The Rise of the Hannah and Samuel Generation

With Ricci Wilson

October 24, 2019


Turn with me in your Bibles to 1 Samuel 3 please, while I get us started in a word of prayer.

Heavenly Father, I ask that You come and be with us tonight. Bring forth Your grace, Your strength, and let Your word for this season come forth this evening. Settle things around us, Lord God, that we can receive it and it can become a part of us. Our desire is to pray into and see our part in Your plan, not only for this nation but for the Kingdom of Heaven. Help me to convey the things that You’ve spoken so they can be embraced and carried on into this next generation. In Your precious and most holy Name, amen.


Before the D.C. Gathering of the Eagles (September 2019), I was teaching on the end-time mantles that will be released in the days ahead. I will continue as long the Lord prompts me to do so. In addition, tonight, I felt it was important to share some things that the Lord spoke to us about during our Gathering, as it does involve the end-time mantles. Often, we are unable to take this step, however, when God releases us to do so, we are eager to obey. It is essential that we embrace and understand the things God wants to do in our nation, especially as it pertains to the release of His Kingdom in the earth. Why? So we can partner with His Spirit and begin to pray into those things.


It is a beautiful thing when God speaks to us. It’s humbling as He teaches and opens His Word to us and brings forth prophetic revelation to His people. It is such a beautiful and often intimate exchange between our Lord and His people. We can receive those messages, write them in our journal and place that journal up on a shelf, leaving it there as a memorial between us. Oftentimes however, precious as those intimate messages are, He does not bring forth that revelation for it to sit on a shelf. We are held accountable when He speaks to us. We are responsible for the things that He speaks to us. We are responsible to pray into it, to sow into it, and to seek His face to find out if there is anything more He wants to bring forth from those words or experiences. Why? Because, in order to get greater revelation and understanding or find out what our part is in this work that lies ahead of us, we need His guidance every step of the way. As children of the living God, that is where our responsibility lies. When we fail to do that, destinies fall, ministries fail, and the children of God do not enter the fullness of what He has for them.


I encourage you to listen with great intent tonight on the things the Lord will bring forth and ask Him to give you wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment. Ask Him to give you the grace to receive it and to help you understand what your part in these things is, then ask Him to help you have the courage and the faith to step into your destiny. Destinies fall all the time because we do not take what God says to us seriously, and the time is too short for that to continue.


1 Samuel 3:1 “And the child Samuel ministered unto the Lord before Eli. And the word of the Lord was precious in those days; there was no open vision.”


I am going to stop there. The Word of the Lord was precious in those days; there was no open vision. In 1 Samuel 2 and 3, we learn the account of Samuel’s birth. We read how His mother came into the temple with her husband when they travelled together as a family to celebrate the feast. Hannah spent the better part of the first and second chapters in prayer. Eli, having grown dim in his spirit, thought that she was drunk and told her to straighten up, serving only to open the floodgates of tears from Hannah. As Hannah poured out the brokenness within her heart, Eli, in a rare moment, hears the voice of God, blesses her and sends her on her way. Her prayer, the same prayer she’s taken before God and sown into for so long, finally comes to pass and she is “with child.”


Hannah’s promise to God was to give the child He would bring her over to the work of the Lord. Now I want you to think about that unbelievably sacrificial gift for a moment. Hannah, in giving her son over to Eli, the high priest whose own sons were defiling the temple, kept her promise to the Giver of life.


However, sending Samuel to the temple to live, a place where the Word of the Lord was scarce, must’ve been the most difficult thing Hannah had ever done. The Bible said that she cared for him and she kept him at home until the child was weaned, which could have been at four or five years of age. Friends, as a mother, all I can say is that this took both tremendous obedience to God, and faith that He would care for her son. The Bible tells us that she went every single year up to the temple, and with her she brought a little coat that she had made for him. I’ve read, studied, and taught on this story many times, often focusing on Samuel’s growth in the Lord in spite of the corruption in the temple, rather than Hannah’s gift. However, this time the Lord spoke to me about the coat. He said, “This coat is representative of her covering of his call.” How? A coat took some time to put together back then and as she made this coat, Hannah prayed for her son. She sang over him, she prayed over him, she sought God on her son’s behalf and as she did so, day-in and day-out, she trusted that Samuel would fulfill the commission and the call he was created for. What was the call? Samuel was created to be a light unto the nation of Israel. He was to be the voice of God to the nation.

