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CedarWood BackPack Kids Program

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Children enrolled in our program receive BackPack Kits through our CedarWood International outreach. What is a “BackPack Kit?” It’s a bag of food containing six meals, plus snacks, placed discreetly into the backpacks of school-age children each week to help supplement their nutritional needs over the weekend. Each BackPack Kit costs approximately $8. 

These children (ranging from 5-18 years of age) receive breakfast and lunch vouchers at school. On the weekend, however, they often go hungry. This isn’t to say their families don’t work hard, but the poverty is incredibly intense. That’s why we step in; we provide meal kits to the children every week. Each BackPack Kit consists of six meals designed to help each child stay nourished throughout the weekend. 

Our team works hard to keep costs down; we receive donated produce from local grocers, so with bulk purchases, we can provide each child with healthy meals and snacks (plus produce) for $8. Eight dollars per week means the difference between a malnourished child and a healthy child. I’d like to give you the opportunity to ‘sponsor’ a child at $34.66 per month. I know it’s not always easy to expand your budget, but here’s where you can learn what it means when the Lord says to “Know No Bounds” and make a difference in a child’s future.



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    I am thankful to God for this ministry and may God continue to meet Nita’s, Ricci’s, Staff and all the ministries needs as they continue to be faithful and bless God and His kingdom. God bless Nita to be fully healed in Jesus name. Thank You, Lord!!!

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