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Dear Friends and Intercessors,

We have moved into a time wherein America is soon going to cross over a line as are many nations upon the earth. Judgements are going to seem to be hurled down at the nations of the earth. The judgments are meant for the healing of the Nations. However, like a mother caring for her sick son through and after surgery, we must care for "sick America" amidst her discipline. We must not look at this time as a time in which we can do nothing. Quite the contrary. We must do more now than we have ever done. We must pray more now than we have ever prayed before. We must join together to seek the throne of Grace and not relent in our seeking until we see the interventions of God, both large and small. The next few years are going to be more serious than America has ever seen. In the end, most Nations will know the wounding of the hand of God as He prepares the Nations for the revelation of the Kingdom. The wounding will come followed by the balm to heal all who desire.
Three years ago, we came down here because the Lord wanted to give revival to New Orleans. However, at the end of February, we were contacted by four prophets and one prophetic intercessor, (each confirming the other) and told that New Orleans' time was up and because New Orleans did not embrace revival when it was offered, the Lord is getting ready to send severe judgment and we were to leave immediately.
He spoke to us very clearly that we are to move up to Seattle and begin to work with the Intercessors in the Northwest. We have been praying for quite some time about the next phase in the Save America Campaign and what the Lord would have us do to prepare the intercessors for the days ahead and in His faithfulness, the Lord has given us a clear direction.
So, while we are very sad to leave the lovely people we have met, and come to care very deeply for, in the city of New Orleans, on the other hand, we are looking forward to the transition.
Since moving to Seattle, the Lord has kept us focused on the next phase of the Save America Campaign - Joel's Army Prayer Cells or "JA-PCs". To date, we have 178 prayer cells across this nation and we are working to connect JA-PCs in Canada. Our Italian and European crew have worked feverishly for the last 2 years to set up Prayer Cells (Points) all over Europe, Africa, and Asia. We are also working with the Director of our Nigerian Prayer School to set up JA-PCs in the African Continent. 

God is moving and we are deeply touched and humbled that WFJM has been allowed to be a part of this powerful move in the Body of Christ! Prayer changes things and when you train and connect hundreds and thousands of intercessors to pray with one mind, you can move mountains! To learn more about our Joel's Army Prayer Cells check out our "Joel's Army Page" or contact the office and we will start the application process and get you connected!
Thank you for your continued support and your prayers for us during this critical time in our ministry.
Blessings & love to each of you,
Nita & all of the WFJM staff




Corporate Intercession via phone/computer

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Call in number 559-726-1300 Access code: 182152#

Wednesday Morning 10:25-Noon PT (11:25 MT, 12:25 CT, 1:25 ET)

Thursday & Friday Evenings 5:50-7:30PM PT (6:50 MT, 7:50 CT, 8:50 ET)

Sunday Evenings 5:50-8:00PM PT & ET


This Friday 9/19/14 - a special message will be broadcasted Live! 

Dear Friends,

The upcoming Friday night service is an urgent one that you will not want to miss! I initially planned on completing the series of Prophetic Insight entitled “Never Give Up!” this Friday. However, something has come up that you need to hear about as it is of the greatest import and supreme urgency. I have given hints as to the topic over the last several years, however, the time is upon us and this Friday I will share it all.


Therefore, it is imperative that you hear what the Lord has given and we join together and pray. I believe this message will cause you to restructure your life -, it is that important. Join us at Bethel Chapel or on our livestreaming page. Take notes, download the message from our website, and tell everyone you know!

Also, if you cannot make it on Friday Night you will want to make plans to join us at the GOE as I plan to spell out in even greater detail what is coming.

The time is 7 PM Friday Night, September 19, 2014. I know for those of you who live on the East Coast this makes for a really late night. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about it, although, I would if I could. Having said that; I must admit this is worth drinking a big cup of coffee or tea and staying up a little late in order to hear what God has given. Then again, I think you will move to the edge of your seat, no longer tired after you hear what I have to say.

In His Love,


  Bethel Chapel

23010 66th Ave W
Mountlake Terrace WA 98043
(425) 774-9300

If you live locally, join us at Bethel Chapel at 7PM!  

If not, click below to participate with us through our livestreaming page - it will surely be worth your time!

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