Remember, the Word of the Lord was scarce in the days of Eli. It was so scarce that as we read on, 1 Samuel 3:2-3 says, “And it came to pass at that time when Eli was laid down in his place and his eyes began to wax dim that he could not see, and ere the lamp of God went out of the temple of the Lord, where the ark of God was, and Samuel was laid down to sleep.”


The lamp of God had gone out in the temple. We talked a few months ago about Moses; we talked about the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land, remembering how the fire of God fell by night to light their path, warm the people and protect them from the animals. The cloud was present in the daytime to provide shade from the desert sun and guide them on their way. When it was time to move, if it came in the daytime, the cloud moved, if it came at night, the fire moved. They followed, or they perished in the wilderness. This was a very visible presence of God which they followed. Within nine months, the ark was built and when the sacrifices were made, God descended upon the ark in the same fashion as when Moses entered the tabernacle. This was the holiness of God, it was a light, a fire, a cloud; it was present and visible to the people of Israel.


The instruction to Moses was that the Light was to never go out in the temple. Where the ark was, the presence of God was supposed to be, that was His plan. But here we, are four hundred years later and the light has gone out, why? Because of the corruption and the sin that was in that church. Eli’s sons had been very promiscuous with the ladies who served the temple; when the people came in, they were stealing from the people. Corruption. Eli knew what was happening, yet he failed to correct his sons. It appears that the fear of man was very prevalent instead of the fear of the holiness of God. Sacrifices were done in vain by this priest and his two sons and the only reprimand that occurred was when Eli warned his boys that the people were telling him what they were doing. Why didn’t Eli see it? Because he had blinded himself to the truth. Instead of light, there was a darkness in the temple and the presence of God was rare in those days. But alas, God had a plan!


Enter Samuel. 1 Samuel 3:3-8 says, “Ere the lamp of God went out of the temple of the Lord, where the ark of God was, and Samuel was laid down to sleep: that the Lord called Samuel: and he answered, Here am I. And he ran unto Eli, and said, Here am I; for thou callest me. And he said, I called not; lie down again. And he went and lay down. And the Lord called yet again, Samuel. And Samuel arose and went to Eli, and said, Here am I; for thou didst call me. And he answered, I called not, my son; lie down again. Now Samuel did not yet know the Lord, neither was the word of the Lord yet revealed unto him. And the Lord called Samuel again the third time.”


I am going to stop there a minute. Why had the Word of the Lord not been revealed to Samuel? He was being raised in the house of God by the high priest who was put in place to commune with God. Eli was the high priest. Why is it that Samuel, having been in the temple for five or six years at this point, just now is hearing the voice of God? And why is it that Samuel had to go in to Eli three times before Eli recognized that it was the voice of God calling the boy? Why is it that there is so much darkness in the House of God and it takes a boy to bring forth the light?


1 Samuel 3:8 “And the Lord called Samuel the third time. And he arose and went to Eli, and said, Here am I; for thou didst call me. And Eli perceived that the Lord had called the child. Therefore Eli said unto Samuel, Go, lie down: and it shall be, if he calls thee, that thou shalt say, Speak, Lord; for thy servant heareth. So Samuel went and lay down in his place. And the Lord came, and stood, and called as at other times, Samuel, Samuel. Then Samuel answered, Speak; for thy servant heareth. And the Lord said to Samuel, Behold, I will do a thing in Israel, at which both the ears of everyone that heareth it shall tingle.”


I will do a new thing in Israel. What is the new thing? The voice of God is returning to Israel! The voice of God is returning to the Church; the voice of God is returning! Consider that for a moment, the word of the Lord was scarce in those days. Hannah prays earnestly for a child which she then dedicates to the Lord. Her continuous prayer over her son: “Keep him secure in the midst of the corruption of the temple.” He, a young boy, he pure in heart, receives the word of the Lord, his very first message, and it is a word of judgment on Eli and his sons. Historians figure he was maybe ten or eleven years old by this time; this must’ve been a tremendously difficult thing for Samuel to convey. However, his fear of God superseded his fear of man and he understood that the presence of God, the light of God, had gone out of the Church. Whether he understood how crucial his call was at this point or not, the Bible is not clear, but here is a young boy with a destiny to bring forth the Word of the Lord into the Nation of Israel!


