We believe that, along with our National Corporate Calls, praying at the state level is crucial to the transformation of our nation.

Below is a list of our State Calls:

Illinois Prayer Call: 712-770-4160 access code 202689#

Monday & Tuesday 7-8 PM

Ohio Prayer Calls: 605-475-4700   access code 601-232#

First Thursday of the month 7-8 PM

Michigan/Minnesota Prayer Calls:  712-770-4160   access code 997758#

Tues-Sat 6:45-8:00 pm

California Prayer Call:   641-552-9466 access code 990117#

Third Saturday of the Month 9 -10:30 AM

Virginia Prayer Call: 515-739-1015 access code 566-080-642#

First Thursday of the Month 7-8:30 PM