whitehouse. I do not think this was a mere accident, as God is about to deal with this illegitimate administration. This reminds us of a similar act years ago during our DC Gathering wherein lightning struck the Washington monument symbolizing the Lord’s dealing with the Illuminati, and at another Gathering, when lightning hit the Vatican.

The prayers go forth, the bowls of heaven fill up, and the power of heaven comes down!

Now, dear friends, it’s with great sadness that we report there were serious and yes, even fatal unexpected casualties. This reminds us of the seriousness of the hour in which we live and the importance to stay diligent and praying without ceasing, that we may be kept from harm and be a covering for others.  

God is moving. He is provoking the hearts of the people that they will cry out to Him and together, from many nations across the earth, He is calling and uniting His intercessors as they stand in the gap!