Samuel was raised in a very dark church, during a very dark age where the voice of the Lord was scarce. Yet, he was called to bring forth the light of the living God into the Earth; not a single word of Samuel’s fell to the ground all the days that he served. He was spot on, why? Because when he was given the worst possible message to give someone who, for all intents and purposes, took him under his wing and raised him as a son, he was obedient to God. Obedience to God was Samuel’s highest priority, even as a young boy and as result, the Lord began to speak to him very early on.


Let’s connect this to what occurred at the D.C. Gathering of the Eagles (September 2019). For those of you that came, I am so thankful that you came, for those of you that prayed over us, I am so thankful that you prayed over us, for those of you who are here tonight to hear what happened I am so thankful that you are here, because the Lord released some things in the GOE that are critical for the days ahead. During the last couple of GOE’s in fact, we have been fighting for the youth, literally fighting for this generation. Before our March 2019 GOE, the Lord told me that there was a genocide taking place in the earth today, with the intent to strip the soul of this generation from the earth. I cannot begin to tell you the weight of that statement.


So, during the September/October 2019 D.C. GOE, the Lord said, “I am about to release the Samuel Generation, those who will come up out of the darkness and release My Word.”


For six months my heart was broken over the revelation of that genocide; hearing God’s plan, was a tremendous relief! This is why the enemy is fighting so hard to strip us of our children through abortion, human trafficking, exploitation through the dark web pornographic sites. The enemy is trying to strip the innocence from our children and if possible, from our very presence. If he cannot get them through abortion or through human trafficking, he goes after them in school system. He is waging war on our children! However, as we prayed while we were in D.C., the Lord began to speak to us, and He said the Samuel Generation is going to come forth. We had gained tremendous victories during our time in the last couple of GOE’s fighting for this generation that the enemy is trying to annihilate, and we pressed hard on their behalf. Admittedly, the things that God revealed to us were shocking, but the intercessors prayed steadily. Finally, He revealed why it was so important and why the focus had become so much about the children: The release that is coming in the earth, the glory of His presence that will sweep across the nations, it’s going to come to and then through the Samuel Generation! The enemy sought to destroy them, but God is going to use them!


I ask you to consider the time in which we live. This is a season wherein the Word of the Lord is scarce and precious. The pure Word of the Lord has become very rare and precious. Why? Too much flesh gets in the way. It becomes contaminated, we corrupt it, we are afraid of man. We have a PC culture that we are living under instead of stepping out in the truth and the courage and the faith of the living Word of God. Pick one, two or all, they are affecting the purity of the Word from the pulpits today. Samuel’s first word from the Lord was about as serious as a word gets, yet, God chose to deliver it through the meekness of a child. It was a warning that carried a death sentence; judgment had fallen because Eli did not heed the counsel of the prophet God had sent to Eli years earlier. Yes, an unnamed prophet came to Eli to caution him about he and his sons and he did not heed the warning, so God sent in a boy and because of his obedience, the anointing and the mantle of God fell upon him that day. Through the mouths of babes.


I look at society today and we see that culture in which we live and we see the darkness that pervades our society if someone speaks the truth. We can have things thrown at us, be accused of hate speech, lose our job, even go to jail simply because we speak the truth. If that is not darkness, I do not know what is. There is sin and corruption in the Church—homosexuality, promiscuity, adultery, abortion, pornography, pedophilia, and that is just in the Church! Not in all churches of course, but even one church is too many. We live in a society where people keep children in cages and they drain their blood so that they can gain satanic power. We live in the society where people are sacrificing children, even babies, so that they can gain satanic power. We live in a season in which Harry Potter is the second-best seller in the world, second only to the Bible! There are two schools of training: one teaches you to worship God, one teaches them to worship Satan. This is the darkness that we live in, but the Lord says, “I AM coming! I AM coming! The pure Word of the Lord is about to shine forth. I AM coming for those who will heed the call to become My Hannahs, committing to intercede for My Samuel generation to come forth! The Samuel Generation will have the courage to deliver a message to a man who has raised him as a son because he fears Me more than man.”

The “Hannahs”—the intercessors—must arise! Hannah came and brought Samuel a little coat each time she came to worship at the temple. She kept him covered in her prayers throughout his life. Hannah seemed to truly understand Samuel’s destiny, and as such, she kept him covered in prayer to ensure her own sacrifice achieved its highest and best in the Kingdom of Heaven. Hannah saw with her own eyes what was occurring in the temple. She was not blind, but the Lord gave her the grace and a knowing that there was something about this divine gift that she was given that would change the course of Israel’s history. Hannah knew the impact of this life that came from her barren womb. She would not have turned that baby over to a corrupt priesthood without faith from God that his life would rectify the priesthood. She was an intercessor and that is what intercessors do—they grab hold of the horns of the altar and they seek the face of God until they know the truth, and then they hold on to that truth in the midst of the tumultuous seasons. They will always seek the face of God until they have won the victory. Time and time again, I’ve seen it, intercessors press in like none other. This is what the “Hannahs” do, and then they give birth to the Samuels who go and declare the Word of the Lord within the midst of unbelievable darkness. What a beautiful work of the Lord!


