4/6/22 Vision

I saw two forces over our nation. One dark. One Light. The battle was fierce between the two. The dark side was empowered by bloodletting and the demonic activity within it was tangible.

The Light is the angelic host and was empowered as the people of God prayed. The more we prayed, the more they grew, intensified, and overtook the darkness. There were certain places in the country this darkness was condensed. DC, NY, SF, CO, WA (Heavy areas of bloodletting)

It’s very important we sustain the level of intercession we’re engaged in.

4/7/22 Vision during last night’s prayer call

I was in prayer “Return to God” topic. I was crying out to God for more of Him – the greater my cry, the greater the fire burned within my heart. It was so intense, the ache within me so intense, I felt I could not endure. Suddenly, the Lord appeared before me. He called me to step into Him. I knew the only way to satisfy the ache within me was to step forward. When I did the fire of God burned in my heart intensely and He spoke “The only way to pull this nation up and out, is for my Ecclesia to come up and into Me.” He poured revelation into me, I saw past events, future timelines and I felt undone. The one thing I knew for sure was that if this nation is to survive this season, the Ecclesia must rise and step into their calling.  God will bring Trump back, He has the timeline set, but the Ecclesia must arise. We are the stabilizing force in the earth, as the enemy seeks to tear this country apart, we will keep it together.

Blessings & love,