July 30, 2015

Dear Friends,

We are so excited about the progress that Joel’s Army is making! I just wanted to share this progress with you in the form of a map. Below, I’ve inserted a map of just the North American Cells so that you can view it. (Maps of other nations will be developed soon!) 

This map contains "dots" indicating where our Prayer Cell Intercessors are. To date, we have 644 Confirmed Joel’s Army Intercessors. Some are leaders and some are members and all play a significant role in Joel’s Army. They each represent someone who took a stand against the Elite, deciding to fight this battle for the USA, Asia, Europe, the Philippians, and Africa (these maps are soon to come) through prayer. Other Nations are contacting us to be involved in Joel’s Army as well and we are in the process of developing our material in various languages and formats in order to make this possible. In just a few short months, God has spread Joel’s Army around the globe! Each Prayer Cell Member has committed to seek the Lord on behalf of their land. We support each one of them with teaching, training, materials and prayer support as they march on in Joel’s Army!

Click in the links below for the specified JA maps:  

Yellow Circles = English Speaking Prayer Cell Leaders (PCL)

Red Circles = Chinese speaking Prayer Cell Leaders (PCLC)

Blue Circles = English Speaking Prayer Cell Members (PCM)

Green Circles = Chinese Speaking Prayer Cell Members (PCMC)

Click below for all four maps in a single PDF document: 

Click here for the PDF of our JA Prayer Cell Maps!

Note: If you see what appears to be a very large circle of one color or another, it is because there is a cluster of Prayer Cell Members in that area!

If you would like to be a part of Joel’s Army, please download the application which can be found in the link on our Joel’s Army page and in our resources page and email it to Joelsarmy@worldforjesus.org  You can also fax it to

559-435-2723 or mail it in to our ministry headquarters.

We look forward to hearing from you!

In Him,