"Faith to Vote" 
By Ricci Wilson 
The election is just two weeks away… hard to believe it’s gone by so quickly. The fight to bring a man into place, the man God would deem His Cyrus, is a heavy one. Many rejoiced as the release of our article "God and Donald Trump" confirmed what the Lord spoke to them early this year. Others didn’t agree. The truth is, we only want what God wants for our Nation.
This ministry has fought for this Country for sixteen years. We’ve wept over the many injustices committed on our land that we might stay His hand of judgment. Who God wants in the highest office in the land that we dedicate so much of our ministry fighting to preserve, certainly takes priority when an election arises.  This time, as we sought the face of God for His will, He said He was sending forth His Cyrus to the Nation to turn her back to God! Cyrus will break off the strongholds of the elite who seek to bring the New World Order (NWO) and One World Religion (OWR) to reign in our land.
For those who attend our Gatherings, you learned how vested the Elite are in the NWO and how they use the news media to further their agenda. Prime example: they spin the polls to convince the American public that their fight is no longer of worth: "See the polls! America has already chosen who they will vote into office on November 8th!" This strategy is deceptive yet effective, and with one goal; to discourage you from braving the lines, the weather, the cold, the heat, whatever your struggle may be, to get out there and cast your vote for God’s chosen one. (I’ve inserted links at the end of this article if you’re interested in seeing accurate polls)
This morning, in prayer, I felt the discouragement that’s sweeping across the Church. My heart was deeply grieved. I prayed for hope to be restored that the people of God would rise and take their place. The Church forgets its God-given place and resulting authority in the land. When a nationwide chain store, provoked by the world, made the announcement to change their restrooms from male and female to unisex to avoid discrimination against the LGTB community, the Christian community rose up and boycotted the store. For months, their stocks fell until quietly the announcement came to reverse their decision. They claim it had nothing to do with their stocks, but empty parking lots beg to differ.  Branch after branch removed the signs and restored the restrooms to "men" and "women" just as God created in His Word. This is a profound example of the power of the Church when they take a stand for something that honors the Word of God. Imagine what we could accomplish if we exercised this authority to the fullest!
Last year we won the battle against the Elite. Their removal is a process, and we continue to pull their wicked talons from our land that she might be free from the grip of the enemy and rise to what God called her to be! We should be a lighthouse to the World. When they see "America," they should see a Nation that draws men unto God rather than one that removes Him from every school, state, and federal building so we "don’t offend other religions." We are a lighthouse, a beacon in the dark, leading all men unto God! That’s the calling of this Country! That’s why we were created; One Nation Under God! How can we expect God to protect us if the Church doesn’t rise and light the path to God?
Friends, we have learned that we are not the only prophetic ministry that declared the Word of the Lord regarding Trump; we know he carries the mantle of Cyrus, and He is God’s chosen one for this hour. Let us not fall into discouragement because the world is claiming otherwise! After all, who are we going to subscribe to, the Word or the world?
Trump will come, he will pull this Nation from the grip of the Elite and break their hold for decades to come! Clinton will roll out the red carpet and welcome them back in so they can sink their teeth into the bedrock of our land. Again I ask; who will we follow the Word or the world?
The Church forgets that God has commissioned her to pray for these things. We are believers in the Most High God; we must fight the urge to be discouraged and stand on the promises of God. He will answer our prayers when we adhere to His Word and let go of the world.
Stand with us dear Friends! Our prayer calls resume Sunday. Share this message, encourage your friends, prayer warriors, intercessors, all who are willing to stand for righteousness to join us on the calls over the next two weeks. Cast down the things of this world and be a part of our efforts to pray God’s Word into this Nation – we are going to have victory! Let your faith be encouraged!
Blessings & love to you!
Ricci Wilson