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“The Refining”

The attached audio is from a teaching Ricci did with our staff. This year will be a difficult but precious year with our Lord. Allow Him to speak to your spirit through this message and let the refining process begin within you today. Much love, Joel’s Army Leadership

10-13-2016 ChemTrails Part 1 – Lin Warner

8-27-2015 ChemTrails Part 2 – Lin Warner

2-17-2017 “Walking Close to God; Forgiveness” With Nita Johnson

“A Gift for You – the Faithful” with Ricci Wilson

God’s promise for 2017 – a gift for His faithful intercessors. With love…

12-9-16 “Understanding the Cyrus Anointing” with Kin & Debbie Clark

11-22-16 Nita & Ricci – Trump Victory and Word from the Lord for 2017

Nita & Ricci joined our Tuesday Corporate call and

1- 9-09 Teaching Will You Be His Bride

10-2-15 Nita- The Word of the Lord for America Pt.IV

Going Deeper In GOD