The Justice of God

Nita Johnson

August 26, 2014

What is God actually saying to America and where are we going as a result?  What is His heart concerning this journey upon which America has embarked?  I will answer these and other questions in this brief article.Is America in peril? If Jesus has a reason and a purpose for America to continue to exist, will He also do what He can to bring His vision to pass? He is not a man that can tell a lie. He does not speak with a forked tongue. He may grow increasingly impatient with our hardness of heart, but will that impatience prevent Him from acting in mercy?  Or has God reached a place in His justice wherein mercy is no longer a feasible alternative? If America is in a wrong place, does Jesus still believe we can be turned, or does He feel He must relent and give us up for lost?   The answer to these questions is very easy to reason. First, America is in peril. Why? It is for the same reason that the whole world is in peril. We have lost our way as a Nation because the Church has lost her way.Let me share something with you that the Lord gave me in a deeply moving Spiritual experience in 2011. I call it “The Revelation of the Sons of Aaron.”As I was reading Lev. chapter 10, when I began to experience a terrible revelation about what happened on that day to Nadad and Abihu. God judged Nadab and Abihu for two reasons. First, He judged them because they were both rebellious at heart. They did not want God’s government upon their shoulders. Their engagement in the Priestly office was merely to satisfy the demands of their lineage which had fallen upon them through Aaron, and not because they had the holy fear of God in their hearts. They had apparently been drinking before they prepared themselves for their duties. This seems difficult to believe since they had already spent 7 days for consecration and ordination sequestered inside the tent of meeting.  However, Moses’ reproof seems to indicate this was the case. What I experienced was their rebellious heart and their unwillingness to submit to God’s sovereign authority and His authority placed upon Moses. Secondly, because rebellion marked their ways, they would not obey His holy Word.  They would not believe His Holy Word and as I looked into their hearts I saw that they would teach this rebellion to the people of Israel.Their rebellion and disbelief in God’s holy Word caused the very foundations of the earth to tremble and shake, to become utterly unstable. If you read Psalm 82, in particular vs 5 in the Amplified Bible.Please note: Psalm 82:5-6 Amplified Bible. [The magistrates and judges] know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in the darkness [of complacent satisfaction]; all the foundations of the earth [the fundamental principles upon which rests the administration of justice] are shaking. I said, you are gods [since you judge on My behalf, as My representatives]; indeed, all of you are children of the Most High.I would like you to understand that I experienced that very thing. The earth began to teeter, totter, undulate, sublimate until everything from the ground to the heavens above was incorporated into this instability. I felt the utter instability of the whole earth as though it was being rocked by a massive earthquake caused by the priests’ deviation from God’s Holy Word. There was no stability anywhere! As the experience continued I found that the only stability was in His truth. I felt desperate to bury myself in His truth and never disobey even the least of His commandments to me.I wanted to swim the deep ocean of instability to get across to the safety of His solid truth. The waves seemed to be pelting me as they shifted me from side to side. I felt so desperate that I was unsure whether I could survive this great upheaval.This is the Church’s fate today. Our prayerlessness and apathy toward the holy things of God leave the whole world in terrible peril. Nothing is stable because the “priesthood” is not stable and walking in God’s holiness or exercising the privilege of prayer. That very prayer would bring the irreverent nations into submission to the truth as found in Jesus Christ.We must, as His children, come to grips with the fact that God is both a God of mercy and a Holy God demanding justice every day. These two aspects of His character never change. Jesus is the mercy seat, or propitiation, which draws upon the Father’s mercy at all times. Nevertheless, the Father is also holy!  And because He is our Father, therefore, He must use various measures of discipline to draw us near to Him while mitigating the necessity for His greater just judgments. He will use discipline to avoid serious judgment. He will discipline us to prepare us for His glory.  Anything the Lord is doing in America is for this just purpose. He does not desire to see or cause our destruction. He is not angry with America except in the sense that God is angry with the unrighteousness every day. The Bible says it like this:God is angry with the wicked every day. If he does not turn back, He will sharpen His sword; He bends His bow and makes it ready.  (Ps 7:12)Rom. 11:22 also shows us that these two sides of God’s infinite personality exist. Wherein Paul wrote, “Behold the kindness or goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity, but toward thee, goodness.”I was once taken to behold this place in Him that was in utter turmoil due to His wrath. It was frightening to behold, actually terrifying. It was ever active! Only the mercy found in Christ can bring peace. In this sense God is angry every day. Yet when He looks at America He yearns to bring healing and restoration. Why? It is for His glory’s sake. He has a plan and a purpose for the Nation which Satan wants to destroy. Satan has turned the hearts of many to ideals and things that would offend in order to cause God to abandon us. Even so he seeks to cause many in the Church, as well to live lives that would incite God’s great displeasure. Yet, in His love He withholds His wrath. He knows that tomorrow’s victories will far outweigh the momentary longsuffering in which He is actively engaged at present. May I encourage you at this point to hate the profane and to turn to the righteous so that our Lord’s heart may be comforted? He will not utterly destroy America so long as He has a praying Church.For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. (2 Chron. 16:9)His call to us is to repent and turn to the Lord! Disciplines will come, as they must. God is going to send the flashing red lights to help us understand the seriousness of our trouble. America is in peril as we have turned from the Lord! The only things that can temper that discipline are intercession and repentance. Of all the disciplines He has shown me that are going to come, some have been put on hold, some have been tempered greatly through intercession and others have been completely annulled. For instance, I will not go into the whole experience as it would take too long, but I will mention the demise of the economy that I saw. It was horrifying. The effects were unbelievably terrible. When I saw it I wept and cried out to Him for 3 days and nights. On the 3rd day Jesus finally spoke to me and promised me that He would intervene. He did not mean that we would not go through another crash. He meant that He would not allow it to be as devastating as the Elite have planned. At another time I saw untold numbers of bodies lying all over the landscape of America. They were dead and dying. I gasped and began another prayer vigil of 3 days and nights crying my heart out to God. Finally, at length Jesus spoke to me again saying, “Nita, I will intervene!” His intervention is due to all the repentance we have sought to raise up in America.It does not matter what ANY other prophet says in this Nation. We are going to go through rough waters, but those waters have been tempered because of prayer. As terrible as His chastisements can be, their severity will be far less than He had originally determined. Furthermore, His Church is going to function under an increased grace that will enable us to endure and to walk in victory. Regardless of what others may say, I tell you now, God is going to save America through the difficult times. We will come to a safe landing place and even rise again to a future glory.  The Church must repent of its love of the world and…… stand in faith through prayer for this Nation.Come to DC and help us pray while there is still time. Revival is about to break forth. However, it will not happen by accident, but only by prayer and supplication and a turning to God. (see information to the right) In His Amazing Love, Nita Johnson