The Battle Against Tyranny

Ricci Johnson-Wilson

Friends and Intercessors,

Thank you once again, for continuing to stand in the gap for the nation. I think we can all see that we are at war against the enemy of our faith, our freedoms, and our country.

When the early settlers came here, they braved the worst possible conditions to ensure the destiny of America would be established.

Decades later, when the British sought to absorb this land, they used their wealth, their power and their military might to unleash an assault against that destiny. They fought to steal, kill, and destroy what God had destined to use to bring forth life, not only here in this country, but into the nations of the earth.

This morning as I sat before the Lord, He began to speak to me again about the destiny of America. Israel may be the apple of His eye, but America is His heart.

I saw battles that occurred during the Revolutionary War taking place right in front of me. I saw angels on assignment, warring with the men who fought for the independence God ordained this land to have. I saw angels guarding the women who provided supplies to the men on the front line. I saw people praying, pastors with the support and anointing of God upon their lives rallying troops to fight for freedom. It was a most vivid experience. I know their blood paved the path for our freedoms, yet the Lord showed that they were martyrs shedding their blood for the Gospel that would one day pour out from this nation. So, it should not be surprising that a heavenly host was present in the battle to strengthen and drive them forward in the fight. Still, to see it in action, caught my breath away and brought a deep sense of gratitude for their sacrifice and the battles that were fought.

On that fateful night “the shot heard round the world” sent us into the Revolutionary War, one that an onlooker would assume we nearly lost. Not because our Founding Fathers didn’t understand the vision or because the soldiers were unwilling, the Lord sent His host to be in their midst, but because the firepower of the enemy was that great.

Tyranny wages war without mercy.

God, however, in His mercy, inspired and imparted within the heart that which was needed to finish the race. Were it not for the hand of God and His Spirit compelling the men and women forward in spite of the great hardships they faced, tyranny would certainly have succeeded, and the British would have consumed yet another nation.

Instead, tyranny was placed on notice, we will not tolerate your presence!

This is where we are today, at war, resisting tyranny’s attempts to try once again to swallow up this nation. We must continue to wage war against their efforts until we wrest this nation from those tyrannical leaders!

The Lord was clear, 2021 would be the year of Revelation, and we’ve seen more corruption revealed than we even imagined. Because of this, we are seeing a rise in patriotism, it’s a new breed of Patriots! People standing for the freedoms America represents and resisting the tyranny that tries to consume our destiny! This new breed of patriots realize we really are at the last stand, we are the barrier against tyranny, and unless we want to see it consume our lineage, we must rise and fight! Parents are fighting back against the brainwashing of their children! The fight against abortion and for life has seen more legislation at the state levels than any year in history! We have sanctuary cities FOR the unborn! What an incredible thing to witness! And friends, this is just the beginning! 2022 is the year of the Catalyst and it’s going to thrust us forward in God in unprecedented ways!

Yes, our battle is great, but our God is greater. We are weary, but God is our refreshing strength. We fight non-stop, but God has placed within the intercessors, an all-consuming fire to see the destiny of a nation fulfilled. Our knees are bloody, our tear ducts emptied, but our hearts burn with the fire of God to consume the tyrannical plans of the enemy and retain the freedoms soldiers gave their lives for, and our Founding Fathers penned in the God-inspired “The Declaration of Independence”! 

We will win this battle, make no mistake. The same heavenly host that strengthened the soldiers on the battlefield nearly 250 years ago, are here today to strengthen us! Be encouraged my brothers and sisters, be encouraged in the promises of God, strengthen yourself in His Word, bring the sacrifices of praise forth in this hour and together, we will uproot the plans of the enemy and win this war! 

Much love and many hugs!

Ricci Johnson-Wilson on behalf of Nita Johnson and the entire WFJM/JA/CW Teams