What is a Joel’s Army Field Kit?

Each person who joins Joel’s Army receives a Joel’s Army Field Kit.  In the military, a field kit is issued to help a soldier be better equipped to accomplish the mission to which he or she is assigned.  

In Joel’s Army we want the intercessors to be as equipped as possible for the mission assigned to us.  Because of this Nita and WFJM desire to sew into the intercessors to help them develop and mature.  This is the purpose for the field kit.

Contained in the field kit are the following items:

1.      Intercession for Beginners – a 6 CD set taught by Nita

2.      Advanced Prayer – another 6 CD set taught by Nita

4.      The Overcoming Life Through Prayer – A book by Nita

5.      The Melchizedek Priesthood – A book by Nita


How could I use the JA Field Kit?

Also contained in this kit is a Topical Matrix.  This matrix is designed by topics and referenced to the above CDs and books.  For example, if you wanted to teach or learn about humility, the matrix points out which CDs discuss this topic and also which of the two books discuss humility and the page numbers where you will find it.

The teachings in these CDs and books are worth their weight in gold with Nita pouring into intercessors by teaching and by sharing many of her own experiences.  These teachings are invaluable, addressing the needs for growth that we, as intercessors, have. You will benefit personally and those in your prayer cell will too. 

Many prayer groups are using this material for discussion among themselves, as well as with others.  Some groups discuss one of the books or parts of the book or material learned from the CDs.  If you are a PCL, the matrix that comes with the kit really guides you to material that your prayer cell may need.  It can help you in answering any questions brought to you by people in your cell or by others you are speaking with.