What does this have to do with the D.C. Gathering and what God wants to do in our nation in 2020 and beyond? It’s prayer and the rise of the Hannah and Samuel Generation! Hannah prayed it in and Samuel carried it out!

In 1906, God came to Southern California in a tiny church on Azusa Street. A pastor came and prayed and birthed a Pentecostal movement in this tiny church. He was full of the Spirit of God and held nothing back as he gave God free reign to move and flow within his congregation. He came and He birthed a revival that would not only last several years in our country, but within two short years, the revival would sweep across the earth to over fifty nations—FIFTY in the early 1900s! And friends, it transformed those nations! It went up to Canada, it went over to Russia, Ukraine, Korea; missionaries took it to Africa, and China. It was in Europe, Taiwan, Singapore, all the way to Australia! Within two years, people not only came from all from the world, but they were sent to all parts of the earth to release the revival around the world. There was a change at every level, from the religious understanding of the book of Acts to the social, economic and family structures within the nations. It was a revolutionary reformation that occurred in under two years; this was a move of God unlike anything that had ever touched the earth before.


In Korea, people rose with the sun to pray to God and they sought His face before going to sleep at night. A group of intercessors wept for years in the Ukraine and it was their intercessions that brought revival to Ukraine. Missionaries, baptized in the Holy Spirit, felt called to Africa. When they arrived, they got off the boat and supernaturally had received the gift of the tribal languages! The tribal members recognized the language and hearts were opened to the Gospel! They’d escort them to their villages and as a result, revival swept across Africa! Talk about faith!


While we were in D.C. the Lord began to speak to me about that revival in prayer and during worship. As we prayed for nations a common thread emerged, it was the Azusa Street Revival and how it impacted the nations! Did you know that South Korea was blessed by God through that revival for decades? They carried out their morning and evening prayers for many, many years, much longer than we did here. When we prayed over Russia and Ukraine, I had a vision of the intercessors who’d wept for revival to come to Ukraine. I saw the pull of their intercession literally grab hold of the revival and drag it across Russia and into Ukraine. The Lord told me those tears are still in the soil. So, what does that mean? The seeds of revival are already in these nations waiting to be ignited once again! What are we waiting for? What’s missing?


We are missing two key factors: the Hannahs and the Samuels—those who will seek the Lord and keep a covering over the commission of the Lord, and those who will go and deliver the Word of the Lord regardless of the cost. Samuel faced a king who had already turned his back on God, a king who could have ordered his beheading at a moment’s notice, and yet, Samuel told him that to obey is better than sacrifice. That is courage, that is the drive, that is the fight for the purity and the holiness of the living God to go forth at all cost. Samuel walked with the Lord and remained pure all the days of his life. The Lord gave him the privilege of anointing King David, the king who would be called “a man after God’s own heart.” Though David made mistakes in his lifetime, to this day he is still considered “a man after God’s own heart.” Of the nearly fifty kings that reigned in Israel and Judah, there were only about six or seven of them who were good in the eyes of God, who heard the Word of the Lord and fought to ensure they were obedient and submitted to God’s will. That’s less than ten percent, not a very good ratio, is it? Samuel fought for righteousness, he fought for truth and he sought God in all things. He spoke the truth in love and he spoke it no matter how difficult the circumstances.


He did the circuit around Israel as righteous judge, always striving, all the days of his life, to bring people into a relationship with God. It was so important to him to obey the Word of the Lord that he anointed David years before he would become king, knowing Saul would’ve had him killed had he discovered the errand. Obedience was Samuel’s priority and because of this, the anointing of God was upon Samuel, as was the fear of the Lord. Saul had many priests killed in the years to come, yet he would not touch Samuel because the fear of God was upon him. Kings respond to the fear of God within a person. Obedience to God is born of a holy fear of God and it played a key role in all that Samuel did.

