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3-13-14 Teaching Time To Let It All Go

08-16-13 Fri. Nita Calls The Church To Prayer

Martial Law Is Coming

Prayer Point for Aug 7-9th 2013 Wed morning, Thurs night, and Fri night.

America Martial Law: Foreign Troops Arrived

Prayer Point for Thursday and Friday, August 1st and 2nd 2013. 15,000 Russian Foreign Troops used in military drills in America. Preparing for Martial Law and New World Order 2013

07-19-13 Prophetic Word Days Coming

06-21-13 Fri. Teaching – Come Up To Me

06-14-13 Offering with Nita

06-14-13 Teaching – Glory In The Press

05-17-13 Critical Warning!!! Part I

05-17-13 Critical Warning!!! Part II