“2021 The Year of Revelation”

Ricci Wilson

March 11, 2021


I know many are dealing with fear or discouragement in this hour. Perhaps we feel the weariness brought about by the ups and downs of this season we are in today. We have watched and waited for months now for man to bring justice to these corrupt election results. With bated breath we waited for truth to correct the false media narratives. Yes, those “key dates” have come and gone, and Biden still sits wielding a pen of systematic destruction to the nation that we love.

Friends, this pen does not belong to him. Every executive order he signs that ends jobs, each stroke that loosens morals, every jot that provokes wars, and each tittle that attempts to blur the distinct lines of God’s creation, brings about the judgment of God upon his head. He and those pushing him forward have overstepped their boundaries and God will not allow this to continue much longer.

I know…it seems overwhelming…

HOWEVER,…2021 is the year of Revelation…

During this season, God is revealing the darkness within the heart of the left and allowing the deep state to overplay their hand. They are blind to the damage they are doing to their own agenda as people awaken to the reality of what the democrat party represents—death, destruction, and debilitating devastation.

The Lord warned me of this outcome in January 2020. He told me the election would be stolen by media interference and election fraud. Why did God tell me this? So, we would be aware and prepare for this battle. We spent all year in intercession. Training. Now it is time to anchor ourselves into that training.

Moses spent 40 years in the desert, training to lead a nation out of captivity. After he arrived, there were likely times he felt he was dragging them out of that captivity. They complained, they ridiculed his path, and even begged to be allowed to return to their captivity. Is this where we are? Begging to return to captivity? Am I being too hard on you?

How did Moses respond? He said, “Fear NOT, stand still, and see the salvation of the LORD!”

The Salvation of the LORD! We are not waiting for man to save us my friends, we are waiting for GOD to save us! We are not waiting for dates to set us free; we are waiting for HIS HAND to set us free! Are we watching and waiting for HIS mighty hand or man’s?!? May the Lord help us look to Him!

HE is going to be revealed!

God was clear, HE will rectify this situation. We are on the cusp of our Red Sea Moment! I remind you as we wait, it was not Moses who parted the Red Sea. God parted the Red Sea.

In the midst of it, God hardened Pharaoh’s heart over and over again. Why?

Exodus 14:15-18 gives us the answer: so, He could show Himself on their behalf and get honor upon Pharaoh and all his kingdom. He not only received honor among His people, but He received honor among the nations! Take that in for a moment… The world knew that the God of the Israelites, Jehovah was the one and only GOD! Listen to me, JEHOVAH WAS REVEALED! Every nation believed in JEHOVAH in that moment. The Red Sea parting was THAT remarkable. Whether or not they chose to serve Him is not the issue, it’s that all the world knew the God of the Israelites and terror struck the heart of the nations as a result. It was the revelation of God.  Friends, everything the Israelites experienced from Moses’ arrival back in Egypt to the crossing of the Red Sea brought forth the revelation of Jehovah to the nations of the earth. Only God received the glory and the honor for that great victory. Nothing like this had ever occurred before and the Israelites witnessed it first-hand.

We have lived through one of the most tumultuous seasons of our lives. When the Lord told me 2020 would be the year of shaking, I had no idea how much shaking we would experience before it was over, I just knew it would only be tolerable if we prayed. Many are hurting, they have lost loved ones to a biological weapon, experienced financial devastation, they are lonely, fearful, angry, and now, they’ve had their hopes crushed by a stolen election and the most corrupt platform in our history is sitting in DC at this very moment. There’s not a single point listed here that we as the Body of Christ cannot relate to right now. It can be a battle just to refrain from crying out to let us just go back and serve the Egyptians so the shaking can end.

It is time we reset our thinking on this issue.

Friends, we are not slaves; we are overcomers in Christ. And it is our God, JEHOVAH who is about to part the Red Sea and when He does, He will get the glory. And all the world will stand and see the salvation of the LORD!

We must stop searching for dates. We must stop searching for signs. When the SALVATION OF THE LORD COMES, ALL WILL KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT. He will fight for us! He will fight for righteousness! He will honor the prayers of the saints! It’s time for us to hunker down and anchor ourselves in Him like Moses and Aaron, for the Angel of the Lord is going to go forth into the camp of the enemy and bring forth confusion in their ranks, create a heaviness among them, and expose them for who and what they are, until they are ready to flee. And then, He will bring forth His mighty hand of JUSTICE!

When the people of God pray, God will answer! We must encourage ourselves in the great victories seen in the Word of God on behalf of His people by the hand of the Angel of the Lord, for we are on the cusp of seeing our very own victory by the Angel of the Lord!

The RED SEA MOMENT will not only set the captives free, but it will bring forth justice. It will provoke an awakening in the Spirit and cut through darkness unlike anything experienced in recent history! It will bring forth the revelation of Jehovah to the nations! This event will be momentous my friends! All will know God moved on our behalf! Anchor yourselves to Him in this hour, immerse yourself in His Word, be strengthened so you can stand! “To stand” is to be “fixed, to station oneself.” I see us as a guard, one who is determined to stay the course and protect as commissioned. If you don’t see yourself there yet, read through the story of Exodus and ask God to make Exodus 14 in particular, real to you today. He wants to do this for you my friends!

Brothers and sisters, let us take a stand, this is the hour, if your faith is lacking, ask God to heal your faith and help you press on! You will never regret making that decision to stay the course set before you, ever!

God is calling us! Jehovah is calling you! Let us stand and see the salvation of the Lord together!

Blessings & love,

Ricci Wilson