I consider this generation coming up behind me and the genocide the enemy is planning. He has been working very, very hard at it through the indoctrination, murder of the unborn, human trafficking, witchcraft and even misdirected activism; it’s all working to destroy them. I couple this with the fight God is raising up within our ministry (and others like us) and I see something powerful stirring up. Friends, it’s a powerful force that God is stirring up in this hour, where the Samuel Generation will—in fact—RISE and fulfill their destiny! The enemy is trying to take them out, but we are about to have a move of God that is going to be so powerful, so profound that when they grab ahold of that, they are going to flee the darkness that is out there and run straight into the Light! The enemy thinks he has won this battle. He thinks he has these kids immersed in witchcraft, immersed in Harry Potter books, cartoons and dramas full of witchcraft and darkness…but the enemy is about to feel the shaking. He is about to feel the violent shaking come forth to his kingdom and when it does, these children are going to flee the darkness and run to the Kingdom of Heaven! This shaking is coming, my friends. It will impact every people group, the church, the nation, and our youth, but the result of this shaking will be profound! (This message was first given in October 2019 and we are already seeing it occur in our nation today.)


The Lord gave me several experiences in September and October 2019 to emphasize the shaking. We were in worship one day at the D.C. Gathering; I looked over at a friend of mine and I noticed that his hair was so perfect, and this is going to seem silly, but his hair didn’t have a strand out of place. I thought, We are here wailing, I mean, Kleenex boxes galore, pockets full of tear-filled tissues, swollen eyes, many on the floor wailing. We’ve gone from wailing to warring in this particular service and this person’s hair is perfect, how is that possible? The fact that this really stood out to me is very unusual. Then, in the very next service during worship, I had a vision of that person and their hair was a mess. It was the worst case of bed-head you could imagine! As he sat down, I saw his face and in what is usually a very poised face, there was release. I saw a freedom in tears, in warfare and a joy that was unmatched, shine in his eyes and nothing was holding them back. It was beautiful!


The Lord then said to me, “A shaking is coming, but in the end, this is the freedom I am going to release in my people. It will be unprecedented.”


The Lord also told me He’s creating, through this process, a people who are a force to be reckoned with. No longer will we be a reed shaken to and fro in the wind; we will be an anchor, a stabilizing force in the earth! I felt this shift take place in the Spirit. There is a shaking coming. We often respond to prophetic words like this by battening down the hatches, right? We get scared and anchor ourselves down. I don’t believe that’s what God is calling us to do this time around. You know, my mom used to call me and say, “Honey, a storm is coming so we need to prepare.” I would be so afraid! Today, I do not fear this, in fact, the Lord said this is not something you fear, this is something you pray into because at the end of this, a breakthrough is coming! The nation will be shaken, the nations will be shaken, but in the end we are going to see the Samuel Generation begin to rise and take their place. We are going to see people step into the fullness of their calling. We are going to see people be released into the anointing that God has for them, released into the freedom of God for their lives, the freedom of the destiny that God set before them. The enemy has been telling our youth there is no such thing as an ordained destiny for so long that they believe it. However, they are about to witness a destiny released in our nation and in their lives! I asked the Lord, is this for the Church, the intercessors, for the youth? And He said yes!


Throughout our time in D.C. the Lord spoke to us about the nation and I am telling you some chains are going to break off the state of California! The seeds are already in the soil for revival! That is why the enemy brings so much darkness here, that is why all the loud-mouth politicians are here, that is why the enemy has them here because he knows the power of God that is in the soil of our state, he saw Azusa street, he saw how that released the Holy Spirit in the Earth, he saw the wave of God’s presence that came as a result of that revival. You know, we often forget that Satan knows and pays close attention to profound moves of God. We see that when we read through the Book of Job; Satan is up there walking around in the heavenly realm. Why do we forget that he knows? God does not have him in this tiny little box and he is just unaware of the move of God that takes place in the Earth, he is very aware of the move of God that takes place in the Earth, he is very aware of the timeline, he is very aware, that is why he is pushing his agenda as hard as he is pushing it because he knows a move of God is coming and he wants to stop it, and will take whatever steps he possibly can to interrupt it. That is why he is trying to destroy this generation, a move of God is coming and when it happens, California will see a move of God begin in California. This is going to sweep across the nation, going to go up through Canada across Alaska, Russia, and brought down into Ukraine! Friends, we are going to see a move of God take place right in Korea! We are going to see a move of God in China, we are going to see a move of God in Japan, we are going to see a move of God in Africa, and when that happens they are going to bring the people of God, His chosen people, He is going to bring them in and they are going to see the Messiah. A move of God is coming my friends that will bring the people to their knees before God like we have not seen since Azusa Street. It is going to be birthed by the Hannah’s, it is going to be carried by the Samuel’s and it is going to spread across the Earth with a harvest like cannot even imagine!

