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“We Prayed Trump Into Office…now what?”

We prayed Trump into office, now what? Learn the importance of praying for our leaders

The Winds of Refreshing Have Been Released…

“The Winds of Refreshing Have Been Released…” By Ricci

Our Nation & the 50-Year Judgment Cycle

Our Nation by Nita LaFond Johnson 2/5/13 My Dear Friend

First 100 Days – listing for prayer

Slides from SEA GOE First 100 Days and Beyond


Because of many inquiries, this article talks about Rick Joyner’s dream about ISIS.




我們必須除掉“自我綜合症”。你聽過這些話嗎?“我很不錯。太棒了,主耶穌這麽愛我。我是個好基督徒…” 都是我,我,我… 這就是“自我綜合症”。



Grace To Die

In this teaching, Nita reveals the necessity of plowing up the fallow ground of your heart and laboring together with the Lord in prayer.

God’s Best Is For You

Go beyond normal Christian life and reach the higher divine nature in Him by being willing to receive correction and be molded by God