On the way home from D.C. I was on the plane—those of you who know me know I do not like turbulence at all. I am not afraid of dying, I just do not like the potential of quick drops in the air. So whenever I am on the plane, if turbulence hits, I pray, and the Lord stops the turbulence. The pilot can come on and report that we are going to have turbulence for thirty minutes and I go to prayer and the Lord stops the turbulence in less than two or three minutes. Every time He has been so merciful to me, except on the way home from D.C. where we hit a lengthy time of turbulence. I think they expected the turbulence to last for twenty minutes, so I went to prayer. And it did not stop. Not only did it NOT stop in prayer, but it continued far beyond the pilot’s projection. I think we had turbulence for probably an hour. Meanwhile, I was listening to a political documentary, “Agenda.” If you have never watched it, I encourage you to do so. The man who wrote and directed it even did a follow up entitled, “Agenda 2″ wherein he does a brilliant job explaining socialism and the infiltration and indoctrination of socialism in our country.


I was listening to this political documentary when the turbulence hit, so I closed my eyes, and went to prayer all the while the political documentary is playing in the background. It’s playing and I am praying! The turbulence is still shaking and before I know it, the documentary credits are running and one of the intercessors that was in D.C. with us, who happened to be seated right across the aisle from us, leaned over and said, “Ricci are you going to write about revival?” It jolted me and the turbulence stopped and I said, “Yes, yes!” And the Lord said, “Do not forget about the shaking, do not forget about the turbulence that is coming.”


Why am I sharing this with you? Because we need to understand the turbulence means God is moving. The turbulence means God is moving and the enemy is being uprooted; turbulence means a shifting is taking place. We cannot be afraid of the turbulence, we cannot be afraid of the shaking, we have got to remain like Hannah and press through in prayer, day-in and day-out, keeping the covering over the Samuel Generation. They are in a fight for their lives right now, and the Hannahs must stand for them. That is the most important thing, because what is coming will be a move of God unlike anything we have ever seen in our lifetime. We have not seen it, you know, unless you are one hundred and ten years old, but it will be even greater than Azusa! The revival that took the Pentecostal Movement to over fifty nations in two years in a time that people travelled in ships to cross the waters, imagine how fast this revival will move when it comes! If, when the shaking comes, the Hannahs will continue to pray and cover the Samuels who go forth and deliver the Word of the Lord, the presence of God will fall in the earth. Samuel brought the presence of God to the earth when the Word of the Lord was sparse, it was precious. The light of the Lord had gone out from the temple and Samuel brought it back. We must not move forward in fear; we must move forward in faith.


When we were about to land, I lifted the shade and looked down at the earth below. It was so beautiful! It was right between twelve and one o’clock and to be honest, I have never looked down at the earth while I was flying, with the sun directly overhead, and noticed this before. As the plane crossed over the various bodies of water, the sun hit those bodies of water and it looked like liquid gold flowing across the earth. Much of it was streams and canals, so the sun was reflecting off of that water and it looked like liquid gold, sweeping across the earth. Why is that so important? When we brought up our Chinese brothers and sisters at the GOE to pray for them, we did a prophetic act for them over their generations, and we had the young children through the elderly lined up. While we were praying for them, we had two pregnant women that were standing up in front. I had a vision of the Spirit moving through those babies like liquid gold as it began to flow through their bloodstream and the power of God came down so mightily it was hard to contain ourselves. It was incredible.


The Lord says to step into your destinies, fulfill your call to pray this through, the Samuel Generation is coming and the Samuel Generation will bring forth the word of the Lord into the earth and the move of God will flow across the earth after a season of turbulence comes. Then, the Word of the Lord will begin to spread across the earth like liquid gold, pouring in and out, town after town, nation after nation until the earth itself is on fire for the living God. Will you step into your destiny? Will you be a part of this release? Will you be part of their fight to save this generation and release them into their destiny? Be the Hannahs, ignite the Samuels, be the covering, set your children on fire for the living God! Will you do this for the earth? Because the harvest is coming and when it does it is going to break the power of darkness off of this nation, off of nations around the world, unlike anything we have seen in history. That is what the Word of the Lord is for 2020!


Blessings & love,

Ricci Wilson